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  1. Nov 13, 2014
    This is the update in art style that the N64 version really needed, but not necessarily a necessary port for the game (although the 3DS needs a game of this quality). On the plus sides, the beautiful story has been retained, whilst some frustrations in the original (slow speech, climbing, needing to pause constantly to change boots in the Water Temple, difficulty in aiming projectiles) have been fixed. The Master Quest bonus is also just as difficult and enjoyable as the Gamecube version of the Master Quest. If you have a system of the 3DS family, this is the game that will define the system. Expand
  2. Nov 11, 2014
    It's a great game for introduction to the Zelda series. The 3D wasn't well executed, but this is a minor thing, since you can deactivate the 3D effect whenever you want.

    It's the best adventure games of all time. You should give a try,
  3. Oct 19, 2014
    I've said it before and I'll say it again Nintendo is the king of remakes. They do remakes and they do them right! Ocarina of Time is already one of the best Zelda games, but the 3DS remake improves in logical ways. Not only that but now its portable.
  4. Oct 6, 2014
    This is a very good game, and it must be in your game collection or else you probably won't be considered a true gamer. I have never played the original on the N64, but I enjoyed this game even without all that nostalgia that most people have with it. The music, gameplay, story, and especially graphics are amazing. I never knew a 3DS could handle the graphics. My only problem with the game is the difficulty. If you are not an expert at Zelda, this will be a huge challenge for you. Even for me, who has played other Zelda games before, had a hard time and sadly had to find walkthroughs (water temple). Overall, this is an amazing game, just be prepared for how difficult it is. Expand
  5. Sep 9, 2014
    One of the best video games I have ever played. The 3d graphics are a major step up from the original. I would recommend it to just about anyone who calls themselves a gamer.
  6. Sep 3, 2014
    This remastered version truly did not disappoint. The improved graphics and the new mirrored Master Quest are enough to get this game even if you finished the original. Amazing launch title for the 3DS it was, indeed. 10/10 Game of the Year 1998... I mean... Handheld Game of the Year 2011...
  7. Jul 27, 2014
    This is what a video game remake should look like. Perfection! It also contains the same glitches like the N64 version, which is very nice for the gameplay!
  8. Jul 13, 2014
    This game is incredibly close to perfection, like none other. If this one does not deserve 10/10, nothing really does. It's just one of the best examples of why people love gaming, given as an well executed remake. Just go get it if you haven't already.
  9. Jul 2, 2014
    Gets a higher rating for the game but peed off every time having to buy the latest DS to play this game - the last three iterations have pushed onto the new platform. I have to say I tried 3D but it drove me mad and gave me eye strain. 2D was find, great in fact. Awesome game and easy to dip in and out of - although generally I got absorbed for hours at a time.
  10. Jun 14, 2014
    The definitive version of my favorite game of all time. Improves upon the Nintendo 64 original in so many ways. This was the first 3DS game I purchased and is a must for every 2DS or 3DS owner.
  11. May 27, 2014
    I don't understand why people are saying this is the best Zelda game, I'm not saying its a terrible game but it gets way too much glory than it deserves.
  12. May 20, 2014
    A perfect remake but the added comments for Navi are almost impossible to tolerate (such as being told to take a break or being told to watch a hint movie). These messages should have been scrapped since having these messages interrupt gameplay way too frequently and can make the game harder to draw yourself into. The improved graphics and interface get perfect marks but the added comments for Navi are the only things that are keeping me from giving this a 9 or a perfect 10. Expand
  13. May 15, 2014
    As remakes go, this is pretty decent. It's an incredibly accurate and faithful recreation of Ocarina of Time on the N64. But in some ways, that's a problem I have with it: it's a little too faithful. The original was a masterpiece, but it was not flawless, and pretending that it was is foolish. Some of the side quests and areas weren't the best designed, and the hardware limitations prevented the game from being as expansive or epic as modern games are capable of being. A remake can take things about the original that didn't work or were flawed and update or improve them, and this can greatly improve the experience.
    For a good example, look at the Black Mesa mod, which is a faithful recreation of the original Half Life. It remains faithful to the spirit and design of the original, but was very liberal in updating things and improving them, and the end result was absolutely amazing. And Nintendo had the same opportunity to do this with Ocarina of Time. Obviously the 3DS's hardware is more limited than a PC's, so they couldn't do the elaborate changes that Black Mesa did, but they could have done something. But instead, they played it very safe, which was rather disappointing, and a handful of the changes they did make were for the worse. (ie, making Dark Link insulting easy) Still, everything that made Ocarina of Time great is still here, so if you haven't played Ocarina of Time yet, or want to play it when you're out and about, then it's worth checking out.
  14. Apr 28, 2014
    This has been said to be the greatest game ever made, in terms of innovation. This is believable, and even though the game is 16 years old, it's still relevant to most modern gamers, and surpasses so many AAA games. This isn't a game you will play over and over, but you don't need to. It's like a great vacation; most people would rather cherish the moments of it, and move on to something else, rather than go on the same vacation again. This game is right next to the Last of Us for my personal top games of all time, which is saying something. This game impresses on every level, from music to visuals, and combat to dialogue.
    Pros: - Story (while somewhat simple compared to newer games, it's more than satisfactory. The main antagonist, Ganondorf, is one of the most well-known video game characters, and isn't done better in any other tLoZ game. He, as well as some other characters such as Zelda and even Link himself, really propel the story, and you feel what they feel, even though there's no voice acting)
    - Music (This game has some of the greatest music in video game history. The menu music alone is enough to set the incredible atmosphere)
    - Characters (Even without voice acting, the perfect dialogue and animations bring the characters to life)
    - Combat (The combat is surprisingly varied and somewhat deep. You can approach most combat situations however you want; use a slingshot, bow, or bombs, or use the varied sword attacks!)
    - Atmosphere (The music and visuals result in a near perfect atmosphere that truly reflects Hyrule and its situation)
    - Challenge (The game is quite challenging, giving a nice touch to the game. Most tLoZ games are easy, but this one isn't. This includes the puzzles, which really work your brain, and the combat, which will make your palms sweat)
    - Charming (Nintendo's secret to selling so well is their absolutely perfect charm, from Animal Crossing's visuals and music, to Mario's settings. This game sucks you in with charm from the characters and music, which are unparalleled in so many new games)
    - 3D effect (Most games don't give a reason to turn on the 3D effect, but this time around, you'd be really missing out with the 3D turned off)
    Cons: - Slightly buggy (Even with the revamped version for the 3DS, the game is still slightly buggy, though certainly improved from the N64 version. You'll constantly see clipping bugs, which can sort of take you out of the moment)
    Overall, this game is near perfect. If you are a fan of tLoZ, or action/adventure games, and have or haven't played the original. pick this game up. The $40 price tag may seem a bit much. and I shouldn't speak considering I got it for $30, but I'd definitely be willing to pay the extra $10. This game will immerse you in its incomparable universe and atmosphere, and by the time you finish the game, you won't be thinking about any other game or a while. While the game isn't exactly high in terms of replay value, it's still worth the 'one way trip'. This game is one the greatest games ever created, and will always be.
  15. Apr 16, 2014
    This gmae is great. This is the first zelda game I have played and it got me hooked on the other games. The gameplay and puzzles are perfect and it doesn't seem very dull. Collecting all the heart peices and killing all the skulltulas can become a pain, but otherwise its a must get if you have a 3ds
  16. Apr 6, 2014
    so good this game is my fav game ever and it almost as good as the original the master quest included was guiness and this game about 15 years later people still give a **** about truly remarkable
  17. Mar 19, 2014
    A perfect update to a classic game updated just the right amount. As a longtime Zelda fan, I have to say the game stays true to OoT for the N64, yet the visuals are stunning and smooth for a handheld console update. It's the classic game we all know and love, and if you're looking to introduce someone to OoT, I'd highly recommend telling them to get this version.
  18. Mar 17, 2014
    All the nostalgia from the '98 game is still here. I found myself falling in love with the story again. This is a well-deserving remake that was handled with great care by Nintendo, and I can really appreciate that. Technically, someone could say that it's the same game. It is. But upgraded with crisp sounds that make you hum along to every recognizable track, beautiful graphics that still somehow can capture the essence of it's predecessor. And the use of the 3D is done flawlessly. For example, quite a few titles on the 3DS use the gyroscope feature in a way that is clunky and aggravating to use. Here, however, the choice is a. optional, b. very receptive, and c. doesn't get in the way of the gameplay at all. The use of the 3D is wonderfully implemented and adds a great sense of depth to the game. Some welcome changes are added here too that make the game run much more smoothly, such as the touch screen being the inventory screen. The Water Temple was made more tolerable - still an agony, but the use of the iron boots and cutscene clues further prevent any glitches. The Master Quest is here for replayability value, and that rocks. What it comes down to is that this is one oft he best ports ever made, to a handheld alone, and feels like this was what the developers wanted the game to look/feel like when it came out. Buy this game and experience that magic that is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Expand
  19. Mar 17, 2014
    I think a lot of people are just expecting a bit too much of this remake, because it IS just a remake, not an improved version or anything. Yes, this game is quite old, but if you haven't played the original N64 version, this is worth a try. The story is one that has been overused(through that may not of been the case at the time of its original release), but everything else is near-superb, and while the game could've been different and improved in many areas, it is just a remake(I can't stress that enough), and it's really no different from its N64 version. Expand
  20. Feb 26, 2014
    So before i want to start i just want to say i never played a zelda game( what have i been doing!) but this game was the one that showed me what i missed. Ive played through the game and found hardly any problems maybe if i look hard i could say with 3d on some areas have frame rate drops but if thats if look hard. This game is a visual masterpiece on the 3ds and sets the bar for games that are being released on the 3ds. This game is a must have for anyone whether your a zelda fan or just a casual gamer it appeals to all, please buy the game and see for yourself! Expand
  21. Feb 16, 2014
    I actually prefer this version to the original. It looks better and the additions and tweeks they've made help the game out without harming the magic of the original. Being able to use Epona in the wild really makes getting around easier for example.
  22. Feb 9, 2014
    Ocarina of timed 3d is a magical remake of possibly the greatest game of all time. How much more could you ask for? The game takes the classic game and fixes the very small problems like rough textures and slopes (minor complaint) and makes it look how the developers wanted it to be. This was my first zelda game. (I wasn't born during OoT and sadly I haven't played any other zelda :( other than albw) This allows a new generation to play and get introduced to zelda. In conclusion this game rocks. Get it. Just.. get it. Expand
  23. Jan 22, 2014
    While this is a very good game, don’t let all the fanboys fool you into thinking it is the greatest video game of all time. If you played this back on the N64 and have fond, nostalgic memories it will inflate your opinion. If this is your first time playing it, like it was mine, you will find it fun, but lacking a bit. Despite that, it is still one of the best Zelda games ever and one of the best games out for the 3DS.

    First of all, the 3D graphics blew me away. They are used to great effect, whether adding depth or giving the “pop-out” illusion. Aside from that, however, the graphics are dated even though they have been sharpened a bit from the N64 version. Environments are often bland & unremarkable and some character models, like the great fairies, have not aged well. I’m not sure if the great fairies are supposed to be attractive, but between their creepy faces, pointy elbows and razor-sharp nipples jutting out of the screen, they certainly don’t do it for me. Other models, like Link & Epona, look perfectly fine, though.

    Combat is another mixed bag. The lock on feature is nice but won’t always activate as consistently as you’d like. Sometimes I’d be right next to an enemy and the lock on wouldn’t work. Other times I’d be a good bit away from them and it would. The lack of a right analog stick can also causes some annoying camera issues. Luckily, Link responds very well to the controls and is easy to move around. At first it’s a little off-putting that there is no jump button, but this feature grew on me as I played b/c it takes all the guess work out of when to press the button during the 3D platform jumping (Kingdom Hearts, anyone?). It’s also nice how the game integrates various alternate weapons and gadgets into battle, like the hookshot. You can shoot these using the lock on instead of having to switch to first person perspective every time.

    Speaking of first person perspective, the way the 3DS responds to you physically moving the unit while aiming is really cool. That is, if you’re lining up a tough arrow shot you can move the DS itself instead of nudging the analog stick and the game camera will adjust itself. Makes life much easier in some of the archery challenges. Only problem with it is that you will probably have to switch off the 3D mode to avoid seeing double while moving the 3DS around.

    The story is something I’ve seen hyped up a lot but I was underwhelmed by it. It’s the typical, generic Nintendo story you’ve come to expect: Gannondorf bad, Link good, Link fight Gannondorf. Not terrible, but not special, either. I found the story in Windwaker to be more interesting. I was not overly impressed by the Ocarina of Time itself, either. It has its uses but I felt like they could have done more with it. 90% of the time you will be playing Zelda’s Lullaby, and that’s not a whole lot different than flipping a switch. Figuring out different areas to use the Scarecrow song is pretty neat, and I wish they’d added more elements like that.

    There is certainly a good amount of stuff to do, though, from collecting pieces of heart to getting the gold skulltulas. There are a lot of nooks & crannies in Link’s world to explore, especially with the cool time travel option. Certain areas will be open to young Link that adult Link can’t get into and vice versa. The game also gives you a ton of different gear to help you solve puzzles and access secret areas.

    If you played OoT back on the N64, you probably bought the game long before I wrote this review. If you have never played it and you own a 3DS, you will enjoy playing through it.
  24. Jan 15, 2014
    The greatest game of all time from N64, made into The greatest game in the universe on 3DS, IN 3D!!!!!!! It's just so nostalgic, and i like playing a game that i can take with me almost anywhere. It's just outstanding, that within 15 years you can make a Dual Screen handheld that's 5x stronger than a N64. in 3D! it's amazing that it can also even keep a very stable FPS and keep it's awesomeness, plus a new Master Quest, which i mastered too. this game is 1 inch of pure awesomeness. why don't they make F-Zero 3DX? hey, if Mario Kart 7 can keep 60 FPS, then F-Zero X could too. but anyway, this game is one of the best games i have seen. IN MY LIFE! Expand
  25. Jan 2, 2014
    Ocarina of Time is the highest-rated, most praised game of all time, and I had never played it until now. Needless to say, my expectations were high, and I am pleased to say that I was very pleased. Everything from the dungeons to the bosses to the exploration to the combat to the side-quests is incredible to this day. There were times where I felt I was playing an older game, such as with its odd animations, weird dialogue, paper-thin story and dated controls, but all of this was only minor hindrances. What I love most about the game's presentation is right when I step out into the Kokori Forest and onward, I feel I'm in a fantasy world. Every step in this world feels magical and only makes the game all the more glorious. It was great then, and it still is today. Expand
  26. Dec 8, 2013
    Ocarina of Time is a solid game, and this this is a good remake of it. Higher resolution everything, nice controls, master quest included. A person could hardly ask for more. The 3D stuff even looks pretty good most of the time, if you care about that. I think my favorite part of the remake is that first-person aiming has (optional) motion controls, which makes things way cool.

    you've got a 3DS, you should pick up this game. Expand
  27. Dec 7, 2013
    Ocarina of Time is one of the best games ever. This remake shows its relevance today. The graphics are awesome and the 3D effect adds an entirely new dimension to zelda. It's amazing. The same spooky, masterful, beautiful music from the original remains. The simple but touching story is still relevant. Ocarina of Time features familiar dungeon gameplay, each with puzzles, enemies, and a boss at the end. In each dungeon, you get a new item that is the main subject of that entire dungeon, needed to solve puzzles and fight the boss. Needles to say, every dungeon is perfect, always using items to their full potential but never abusing them either. All the bosses (except Morpha of course) are amazing and clever. The final boss is one that will always be remembered. Additionally, there's a boss fight mode, including a gauntlet in which you take all if them down one after another. There's even a revamped unlockable master quest mode, in which attacks do double damage and the dungeon puzzles themselves are redeigned. It's extremely taxing and a great idea, doubling the lasting appeal of the game.
    I could go on forever about how Ocarina of Time is a brilliant game, but I won't. Just buy it.
  28. Dec 6, 2013
    Same N64 classic but with little upgrades such as 3D effect, touch screen interface and Gamecube-like graphics makes this game perfect for beginners and veterans of this game.
  29. Nov 26, 2013
    This game's okay as Zelda games go. I wasn't hit by the hype train like everyone else and played this when it came out, so I'm not as biased, but I can't be the only one who thinks this game's not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, it's enjoyable and innovative for its time, but compared to later games and even earlier ones, it doesn't provide much that the other games already don't.

    might just be me complaining about it being repeatedly called "teh best zelda game evurr", but I really don't get the deal. It's just a good game and it's a good Zelda game. Nothing more, nothing less. Expand
  30. Nov 18, 2013
    this game is a 3d remake of a classic and perfect game this remake made it that much better everything is better the graphics the controls the story is great and there is no more I can ask more of this game
  31. Nov 13, 2013
    This review is not effected by my childhood, because i got this version 1st, and it had been out a while anyway (I'd never played Zelda) and i say it's freaking amazing. I love the series because of it. OoT was extremely expansive (especially for the n64), i cant say much about the graphics because i played on 3DS, but i played a bit of MM so i say they're pretty impressive. It controls well, and i love it Expand
  32. Nov 6, 2013
    I cannot remember my first moments in this game. I can only imagine how intoxicated I was, how involved I became as the story unfurled in front of me. The music, the world and the character's are all mixed into one memory... that of an absolute gaming bliss, one where storytelling and gameplay is prime, and even after twenty years it still shows.
    I used to play this game on N64 when I was
    a child, but I had help from my mum and step dad to get through it. Without them I doubt I would have gotten very far. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, though I can easily assume it would have put off many a gamer when they first began, but now after learning all of it's secrets I am spellbound. Whenever I am asked about the greatest game ever made I quote Ocarina of Time. There's something about it's music that invites you into its world like an old friend, it's charismatic and curious characters that define the type of story, and the classic theme of good vs evil that compels, despite being a little samey.
    Until now I have been a little shady about the actual game, and blurred the lines claiming this and that. I'll try now to give a clearer explanation about the game and why it is so beloved.
    The story starts off with a young boy called Link having a nightmare about a red-haired man riding through flames. We get a glimpse of Zelda running away, and Link facing Ganandorf... the screen fading to black not shortly after. The Great Deku tree, the protector of the Kokiri children, instructs Navi to find the young boy Link and bring him forward. After finding a sword and shield, actually a cleverly disguised tutorial, you are finally granted access into his presence.
    That is a pretty detailed explanation of the beginning, but straight away the addictive and cheerful music kicks in and you are left to discover whatever it is you are meant to be doing. There is no hand holding (excluding the Sheik Stones which are added in the 3ds version) and I'm not surprised that this sort of gaming is gone from the world now. Skyward sword holds your hand ALOT with Fi, constantly telling you what to do. Sure, Navi gives you a HEY now and then, but her remarks are generally quite elusive and only hint at what you have to do. It's as if the industry is now afraid at you getting frustrated and quitting, resulting in no future purchases for the countless sequels that are spat out once every year. I think this will eventually turn back (the internet people, come on, if you're stuck just Google, it's that simple and developers shouldn't be that scared anyway).
    Anyway, after the small puzzle of actually having to find the information out yourself to move forward, you are cast into the depths of the Great Deku Trees belly, so to speak, all to banish the evil within and save the guardians life. Alas (SPOILERS) your efforts are in vain, though your courage having being tested (and proved) you are rewarded with the forest spiritual stone. It turns out there are three, another located over Hyrule Field to the North East in Death mountain and the last North West in Zora's Domain. These three stones will open the way to the Sacred Realm within the Temple of Time, the holy resting place of the Triforce, a power left by the gods that grants any user one wish. Obviously, this then leads on to the whole good vs evil story, but it does all feel very epic and not generic, surprisingly. This may be because of the amount of detail Nintendo put into their world, and the speech the different creatures were given to speak.
    Obviously the main reason someone would read a review for the Legend of Zelda 3ds version is because they would be wondering if it was worth replaying on another system. The answer to that would be an assured yes, but of course I already made that obvious. The graphics have improved, not significantly so but they retain the look and feel of the previous game's, so no complaints there. It is bright and colorful, and oftentimes quite dark, but the game never looks outdated and even after all this time certainly never feels it. It's easy to see why Nintendo have used this game as a draft for all future releases, but when it's this good, why the hell not? They have also added a boss rush mode, where you can fight all of the main games bosses in one go. I never personally did this because I thought it might hurt replay value (why would I want to ruin the reward for completing a dungeon?). They also included the Master Quest version, where the entire game is reflected and twice as much damage is inflicted upon you. Also, the dungeons have been tweaked and made harder, so is definitely worth a try. It is worth noting however that they original game needs completing first to unlock this, something that may be annoying for people that have already played before on the N64.
    In conclusion, it magically feels real, and as the lines between games and the real world begin to retract, and The Legend of Zelda becomes something very special indeed.
  33. Oct 30, 2013
    Same thing than my previous review about this game.
    After years, this game is still the absolute masterpiece it was when it first came out.
    The graphics are gorgeous, not just a port, but an excellent remake.
  34. Oct 20, 2013
    This is truly a great flashback to the greatest game ever made. This was the first experience I have had with Zelda game and I can't stop coming back to it, and the master quest was amazing aswell, the improved graphics, the reimagined controls and the gyroscopic capabilities truly have remade this game into an experience to remember
  35. Oct 20, 2013
    There's just one thing to add.. its even better then the original! if you haven't played the original don't worry because this game makes perfect sense for 3DS and has stunning visuals compared to any other 3DS game I've tried so far.
  36. Oct 15, 2013
    My second favorite Zelda game and in my top two or three of all games. It has my favorite soundtrack from a game and a fantastic story. My only problem is that you couldn't change items on the bottom screen without pausing the game.
  37. Sep 22, 2013
    Un clasico de todos los Legend of Zelda, muy entretenido, con muchos puzzles y es el primer Legend of Zelda en 3D, un juego que si o si debes tener, si tenes un Nintendo 3DS
  38. Sep 17, 2013
    It's good, better than the original, and this isn't based off of nostalgia because I first played this around 2007. The end. There are more things they could have improved on, though. Like they could have added more content, like more secrets and things like that.
  39. Sep 2, 2013
    I loved the game when it came out on the Game Cube. But even with it being remade perfectly for the 3DS I just couldn't get into this type of game on such a small screen.
  40. Aug 16, 2013
    Ocarina of time 3d was one of the best games ever made. It is amazing on what you could do in the game like collecting all the gold skulltulas and getting all the magical powers. Also the game had some of the most amazing boss fights i have ever seen in any game .This master piece deserves a perfect score for sure. If you don't have it you should go out and get it right now.
  41. Aug 4, 2013
    I had not played through all of the original on Nintendo 64 or the disc that came with Wind Waker on the GameCube, so for me this was a glorious opportunity to revisit and play "The best game of all time" with improved controls. A must play if you're a Zelda fan. A must play if you like adventure action RPGs A great game in general, even if I was expecting more from it. Lasted me 40 hours and definitely worth playing.

    9 of 10
  42. Jul 28, 2013
    A more than perfect remake of a perfect game! What's not to love? If you missed this GEM in 1998, or want to experience it anew, look no further. I almost cried due to amazement and nostalgia when I first played it. If you are a 3DS owner, it's out of the question: GET IT.
  43. Jul 25, 2013
    I got the game, and I can honestly say that I'm not too impressed. After playing a few hours through the game, I found it dull, and lacking. For those who say the game is a "masterpiece", I would say think again. The people who find this game amazing, they are just legend of zelda fanboys that have an extremely biased opinion. There are so many other good games out on the market, that this one isn't worth it. Expand
  44. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time arrived to my N64's cartridge slot in 1999, as it was an Xmas present, I began playing, and I was completely blown away by the incredible 3-dimensional world in which I found myself. I quickly saw that Hyrule had finally been realized in a way I didn't think possible. A massive, open field, a gargantuan mountain that towered over the rest of Hyrule...and a merciless desert with a spirit to guide you to the oasis that was Desert Colossus...this game had every single little thing I wanted to see in a Zelda game since playing A Link to the Past. Now, 12 years later, I put Ocarina of Time 3D into my cartridge. (Stood outside for 3 hours in a raging thunderstorm waiting for my EB Games to open) I didn't think I would experience the same feelings that I felt upon playing the game when I was 5 years old, but I was dead wrong. I knew right then and there that I was a true Zelda fan when I began bawling at how incredible the new and improved graphics looked, and how everything had been made so detailed. Non-Playable Characters were now much more animated, Link himself looked more realistic than ever before, (not to mention Young and Adult Link finally wore the long-absent sword belt around their chests) and the dungeons were rethought in their art/sprite stylings in a way I never imagined. I actually, being in Grade 11 at the time was sent to my school's office because I refused to put the game down and pay attention to my teacher. Having not read about it online at the time, after beating the game, I was appalled to see that a "Master Quest" had opened up on the main screen. Thinking it was going to be the same as the Gamecube one, I began, but I was proven wrong yet again. The Master Quest is easier in some places (such as the Water Temple), but manaically difficult in almost every other place. The double damage aspect, the moved Dungeon Gold Skulltulas, and the fact that NOTHING was missed in the mirroring of the game, made Master Quest almost more enjoyable and fun than the original. When I finally beat the Master Quest, I sat back and silently congratulated Nintendo on doing a PERFECT remake of a PERFECT game. It is now that I wait with bated breath to see them redo The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the 3DS in order to finish the duolgy.

    But, in closing, I can most definitely say without a speck of hesitation that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake of the greatest video game ever to grace the face of our planet Earth, and this remake allowed the "Perfect Game" to surpass perfection. It is a game I love and will continue to love until the day comes that my 3DS XL dies and I am unable to buy a machine to play it on.
  45. Jun 20, 2013
    Ocarina of Time 3D was the first 3DS game I got. And, wow, was it the best remake of a game I ever played. Hands down. - Amazing Redone Graphics, extremely impressive for early 3DS - Story is a classic among classics - Smooth Controls when using the Circle Pad, not so much when movement with the system itself is used (Bow, Looking Around, etc.) - Music is also amazing, sad that it isn't redone
    - Added features from the original, such as 4 item slots and hints for new players using the Sheikah Stone
    - Challenging Redone Master Quest after being the Normal Game
    - Lots of Replay Value
    This game is great, and I think it's better than the original.
    Buy this game now!
  46. Jun 13, 2013
    Just another epic reason to own a 3DS! A classic game remastered with beautiful visuals and 3D graphics. They could have at least considered replacing Navi with something less annoying.. Despite that, this game is a great way to introduce the legend to todays generation of players and newbies alike. The remake encourages Zelda fanatics to rexperiance the classic story. Also, master quest is a great add-on and another great reason for old gamers to buy it. If you don't have a 3DS, get one. This is a must have game!! Expand
  47. Jun 13, 2013
    the guys behind this remake did an amazing job! they stayed true to the original and just added what needed to be changed! they even included the master's quest which i want to play for ages!
  48. May 22, 2013
    It's funny how one of the best 3ds games or thee best was originally a Nintendo 64 game showing just how timeless this game is. It is a must by for any hard-core Zelda fan because of the improved visuals and a great starting point for anyone who has a 3ds a doesn't know what game to play first.
  49. May 19, 2013
    This is the best version of the game, mainly because it has the best graphics out of all the versions, I would recommend this game to people that enjoy adventure games.
  50. May 6, 2013
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64 is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and rightly so, the gameplay is fantastic and the amount of hidden secrets in it is impressive, the meat of the game is the dungeons and world to explore, the story was great for it's time although I feel other more recent games in the series have done a much better job delivering a cinematic story, but don't get me wrong for Nintendo 64 the game was phenomenal.

    Now over a decade later we get The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for Nintendo 3DS, This remake of the classic game delivers better graphics, a more convenient UI for item switching, Gyroscope controls for aiming weapons like the Slingshot or Bow and obviously the ability to play in 3D.

    As many have said here on Metacritic already, this is a fantastic port of the N64 Classic delivering a remake that is the definitive version to play nowadays, The game will give you a solid 20-30 hour experience depending on how much you flesh out the game in terms of finding secrets, doing side quests and other things. The world of Hyrule is a great diverse world with tons of different locations to see from Death Mountain to the Gerudo Desert.

    There is a issue with using 3D and Gyroscope controls at the same time since the sweet spot for 3D can become distorted when you are moving the 3DS system around but both of this features are completely optional.

    The game also the optional "Master Quest" mode which makes the game more difficult and changes some things to add challenge, This is unlocked after you finish the main quest. The game also features hint movies to help you if you get stuck which is a nice addition for newcomers.

    There are some things that obviously show their age now like some of the puzzles being fairly easy since at the time of the original release back in the late 90's, the use of 3D environments in gaming was still a new experience and a lot of the puzzles revolved around this. Hyrule Field is also very empty but obviously this is also due to the limitations of the Nintendo 64. Sometimes the targeting system can be a bit so-so but it's not a big issue and rarely causes issues.

    Overall this is a fantastic port of a classic that defined a generation of video games, If you own a 3DS this is a must have whether you played it on N64 or you are jumping in for the first time, The game holds up very well.
  51. May 3, 2013
    It's useless to be talk about Ocarina Of Time, the original, since it's considered the best game of all time for some, but in the 3D version, I think they Improved it a lot. First of all, giving the nowadays kids a chance to play this game, it's just, fantastic. Also, in this version, the graphics are obviously better, the soundtrack is smoother, textures are more detailed, and everything is as wonderful as before. I thought that Ocarina Of Time was fantastic, and this game is the same. This game, gets a 9/10 Expand
  52. May 3, 2013
    Exactly the same as the original but with better graphics (especially the background buildings) and the 3-D is pretty good. The only problem I had with the original is that it doesn't seem too new for me, but as this is an enhanced remake, I do not have that problem. 10/10 (See my review of ocarina of time on my profile to see the full review)
  53. Apr 21, 2013
    I never played Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, but this remake is actually the perfect game in my opinion, with beautiful visuals, perfect gameplay, and enough variety to keep you going for ages. The 3D makes the game even more in-depth, and the puzzles can stump you for ages without frustrating you, and then make you feel like a genius when you finish them. I'd like to write a longer review, but I really don't think I need to. Expand
  54. Apr 10, 2013
    An amazing game with all your same epicness of 1998, but with more polished graphics and some Easter Eggs. But, I have presenced some FPS falls, especially in boss battles.
  55. Mar 29, 2013
    Having never played OoT before, I was in doubt whether such an old game would make any impression on a person looking at it without the nostalgia goggles. Luckily for me, the game more than pulled it is weight! What I love best about this Zelda is how there was absolutely NO HANDHOLDING involved. Player was encouraged to investigate on his/her own, but if you ever felt lost there was always a hint stone nearby to help you find your way. The graphics and music were excellent as always, and the 3D effect was also astounding (sadly it also faded off much easier than in other games for some reason). My only gripe was getting around the map, which was really tedious no matter how you looked at it, especially for the first part of the game. Despite those flaws, Ocarina of Time 3D is 40 hours of pure fun get it, enjoy it, cherish it. Expand
  56. Mar 17, 2013
    This game hasn't aged a bit. Really, it is as good as it was 15 years ago. Plus, the new master quest makes the adventure even more challenging and fun. Pick this now!
  57. Mar 14, 2013
    In the years since Ocarina of Time was release to "Best Game Ever" acclaim, much has changed in the Zelda franchise and in open-world games as a whole. Some of these changes, to which we have gotten used, understandably count against the gameplay in this remake, especially since more recent games are more fluid and less likely to leave you clueless as to what to do next. However, Link's time-travelling adventure remains entirely charming, with compelling storyline, likeable characters, and (Water temple aside) fun and well-crafted dungeons. What's better, the touch screen smooths out equipment management, which was way too tedious in the original. And yes, the absolutely exhillarating final battle remains, in my humble opinion, the best of all time. Expand
  58. Mar 8, 2013
    Beautiful graphics, that wonderful soundtrack, the enthralling story and that damn annoying fairy, the 3DS version has it all and is easily the best port to ever be made of the legend it's perfect
  59. Mar 8, 2013
    Yes, It's the same game from the n64, exactly. That is PERFECTLY FINE! some things don't need to change, this game was perfect and it is perfect now. Plus you get to play it on the go. Plus the graphics have improved. Plus you feel a bit of nostalgia playing it. Rarely do remakes keep the charm and playability of the original, in this case the game keeps all of its virtues. This is a perfect version of this game, as was the n64 version. I love it, a whole lot. Expand
  60. Feb 23, 2013
    The young bucks weren't around to witness what this game did for gaming in general, and there hasn't been many games that can claim what OoT can. There's a good reason why this is the best reviewed game of ALL TIME, and ninteno sweetened the deal with a beautiful coat of paint. The sky looks stunning, the water almost glows at night and the motion controls are precise and fluid Still one of the best games ever, now more polished and juicy looking. How could bring I say no? Expand
  61. Feb 21, 2013
    I personally never played the N64 Ocarina of Time (I was too young and immature and always bought horrible games), but this was a great summer experience for me. The game was incredibly adventurous and I rarely felt like I was forcing myself to beat it. The story was incredible; the time travel threw me off the first time I did it. The visuals are vivid, the soundtrack is an instant classic, and the controls are very natural and comfortable. I've put in about 45 hours, but couldn't get myself to finish the Master Quest. Maybe in a few years. A great experience! Expand
  62. Feb 16, 2013
    This is one of the best remakes of all time, it's instantly memorable, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun and addicting, it's not repetitive or tedious, and it is very epic!
  63. Jan 8, 2013
    A port that improved on all of the aspects in the original that could have used improving. While at its core, it's still the same classic, it makes great use of the mechanics that were already in the game and improves others such as the boot switching and the first person aiming which were the main issues with the original game's controls.
  64. Dec 28, 2012
    It's a great Zelda game for the time it was originally released. I rented it to see how they improved upon it, and I really like how the 3D effect added to the experience (unlike some reviewers complaining about headaches). I would've preferred to see a new Zelda game and still looking forward to see a 3DS-only title, but this is a good remastered classic until a new Zelda arrives.
  65. Nov 19, 2012
    Probably the best re-release of a video game....ever. This game features all of the great memories you had with it as a kid, but with redone graphics & stunning 3D-effect. It's by far one of the greatest video game experiences, but the 3D just illuminates this game in glory that this game highly deserves. No matter if you've played it before or if you still call the dude in green Zelda (even though he's actually Link), you'll love this game. Expand
  66. Nov 12, 2012
    Who would have thought that one of the greatest games of all time could have been made any better? Noone. That is until Nintendo and Grezzo took an electric sander and a fresh and detailed coat of paint and gave us Ocarina of Time 3D; everything we ever loved about the classic N64 title but so much more vivid and beautifully detailed. Everything looks so amazing there's no way to do it justice with words.

    Some may say it's getting old, this being the fourth incarnation of the game, which is partially true, yes its exactly the same game with a few things added in with no changes to the core game play but once you lay eyes on that crisp beautiful 3d world (by the way; the 3d is stunning) you'll throw away any misgivings and fall in love with Ocarina of Time all over again.
  67. Aug 25, 2012
    Let's do some simple math: this is the definitive version of the greatest game ever made. Pure perfection. = easiest 10 ever. What blows me away is, this being my forth or fifth play through, is that the gameplay is so thick that with so much to the game each playthough seems like the first time. Especially the dungeons. They are so complicated that it is impossible to simply remember what I did last time. And i feel like im playing it from scratch, I mean this quite literally. And the 3d: I will always have trouble keeping it centered during intense gameplay (for any game), leading to unplayable blur. But I've accepted this and just leave it on for exploration and cutscenes. Like I said, I've accepted this about the 3ds for every game that takes place is 3 demensions (the games demensions, side scrollers work great in 3d). Oot, thank you once again for giving me another shot at the greatest game ever. Expand
  68. Aug 2, 2012
    A true test of a masterpiece is how it stands up over the years. I believe Ocarina of Time is still as good as the day it was released almost 15 years ago. Nintendo have done a great job upgrading the graphics and integrating some other new features such as 3D and the addition of gyroscopic controls. Overall the game is basically the same game that it was in 1998, but that works in its favour as OoT has always been the second best Zelda game (Link to the Past will always be #1). Expand
  69. Aug 1, 2012
    Ocarina of Time is already one of the most critically-acclaimed games ever, and this version improves upon it. -More accessible controls
    -Graphical improvement
    -Mirrored Master Quest included

    This is the best version of the game. I would recommend this over the original N64 version, which I have played and enjoyed multiple times.
  70. Jun 23, 2012
    Have only had this game for about half a day: but I can already tell you that for any Zelda lover, it's an extremely satisfying and nostalgic experience to play. Without a doubt, it's still my favourite game on the current 3DS market, and the main reason I bought a 3DS to play! I love the new features that are added into the game; and am very happy that they didn't change the main game. I would absolutely love it if they did the same thing for majora's mask- I know some people think that nintendo shouldn't rely on their old games, but Zelda has so many fans that would love a remake/remodel of the classic games, this decision to redo old games by the company will certainly not end up in any kind of flop- just look how successful and how popular the OOT remake is!! Rock on, Nintendo. Expand
  71. Jun 16, 2012
    The game is the same, but the graphics, some sounds and of course the 3D and gyro sensor features add some welcomed improvements. I would definitely recommend this game if you have, or are considering a Nintendo 3DS.
  72. May 31, 2012
    It's big, open, colourful, and there is plenty to do. Unfortunately, it is also for the most part mind numingly boring. The level design leaves a lot to be desired because you often find yourself wondering around most of the time completing various tasks which may or may not help you to get to the next phase of the game.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for open level design that gives the
    gamer choices. But in this game everything is a gamble and there appears to be little if any logic behind it.

    At times you think it's just wonderful and I can see why many people like it. But then again, Justin Beiber sells a lot of albums.

    Worth a look but nowhere near as good as many would have you believe.
  73. May 28, 2012
    This is an amazing game from beginning to end. Truly a must play for anyone who considers themselves to be a gamer. I have to say that I bought the 3DS system mostly for this game even though I have long been fairly biased against anything 3D. I find it unnecessary, it makes my head hurt, companies tend to overdo things just for the sake of making "cool 3D effects" etc. Much to my surprise I found myself sliding the 3D slider up into the "On" position a majority of the time. Don't get me wrong though, the effects aren't perfect. There were some points where the 3D seemed overdone, and it is hard to stay directly in front of the 3DS system while using the Gyroscope to aim. This results in you losing view of your target as you awkwardly tilt your system trying to get back in the line of "Effective 3D viewing angle". Ok now I'm finally going to talk about the game itself. Classic Zelda game just like the original. The integration of the touch screen also helps a lot in terms of item selection and switching between equipment quickly. I have nightmares remembering going through the infamous "Water Temple", having to pause and switch to my iron boots, then pause and switch back, and then pause and switch back again. As if the Water Temple wasn't hard enough already? Being able to put more items on the touch screen to switch quickly between eliminates this hassle and allowed me to navigate the Water Temple (and the entirety of the game) with greater ease. One tiny complaint I have is not with the original "Ocarina of Time" game but with the included "Master Quest" version of the game. Though the resigned dungeons add to the challenge of the game--keeping me preoccupied for many many hours--some of the elements in them just feel hard for the sake of being hard. They seem more obtuse and or odd than like an intricate or difficult puzzle. For example (Minor spoiler but not really that much) when you are inside Jabu Jabu's belly, instead of stepping on switches or shooting buttons to open doors and activate other in game entities, the game has you shoot cows with your slingshot. Yes cows. There are cows sticking out of the wall and it took me a full 20 minutes before I figured out why it was there. The spirit temple layout in Master Quest was a bit of a let down for me. The spirit temple is one of my favorite temples out of all Zelda games. It offers solid level design that is challenging, without being too challenging that it will make you discouraged. The Spirit Temple in Master Quest does make me discouraged. It was 'hard just for the sake of being hard' as I said before. Some of the switches are just hidden in the corners of rooms out of view. However all of these little gripes I have with Master Quest are fairly minor and--seeing as it is an added bonus to the original game--should not be seen as a deterrent to buying the game. In conclusion, this game is a very solid system port. The original game is considered by many to be " the greatest game of all time" and this newest version brings back everything the old game offered and more. Collapse
  74. May 26, 2012
    The old version is a great game but this version makes the original feel almost obsolete. It makes perfect use of the controls and remasters everything that made the original Ocarina so good. Now the 3DS should get a remake of Majora's Mask.
  75. May 12, 2012
    There's not much I can say about this remake. It has awesome graphics, a great framerate, more content than ever, and the 3d is used really well. Ocarina of time first came out during the fifth generation of gaming, during the big push to 3d. Games during that time tried to impress people with their 3d graphics. With true stereoscopic 3d, the 3d effect does not feel shoehorned in. The game includes the master quest, which when unlocked (after beating the game one time on the normal mode) flips the world from east to west, and makes the dungeons puzzles much harder. All these features make the best version of my favorite game of all time a game every 3ds owner must play. Expand
  76. May 10, 2012
    I remember when I was little playing this game on my aunt's Nintendo 64 and although I didn't know what I was doing because I was so young I do have some fond memories of it. I remember looking at it and being amazed at how cool it all was and always curious about it, but all these years in between now and back then I found myself avoiding the series for some reason, maybe it was because I wasn't looking for a new series to get committed with, or I was just intimidated I don't know, but now I've finally played through the Ocarina of Time and I'm proud to say I loved almost every second of it and the Legend of Zelda series has a new fan. The controls are smooth as butter, the motion controls work phenomenally and I can't imagine playing this game any other way, the graphics are gorgeous and the 3D effect works well with this game (I'm not a huge fan of it though), and every little sound in the game is outstanding, it truly has what may be the best soundtrack ever, and it comes with extra bonuses like the master quest mode which adds more to the game and increases the difficulty, and also has a boss challenge mode . It's truly just a masterpiece that has withstood the test of time, and is definitely one of the greatest games of all time and one of my new top 10 favorite games of all time, if you haven't played this masterpiece now is the time because this is probably the best version to play, go out and get this now. Expand
  77. Apr 29, 2012
    A fantastic remake of the best game EVER with updated graphics that keeps the original art style and gameplay completely intact, and has good 3d effects. nuff said.
  78. Apr 23, 2012
    Normally, remakes suck. Either they change too much, or they don't change anything at all. The Ocarina Of Time remake is not only just as good as the original, but I believe it even surpasses it. That is saying quite a lot as OOT is considered one of the best video games of all time. To those unfamiliar with the zelda story and have apparently been living under a rock heres the quick version:Zelda gets kidnapped, Link, an elf, goes on a journey to rescue her. As cleche as this sounds, it is told really well, and has a cast of interesting side characters as well. The gameplay is just as addictive as ever, though it is very hard to explain, but trust me, its a blast. The sword combat is easily the best in gaming history, by the end of each battle, my hands would be sweating. The graphics have been improved and look goregous, even better than some games on the consoles. The 3D actually does make sense here, and while it doesn't dramatically change the gameplay, it works well. This port proves that Ocarina Of Time not only holds up, but gets better every year after its release. I have yet to a play a game that even comes close to being as good as this masterpiece. Expand
  79. Apr 22, 2012
    Quite simply one of the best 3ds titles out there. Yes, we know it's a port, Yes, we know that you've played it on the N64 but given that the graphics were given an overhaul as well as the sound/music, this game is certainly a "must have" for any serious gamer that has a 3ds. They've even been so faithful to the game that the water temple is still as infuriating as it was on the N64 as well as how Navi can be so very annoying "hey, Hey, Listen, Hey, watch out, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, listen, hey, listen, listen, watch out" but without all those little things, would it truly be a faithful 3d rendition of one of the best selling games that surely deserves the accolades that come with it? no... I tip my hat to Nintendo for releasing this on the 3ds and i am eagerly awaiting when/if Majora's Mask might get the same treatment (because, let's face it, OoT and MM are two of the best zelda games that Nintendo has produced.) Expand
  80. Apr 15, 2012
    I don't think there is anything I could say about this game that hasn't been said in the past, like, 12 years since it originally came out. It's a good game, play it. The 3DS version works perfectly. Controls are great and the second screen working as the map is quite a good idea. Additionally, graphics have received an upgrade. The magic of the original and the improvements of a re-release make this a great package overall. Expand
  81. Apr 11, 2012
    Zelda: Ocarina of time was the game more important of a generation. The time has passed and it continues being brilliant, though probably not so much. Thanks to the effect 3d and the renewed graphs make it very interesting and nostalgic game.
  82. Apr 8, 2012
    Ocarina of time has been faithfully translated over to the 3DS and is without doubt gorgeous. The controls are perfect, the camera angles are nearly perfect, and the new gyro controls are well suited to the game. I have played Ocarina of Time on the N64 back years ago and honestly, I hated it but the 3DS version has for some reason captivated me. The new hints that are available in-game are a bit too much though, they will literally show you what to do or where to go if you get stuck. Thankfully, it is optional so hardcore gamers who are new to Ocarina of time will not have to view them. Overall, this is the best game available currently on the 3DS. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys adventure games and dungeon crawlers. Expand
  83. Mar 30, 2012
    The is easily the definitive version of this game. Everything that was improved is for the better, most notably the graphics. It looks great in 3D as well as 2D. The interface changes integrating the touch screen also streamline things nicely. People have been complaining about the Z-targeting not being improved. And while it's largely the same, it's not worse but any means, and not really ever a hindrance to the game play. In fact, I'm glad they didn't tinker with the mechanics too much. Nearly fifteen years after its release, this game is still fun and engaging. Sure, this 3DS port is basically just a shiny new coat of paint, but that's all this game really needed anyway. Expand
  84. Mar 24, 2012
    The masterpiece is once again released on Nintendo's newest system and it impresses. The graphics are a huge improvement from the Nintendo 64 and it looks great. The game holds up amazingly well despite it being over 10 years. There is also an option to play a master quest mode of the game which is a mirrored version of the game with different dungeon layouts. Boss rush mode is also available where you try to beat your time. The game is an improvement over the original as well with a very streamlined menu system. You simply tap the screen to instantly open up different menus such as items and back out again. This game may not be for you if you are already an owner of this masterpiece. If you've never owned this game before, you must get this game. Expand
  85. Mar 23, 2012
    Still the same Masterpiece that came out during my childhood!, The graphics are much more colorful and beautiful than ever, and the Master Quest is simply a magnificent add!... No much to say about it... It's ''perfect''!
  86. Mar 22, 2012
    Just came from the Skyward sword page after I dumped all my rage over there.
    So now I can be nice and say that I would rather play ocarina of time for the fourth time on a tiny little screen than waste even another 5 seconds on that other piece of crap that got me raging and spewing over shallow story and a retarded control scheme.
    Even after all these incarnations of the same game, OOT is
    a wondrous, soothing and extremely enjoyable experience.
    Graphics are massively improved and the game plays like a charm.
    Love everything about it and honestly I wish they still made them like this.
  87. Mar 10, 2012
    A great game for the 3DS library, this remakes of the highest rated video game of all time not only maintains what was so great about the N64 gem, but is the best way to play the game thanks to its redone graphics, better controls, and gameplay mechanics. This is a great game all around. 10/10
  88. Mar 7, 2012
    The greatest game ever made, now portable, with improved textures, framerate, and draw distance, the same flawlessnes of the original anyone can love, new and old players alike!
  89. Mar 5, 2012
    Remains the best game of all time and unbeatable, its graphics look beautiful in the eyes inda, even after years, and now with the 3d effect and even more live without plavras to describe such a masterpiece.
  90. Feb 21, 2012
    Really masterfull, beautifully crafted in many aspects, Nintendo has the power to make the best even better. I really aprecciate that they re-released it for the 3ds cause i never had the chance to play it in the N64. Would be very shamefull not to play this game. this is the benchmark for all the new generation games.
  91. Feb 20, 2012
    This is got to be the second best game ever, next to skyward sword. It is one of the 11 games that can actually get a ten in my book. It tells an amazing story, with amazing gameplay, mind-boggling puzzles, beautiful graphics, beautiful music, and awesome action. If you haven't played this game, you should definitely. Even if you end up hating it, you can say you've beten and amazing game with great diversity in gameplay throughout the entire adventure. Expand
  92. Feb 19, 2012
    I totally missed the 32/64 bit gaming era, therefore I never played with this game on N64 or other Nintendo platform before. I bought this title with Zelda 25th Anniversary Edition 3DS handheld console and these together completely amazed me and lived up to my expectations. Ocarina Of Time 3DS deserves all the top ratings with it's wonderful playability and athmosphere. It is a real great adventure in the land of Hyrule! Expand
  93. Feb 16, 2012
    This is one of my favorite game. Although this game is just remake of old one. Im sure you can remember how Zelda is amazing game. If you have no idea about new game I recommend you to buy this one.
  94. Feb 13, 2012
    Truly a classic game. I wish video games were made like this nowadays. Beating a game like this gives one such a sense of accomplishment. The music to this game is genius. In fact, everything about this game is genius. I love the story, setting, levels, bosses, characters. Highly recommend this one.
  95. Feb 7, 2012
    Que maravilla de juego. Debo admitir que nunca me intereso jugar Ocarina of Time en el Nintendo 64, pero aunque este es el mismo titulo, se siente como algo completamente diferente. Para empezar: las graficas son mucho mejores, lo que hace mas disfrutable cada escenario. Y si gustan de explorar hasta el ultimo rincon en el mapa, seguramente pasaran 30-40 horas aqui. Ademas, tener mapa e inventario en otra pantalla resulta muy util. El efecto 3D es un buen agregado, asi­ como el sistema de visiones, para nunca quedarse atorado en un nivel. Realmente vale lo que cuesta. Si nunca jugaron Ocarina of Time, esta es la mejor forma de hacerlo; y si lo hicieron en el N64, vale la pena revivir la experiencia en su version actualizada. Creanme, no se van a arrepentir. Expand
  96. Feb 7, 2012
    This game is timeless. I can remember the first time playing it on the 64 as a kid, it was a piece of art. To be honest, I was a little nervous booting it up again. You know the feeling, when things from the past seem better in retrospect. This isn't one of those times. Zelda is a game that can be great for a 10 year old and a 27 year old. The graphics look great on the 3ds. They remastered them quite nicely. The 3d effect actually does add something to the game. I don't know how Nintendo does it, but it seems like this is a whole new game. I highly suggest this to newcomers and veterans alike. Expand
  97. Jan 29, 2012
    The best game for the Nintendo 3DS to date. Awesome and detailed graphics, great gameplay, the master quest is even more difficult, new items, etc. The only low point that I found was the lack of new or remastered songs, because a lot of the music sounds exactly like the N64 version. This also was my best reason to buy the system.
  98. Jan 27, 2012
    This is a game that's definitely worth it. Another great thing about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is the fact that you can play Master Quest after you beat the original game for the first time. The only minor complaint that I have is that some of the graphics from LoZ:OoT64 are still reminiscent in this game, such as blocky-looking fields. Overall, this game is going to bring you back to the good ol' days. Expand
  99. Jan 25, 2012
    Loved playing through this awesome game again. The addition of 3D visuals really enhances the play experience. Just as much fun as the first time I played in the N64 all those many years ago.
  100. Jan 17, 2012
    This is simply the most fun adventure ive ever had in a game. ive never ever got so involved with a game.
  101. May 28, 2012
    This is an amazing game from beginning to end. Truly a must play for anyone who considers themselves to be a gamer. I have to say that I bought the 3DS system mostly for this game even though I have long been fairly biased against anything 3D. I find it unnecessary, it makes my head hurt, companies tend to overdo things just for the sake of making "cool 3D effects" etc. Much to my surprise I found myself sliding the 3D slider up into the "On" position a majority of the time. Don't get me wrong though, the effects aren't perfect. There were some points where the 3D seemed overdone, and it is hard to stay directly in front of the 3DS system while using the Gyroscope to aim. This results in you losing view of your target as you awkwardly tilt your system trying to get back in the line of "Effective 3D viewing angle". Ok now I'm finally going to talk about the game itself. Classic Zelda game just like the original. The integration of the touch screen also helps a lot in terms of item selection and switching between equipment quickly. I have nightmares remembering going through the infamous "Water Temple", having to pause and switch to my iron boots, then pause and switch back, and then pause and switch back again. As if the Water Temple wasn't hard enough already? Being able to put more items on the touch screen to switch quickly between eliminates this hassle and allowed me to navigate the Water Temple (and the entirety of the game) with greater ease. One tiny complaint I have is not with the original "Ocarina of Time" game but with the included "Master Quest" version of the game. Though the resigned dungeons add to the challenge of the game--keeping me preoccupied for many many hours--some of the elements in them just feel hard for the sake of being hard. They seem more obtuse and or odd than like an intricate or difficult puzzle. For example (Minor spoiler but not really that much) when you are inside Jabu Jabu's belly, instead of stepping on switches or shooting buttons to open doors and activate other in game entities, the game has you shoot cows with your slingshot. Yes cows. There are cows sticking out of the wall and it took me a full 20 minutes before I figured out why it was there. The spirit temple layout in Master Quest was a bit of a let down for me. The spirit temple is one of my favorite temples out of all Zelda games. It offers solid level design that is challenging, without being too challenging that it will make you discouraged. The Spirit Temple in Master Quest does make me discouraged. It was 'hard just for the sake of being hard' as I said before. Some of the switches are just hidden in the corners of rooms out of view. However all of these little gripes I have with Master Quest are fairly minor and--seeing as it is an added bonus to the original game--should not be seen as a deterrent to buying the game. In conclusion, this game is a very solid system port. The original game is considered by many to be " the greatest game of all time" and this newest version brings back everything the old game offered and more. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 84 out of 85
  2. Negative: 0 out of 85
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    For Zelda fanatics, this re-release of one of the best Zelda titles out there seems like it could be a cash grab – but the additions, especially the great use of the 3DS graphical prowess and the 3D itself make it a must purchase for all gamers, new and old.
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    Beautiful graphics, that wonderful soundtrack, the enthralling story and that damn annoying fairy, the 3DS version has it all and is easily the best port to ever be made of the legend.
  3. Oct 19, 2011
    One of the most definite games from the 90's is back better than ever. The new visuals brighten the epic adventure well, and the Master Quest is a nice add. All in all Ocarina of Time is a true classic belonging in every 3DS owner's shelf. [Aug 2011]