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  • Summary: Exploit the defender with a lightning quick drop step move before you launch all out attack, finishing with an impressive dunk! With enhanced player performance such as this, the most renowned basketball game ever has been improved on all levels. Run the floor with new moves, exploit the new steal system then stand back in awe as you're put right behind the cameras in replay mode. With the addition of legendary urban playground courts, including the famous Mosswood Park, NBA2K2 is the true basketball experience. Collapse
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  1. 100
    It’s the best next-gen basketball game available, easily beating "NBA Live 2002" for the PS2, which is more of a roster upgrade than a revamping of the game.
  2. There's no two ways about it folks: NBA 2K2 is the best-playing basketball game on the planet.
  3. 100
    One of the best basketball games ever on any console…period.
  4. Nobody has developed a perfect basketball sim. Visual Concepts however has come the closest with NBA 2K2. By far this is the best hoops title on the market today.
  5. Slick prentation and excellent gameplay.
  6. If you do plan on going online with NBA 2k2 keep in mind that it might be convenient to have a Dreamcast keyboard handy, when setting up a game. It makes communication much easier.
  7. Little more than "NBA 2K1" with Michael Jordan, the Memphis Grizzlies, glitchy zone defense and an afterthought of a street ball mode.

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