Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Dreamcast


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  1. 81
    A better game than Dave Mirra.
  2. Because Mat Hoffman is based on the first Tony Hawk game, there are a lot of tweaks and additions that I believe will give "THPS2" fans a sense that something is missing.
  3. Nothing new if you’ve played the PSOne version, but a blast if you haven’t. Another problem -- it’s over way too soon.
  4. The best BMX game on the market.
  5. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I love Hoffman’s superb soundtrack, and if you dig hip-hop, you will too. [Nov 2001, p.216]

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#33 Most Discussed Dreamcast Game of 2001
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  1. DennisB.
    Jun 17, 2002
    Best BMX game ever. I really like the point-system.