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  • Summary: Slip onto SegaNet and blast into POD SpeedZone, the fastest arcade racer for your Sega Dreamcast online. Pilot 8 futuristic cars across 6 surreal, mercilessly interactive tracks. Hone your maneuvers and master the weapons offline - then prove your racing chops in the POD online circuit. Get fast - before the SpeedZone leaves you in the dust. Collapse
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  1. POD SpeedZone scratches a long-standing itch: A simple, multiplayer racing game that's beginner-friendly but rewards the persistent. While not the deepest game of the lot, it will keep you and your phone line busy.
  2. Where Speedzone really excels is in it's gameplay. This works well in both online and offline racing.
  3. 80
    If you're looking for some racing-combat fun, this pod if for you.
  4. 66
    In the end, I am just let down by the whole experience.
  5. Those utilizing that modem in the back of the DC are sure to appreciate a lot of what this racing game has to offer. Anyone else, however, will likely find it sorely lacking in what should otherwise be standard features.
  6. The interesting level design, copious eye candy, and heavily touted online play are crippled by the games fumbled controls.
  7. The real problem with the game is not the online elements but the design itself.

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