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  • Summary: Straight from the hit arcade game, Gunbird 2 is the most intense test of coordination and skill. This action shooters features 7 characters on a quest for the magical ingredients to produce the All-Purpose Medicine. On a journey to see the wise medicine master, you are intercepted by a rowdy band of pirates. Now, maneuver through insane levels of enemy fire to pick up power-ups and other weapons and be the first to recover your stolen bounty and unlock the secret of the medicine master. Expand
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  1. It's fun and replayable -- what more could anyone want?
  2. 85
    Even the humor and motley crew of heroes and villains makes Gunbird 2 a fun, but short-lived experience.
  3. Sometimes, you just need to blow stuff up. You'll have a hard time finding a better game on the Dreamcast to satisfy those brutal urges than the delightfully cartoony, but fiercely addictive Gunbird 2.
  4. A Pile of Shoot. The control is almost flawless. Maneuvering your ship isn't the problem -- the crowded action is the problem.
  5. The game is really, really hard, but that's the nature of this genre. I just wish that there were more rewards for my efforts; it feels almost pointless to try so hard.
  6. Because Gunbird 2 is such an insanely hard game, casual gaming fans are warned to stay away. Only hard-core fans of the genre need apply.
  7. All flash and no substance, Gunbird 2 is too hard, too short and too boring to even bother looking at.

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