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Mixed or average reviews- based on 16 Ratings

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  1. Dec 30, 2011
    Sim 3 Pets has turnned out to be quite a enjoyable game! and very addictive one! that i find hard put down.

    its huge improvement over first
    one and now it has pets it make's experience more cooler!

    To create a sim is easy and designing your own type dog or cat is really easy with wealth option play with.

    There are quite few breeds of dog and cat to pick from! but sadly NO horses which are only present in console versions.

    However in back of the book it mentions about DLC which the way Nintendo are talking we mite see some sort of an update or extra content in future (fingers crossed)

    Game-play is fun and addictive as ever and creating your own house and buying stuff to fill it is great fun. Ive spent countless hours designing my perfect home and building relationships with other sims:) Only one real problem is there are no children in game? But there are puppies and kittens which is plus i guest.

    and there is sum slowdown that only seem happen when your in dog park which is odd?

    But apart from that game looks pretty good

    The way the sim's speak to each other is funny as ever! and how they interacted with environment around them.

    and graphics and animation are nice smooth to,

    while 3D doesn't add much does give it nice sense of depth!

    this is must have portable sim's game for 3DS:) and with sales on i got it for £19 which is bargain:D
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  2. Sep 11, 2014
    A fun game and something that feels almost like the full experience on the go, but with the amount of bugs and some of the missing features, it does feel a bit baron and typical EA. However for what it does it's not bad and you're at least getting a better experience than The Sims 3 launch title.

    Also here's an interesting thing, same sex romance and woohoo, which was missing in previous hand held Nintendo Sims titles is an option in this game.
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