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  • Summary: Yoshi's Island brings Yoshi and Baby Mario back with flutter jumps, ground pounds, egg throws, and a host of new actions that use the unique features of the Nintendo 3DS.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 72
  2. Negative: 4 out of 72
  1. May 11, 2014
    Yoshi's New Island is a fun, cute and a lot easier platformer than other recent Nintendo games. It's a perfect match for a platformer novice, but gives thrills to a veteran too, especially when used as a sedative between much harder games. [Apr 2014]
  2. Mar 13, 2014
    Yoshi’s New Island’s inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great. This deep understanding of pacing and flow helps Yoshi’s latest adventure stand out as the best iteration on Yoshi since the SNES original. Even if I wanted to play with the sound turned off.
  3. Mar 24, 2014
    Like modern gastronomy, Arzest uses state of the art techniques with noble ingredients to create dishes that are both beautiful and delicious. It's a pity the studio didn't elaborate more audacious recipes, which would taste less familiar. This rather easily cooked Yoshi's New Island will please a wide and young audience though, while keeping enough spice for the hard boiled eggs lovers.
  4. Apr 7, 2014
    Solidly made and good fun, but lacks the killer creativity that overflowed from the SNES original. [May 2014, p.66]
  5. Mar 31, 2014
    Even though it has some "Nintendo magical moments" Yoshi's New Island never truly shines.
  6. Mar 13, 2014
    Nintendo are famous for reinventing the wheel with their games, and throwing new ideas into old series that should have long become tired and repetitive but, sadly, Yoshi’s New Island just isn’t one of these titles.
  7. Mar 13, 2014
    It might look a little like Yoshi's Island, then, but it's a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 27
  2. Negative: 9 out of 27
  1. Apr 24, 2014
    Ok this game is definitely not as good as the original aesthetically, but the gameplay is pretty much the same. I don't understand how poeple could rate this game lower than Yoshis Island DS. If you don't mind the new style and visuals this game is pretty good! Expand
  2. Mar 16, 2014
    A great successor to the original Yoshi's Island on the SNES. Whilst slow and simple to play with a fairly even difficulty throughout, the real joy comes from finding all the collectibles and unlocking the harder bonus levels. Not sure what people ask for when they call for "innovation", they probably don't know themselves... This is a solid addition to the franchise and sure to not disappoint veteran fans and newbies alike. Expand
  3. Mar 14, 2014
    This game has its own flow and pace, when you set aside your expectations and delve into its wonderful world and mechanics, there is a lot to love about Yoshi's New Island.

    The lack of checkpoints, the sudden death traps and the difficulty of finding each collectible item lengthen the game unnecessarily. If you just want to walk through the game it's a relaxing, albeit short, experience. If you try to collect and explore everything it can get rather frustrating.

    Once you decided that this game can never live up to being a true sequel to the SNES Yoshi's Island, but rather a game being very akin to Yoshi's Story on N64, Yoshi's New Island is a very good way to spend your time and you'll find a lot to love about it.
  4. Mar 16, 2014
    This game definitely copies a lot of ideas from the first Yoshi's Island, and the fact that Yoshi's Island DS was basically a sequel to this game says something. The music is not as bad as people think, even though the kazoo instrument in pretty annoying at times. Overall this is a good game, but not the sequel we expected from DS. Expand
  5. May 26, 2014
    Boring backgrounds,dull music and gimmicky motion control are few of the problems this game has. I had sort of high hopes going into this one since the SNES game Super Mario World 2 was such a masterpiece. The art was so unfitting with a Yoshi games usual colorful and uplifting backgrounds and environment.The story was generic and getting through to the end was just tedious.This was NOT $40 well spent. Expand
  6. Mar 14, 2014
    This is the worst game ever! Seriously, it doesn't have any charisma at all! The music SUCKS, it is just toooo boring and monotone, just like the level design: simply uninspired. Like the devs just threw the game out with no will. You will feel the same way when you play this game, soulless, if you played the original Yoshi's Island for SNES: while that game is full of life, this one is full of death boringness, considering this game is a sequel to it. I DONT recommend it. Expand
  7. May 14, 2014
    No thanks!!! I am NOT getting this!!! Why did nintedo continue this series? It is so....freaking....HARD!!!!!! Why, Nintendo? Why?! WHY???????!!!!!!!!

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