Cannon Spike Dreamcast
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  • Summary: Far into the future, a rogue group of terrorist robots wreak havoc on the world and it's citizens. The Anti Robot Squad Special Forces has been created to overthrow these radical robots. With an arsenal of weapons and high-powered Motor Boots, you must lead a courageous legion of seven members through multiple levels of robotic terror, huge bosses and other evils. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in speed, strategy and firepower. Expand
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  1. A twitchfest that relies on lightning reflexes and good ol' ninja skill, not the patience to sit through poorly acted cut scenes. That's a compliment, by the way.
  2. Solid and competent, the cannon hits its mark.
  3. The characters themselves are very cool and there are few games you can pick up for the DC that offer better arcade-style action.
  4. It won't keep you entertained forever, but if you can get around its lack of length, Cannon Spike delivers.
  5. But if you move through the settings from easy to normal to hard to very hard, you've got a challenging shooter that is as graphically appealing and fun as any out there--except, of course, for "Radiant Silvergun."
  6. 60
    A hybrid of a game that, whilst doing nothing outstandingly original, is still enjoyable, especially when joined by a fellow human player.
  7. The final problem that really kills the title is its length and lack of replay value. There are only 10 stages plus the final boss which only take you about 40 minutes to plow through.

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