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  • Summary: Prepare to abandon every ounce of common sence and any trace of doubt as you're engulfed by an online multiplayer frnezy throughout cyberspace! Delve into lands of eerie uncertainty and fatal hazards drawing you into the depths of dispair, as legions of foes surround you. Challenging the gut reaction that transported you here in the first place. Immerse yourself within. Collapse
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  1. Those who haven't already bought a copy of it should promptly have their heads examined.
  2. 100
    Everything about the Dreamcast port of QIIIA came together supremely well at the end: graphics, ambient BGM, sound effects, control, lag-free internet frag-a-thons (most of the time anyway), everything!
  3. A home console first-person shooter has never looked this damn good.
  4. 92
    This game is not at its best with a standard Dreamcast controller. You need a mouse and keyboard.
  5. With over 30 warriors to choose from, and over 30 maps, this game will take a while to get old. No matter how you play this game though, you're sure to have a blast.
  6. Despite its flaws, Quake III on the Dreamcast is probably the best FPS game on any console, with the possible exception of the almighty "Goldeneye."
  7. Overall Quake 3 Arena is just as fun as it was on PC and with the addition of the split screen modes and its support for the upcoming broadband adapter it sets the bare for console deathmatch games.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Feb 8, 2014
    Good dumb run and gun fun. Difficult to enjoy online if you haven't mastered some skills and the single player is less fun. I suspect quake fans would prefer the pc version Expand

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