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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 67 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. Apr 6, 2011
    This is a full-featured port on a new platform, and it is without question the best portable fighting game ever released.
  2. Apr 6, 2011
    Street Fighter IV 3D is an excellent fighting game that packs a reasonable challenge in one-player mode, but truly excels in multiplayer mode, where its lag-free fighting is surprisingly effective and fun.
  3. Apr 11, 2011
    If you've got a 3DS and like good games, this one is a no-brainer. Get it. Love it. Fight me. Go on, I dare ya.
  4. Mar 23, 2011
    While much of the content is lifted directly from the console version, 3D visuals, new control schemes, and a deep Street Pass mode make this the ultimate version of Super Street Fighter IV.
  5. Apr 13, 2011
    Even though the 3D can be frustrating at times, it does add a new element to one of the best fighter franchises in the world
  6. Apr 6, 2011
    The funny thing is, it isn't even the 3D effect that makes this game so awesome, it's everything else.
  7. Mar 29, 2011
    It's so damn near identical to the home console versions that it's almost worth checking out just to see how close Capcom managed to get. It also helps that it's immensely playable, with a working online mode that can quickly match you up with other players worldwide, with little to no lag to boot.
  8. Easily the best fighter game on a Nintendo handheld and a must for fans of the series. [Apr 2011, p.75]
  9. May 22, 2011
    This is easily the best title in the 3DS launch lineup, and it's proof that the potential is there for the slow-starting system.
  10. May 3, 2011
    One of the best fighting games on the consoles makes a triumphant debut on the 3DS.
  11. Apr 15, 2011
    Overall, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is a must-buy for any huge fans of the series craving the latest incarnation on the go. More casual players might be better off either renting it or sticking with any other portable SF game they have because they might not get $40 worth of value out of it, but anyone who plans on playing it with any regularity will have no trouble doing that. This is probably the best overall game on the 3DS right now, and easily its best-looking.
  12. Apr 13, 2011
    Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is not only the best Nintendo 3DS launch title; it's simply one of the best fighters I've ever played. [April 2011, p.74]
  13. Apr 8, 2011
    Despite the detour with the some of the controls, Super Street Fighter IV 3D stands as the tour-de-force for fighting games on-the-go and a must-own addition to the 3DS.
  14. Apr 8, 2011
    The deeper combat mechanics haven't been watered-down in the slightest.
  15. Mar 31, 2011
    Being able to snap the lid closed after a round and pick it up again hours later while I'm standing in line at the bank makes Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition the ultimate version of the title. The portability factor and ease of use, even without the production values of the console version, just made it easier for me to get into.
  16. Mar 31, 2011
    It essentially puts a PS3/360 game in the palm of our hands.
  17. Mar 30, 2011
    Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is a perfect port and then some. Everything its bigger console-version brother had, you'll see return on the smaller screen of the 3DS. The extra options are fun additions, but don't really improve on the game itself. That brings us to a nice and simple conclusion: are you sick of Street Fighter IV yet, or what?
  18. 90
    There's no real news here if you're already a Street Fighter ace on the home consoles, but it's still the Street Fighter IV that we know and love. For newcomers, the little helper buttons on the touch screen are a clever addition that makes the game more accessible. The 3D effect is neat but nothing mindblowing, although the optional over-the-shoulder camera angle confuses more than it helps. But all in all an excellent fighting game.
  19. Mar 26, 2011
    While the tiny screen and the sometimes cramped controls may keep it from being tournament ready, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition easily one of the best titles the 3DS launch has to offer.
  20. Mar 24, 2011
    For single player matches the 3DS version is even better than its console counterpart, and the online fuctionality is impressingly solid. And despite all the similarities with its older brother the combo shortcuts, accessibility and Street Pass makes this a perfect choice for a dose of Street Fighter. And the 3D is an excellent bonus in itself.
  21. Mar 23, 2011
    A near perfect conversion of a fan favourite entry in the long-running Street Fighter franchise.
  22. Mar 23, 2011
    Pure classic Street Fighter with some brilliant modern day additions.
  23. Mar 22, 2011
    Super Street Fighter IV 3DS reveals itself as a true Top Player in Nintendo's newborn portable. Awesome visuals, incredibly well-adapted controls for newcomers and hardcore gamers, solid online gaming and a good 3D experiencie. Go for it, go for broke!
  24. Mar 21, 2011
    It might not gain anything from being on the 3DS, but the mere fact that Capcom's fighter also loses nothing is a hugely impressive achievement.
  25. Mar 18, 2011
    A great adaptation of the classic arcade game, with almost all the features of the home version, great graphics and good 3D effect.
  26. 90
    Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is a complete package that features all the content of past Street Fighter IV titles and more.
  27. Mar 16, 2011
    As good as any portable Street Fighter game can be. The touchscreen implementation, in fact, makes it a little better than that baseline, by adding an exclusive input method that actually works. It's no replacement for a genuine arcade button layout -- and you'll never forget that for a minute -- but it's a unique, and differently effective, way to interact with the game.
  28. 90
    An impressive, feature-complete and more accessible portable edition of this generation's greatest fighter.
  29. Mar 16, 2011
    Capcom has somehow been able to miraculously squeeze every bit of bone-crushing fighting action onto the portable screen of the 3DS and still managed to toss in a staggering number of added features and options to go along with it. Even losing a few frames of character and background animations is a small price to pay for the stunning 3D visuals.
  30. Mar 7, 2011
    A complete game. Super Street Fighter IV is one of the best fighting games around, and players owe it to themselves to give it a shot. [Apr 2011, p.94]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 173 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 48
  1. Mar 28, 2011
    SSF4 looks amazing on the 3ds and i can't stop playing it. Its great in short bursts and the online is fantastic! The 3d effect suits the gameSSF4 looks amazing on the 3ds and i can't stop playing it. Its great in short bursts and the online is fantastic! The 3d effect suits the game well and the controls are very easy to learn. Full Review »
  2. Mar 27, 2011
    True to form, Street Fighter 4 3D is addictive, fun and the 3d works really well. Despite its average graphics in the console realm, SSF4True to form, Street Fighter 4 3D is addictive, fun and the 3d works really well. Despite its average graphics in the console realm, SSF4 looks great on the 3DS, really proving its new processing power. Of all the games on the launch lineup, SSF4 and Ghost Recon are by far the best. The controls translate well to the 3DS and fights are smooth and really fun to look at, not to mention that the tilted camera angle shows off the 3D really well. Full Review »
  3. May 7, 2011
    For an old fan, Street Fighter might not possess and stand up to the hype due to lack of change from earlier versions, but if your a newFor an old fan, Street Fighter might not possess and stand up to the hype due to lack of change from earlier versions, but if your a new player, and you need something to keep you going on your 3DS, this could provide you with 100 hours+ of brilliance and great engineering quality by Capcom. Full Review »