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  • Summary: There's something terrible wrong in an alternate dimension! Help Captain Viridian flip to find five crew members, 20 hard-to-reach Trinkets and save a dimension on the brink of destruction. It's a space opera in the most unique scale with a style that only VVVVVV can bring to you. Instead of jumping, control the direction of gravity by inverting your gravity and allowing Captain Viridian to flip between the floors and ceilings of the environment.

    For adventurers who save the dimension, there's still hours and hours of new gameplay with all-new Player Levels. Test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to beat a collection of levels created by other famous game developers.

    Inspired by classic 8-bit days gone-by and now with experience-heightening 3D, VVVVVV will challenge even the most battle-hardened old-school gamers.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 19
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  1. Dec 29, 2011
    The game's design is immaculate, playing a bit like a cross between Metroid and Super Meat Boy. It works hard to be as non-linear as possible, and it never relies on the same ideas for too long, which keeps the excitement coming at a steady pace.
  2. Jan 21, 2012
    Got a 3DS? Get VVVVVV. Essential indie gaming, now on the go.
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    As thrilling to complete the first time as the fifth. [July 2012, p.105]
  4. Jan 4, 2012
    It's one of the more unique games we've seen for 3DS and another fine addition to the handheld's downloadable library. VVVVVV lacks some flash, but more than makes up for this with hardcore play.
  5. May 23, 2012
    Playing with gravity is fun, especially when it's so clean and simple like in the super retro game VVVVVV. The graphics make it feel like an old game from the late 1980's, but at the same time it's so refreshing and fun that it fits perfectly in the year 2012. Respawning is fast and there are many checkpoints, so this game does hardly get very frustrating. We do miss the option to make and share levels though.
  6. May 10, 2012
    Punishingly and infuriatingly hard, but also the best retro-inspired platform puzzler for years, and a very successful port to the 3DS.
  7. May 22, 2012
    This is a great game instantly accessible and challenging. If you could not play any of the previous versions, download this with confidence.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Mar 11, 2012
    It has all the charm of the 80s and all the after thought of being released after the turn of the millennium. The personality is charming sci fi goodness. You'll love it. Just be patient. Expand
  2. Feb 27, 2013
    When I saw this game on Steam, I was hooked. 8-bit era Gravity Guy for $5!? I took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Unfortunately, I didn't have money to cough up for it, so I wallowed in self-misery. Then I realized I still had money in my 3DS E-Shop account. Within minutes, I had shelled out $8 and downloaded it. I put on my headphones, set the 3D to max, and started playing. The game feels like it was made for the 3DS. The Gravity Guy/Mario style platforming was easily controlled with the circle pad. Tricky sections requiring a deft touch reverted to the old d-pad. I frequently died, but [thankfully] there was no life limit, so I respawned at the last checkpoint I touched. After finishing the story, I cried. No game has ever captivated me this thoroughly in my life. After that emotional moment, I went to the menu. Imagine my surprise when I found extra levels, ripe for the picking. Overall, the game lasted less than 10 hours, but this is one of the few games I will pass on to my [future] children and say "You have to play this." Expand
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    An amazing game, with retro-esque plataforming and a great difficulty, newbies must stay away from it, they should go play something more of their level like CoD. For seasoned gamers or one who enjoys a challenge, you can't go wrong with this game! Expand
  4. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. VVVVVVV is a wonderful game. It may be 8-bit and simplistic in its graphics, but the sheer insanity that is its difficulty level in some respects makes it probably, in my opinion, one of the hardest video games ever created in history. The music was really well done, (my hat goes off to Magnus for a splendid track of chiptune revival) and the level design was hard, but fun...annoyingly so. Gravitron for the win! Expand
  5. Jul 18, 2013
    VVVVVV is a 2D retro platformer with a difference. In this day and age, there are many different takes on the core platforming idea, but VVVVVV stands out as two things: 1, a very innovative platformer, and 2, the one with the weirdest name. There is no jump button- instead, you must flip gravity. This adds a different level of thinking to the challenges. Among the most frequently appearing obstacles are platforms that disappear after you touch them, moving enemies, and... that's it. It may sound very simple, but VVVVVV manages to do a hell of a lot with some very basic ideas. Remember, you're flipping gravity, not jumping, so your tecnique will be different to a normal platformer. But VVVVVV does suffer from a lack of different obstacles. Too soon it starts getting old. Clearly, the developer thought this would be made up for by a ridiculously high difficulty level. And that's the big problem: VVVVVV just gets so hard that you're dying hundreds of times on one little segment. Sure, there's an invincibility option, but then, you find yourself in a situation where you have to quit. This could have been an awesome game without the stupidly high difficulty. Now I'm stuck halfway through with no way of proceeding, and wondering if it really was worth the price. The visuals are also where VVVVVV lacks- Mutant Mudds is an example of a retro platformer that can still look good- and VVVVVV's graphics are even worse with 3D on. You can hardly make out any 3D at all, but what's instantly visible is a weird ghosting effect. So the visuals aren't good, but the soundtrack is excellent classic videogame music. Considering all, VVVVVV is a good game held back by unnecessarily difficult design. Expand
  6. Feb 21, 2012
    This game brings back memories of nostalgia from the 9-Bit graphics and music. The gameplay was awesome and fun...until you get to the point of staleness. After playing for a bit the music gets SOOOOO annoying and the constant dying gets to you :'(... ;). However, this game is definitely worth $7.99. I recommend you pick this eShop title up :) 7/10 Expand
  7. Jul 18, 2012
    Definitly fun for a while, and then that fun turned in a torture chamber that slowly fed me to the wolves. I mean i just GENERALLY didn't like the game after a awhile- I mean, come'on developers throw me a bone. What? my score is gonna drop the average a bit? Well make a better game the next time. Expand

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