Mars Matrix Dreamcast
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  • Summary: Half a century has passed since the colonization of Mars. Life on the red planet is productive and peaceful. Earth has placed the Mars Development Agency (MDA) is control of Mars' self-governing sectors, yet retains a tight grip on its colony. Without warning, an ominous transmission is received on Earth declaring Martian independence and all contact with Mars is lost. Now, the threat of war with mars has Earth seeing red. Massive fleets of experimental, yet very powerful new fighters are on their way to Mars on a mission that could escalate into inter-planetary war. Collapse
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  1. A blaze of fiendish difficulty and strategic brilliance. You're about to be sorted.
  2. There are so many options to earn -- like new levels, more continues, faster recharge on your special weapons – that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again just to see what’s next.
  3. 85
    If you're one of those gamers that constantly needs a challenge or if you're looking for something that'll test your gaming mettle, Mars Matrix might be up your shooting alley.
  4. It might not look great, but it's pure blasting entertainment.
  5. An excellent effort that no shooter fan should overlook. The gameplay is solid even if it is a little on the difficult side, the graphics are decent, it has excellent replay value, and the overall presentation is top notch.
  6. From start to finish, the game is a non-stop blast-a-thon. If you're a fan of the genre, you won't be disappointed.
  7. Plenty of depth if that's all you're looking for, but it's weighed down by an engine that would have been deemed outdated several years ago.

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  1. Capcom
    Sep 23, 2001
    Oh Yeah Baby!
  2. Manshoot
    Oct 3, 2003
    Nice twitch action! I can't stop.