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  • Summary: This amazing fighter stars 18 brawlers from the STREET FIGHTER III universe and introduces the new Leap Attack. Plus, a new Grade Judge system evaluates player performance at the end of each match. Huge characters and an innovative Hit-Frame system team up with the return of the Super Arts Fighting Styles. Experience totally seamless animation in the newest chapter of the greatest arcade series ever! Collapse
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  1. Even trivial things like the special effects for the Super Art have been changed, and like the new character voices, it's a small touch that goes a very long way towards making an attractive, complete package worth buying.
  2. Play it loud, on a big-assed TV, until you've mastered every character, your girlfriend's left you and the bank has repossessed the goldfish.
  3. With near-perfect control, a great new hip-hop soundtrack, several new characters that weren't in "Double Impact" (including perennial favorite Chun Li) and the best 2D animation we've ever seen in a fighting game, this game is certainly the business.
  4. 83
    Truly an engaging fighter, that is easily worthy of just about anyone's private collection... that is unless you already have "Double Impact."
  5. While weaker in the graphics department than its predecessor, this game still delivers punch.
  6. With "Third Impact", the Cadillac model has been given new features (System Direction, five new characters, 'Grade Judge System', etc.) but has suffered a slight alteration to its flawless body (the washed-out colors and backgrounds on SOME of the stages).
  7. Third Strike comes out marginally better than the previous "Street Fighter III Double Impact" only because of the additional characters, but viewed as a whole is still lacking inspiration and ingenuity.

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  1. Mark
    Oct 13, 2009
    This is probably the most technical fighting game around ,i have owned it since it came out and im still playing it today (2009) it leagues ahead of street fighter iv which is a dumbed down version. Its a real shame this and others like it recieved relatively low review scores at the time of release cos its only now that people are starting to get into these games cos of things like xbox live and psn.A true classic . Expand