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  • Summary: Miles Edgeworth is the famed rival prosecutor of court-house-dynamo Phoenix Wright. Since becoming the youngest prosecutor in the country at the tender age of 20, Miles Edgeworth built quite the reputation for himself by putting away bad guys in short order. However, after several confrontations against Wright, he has changed his approach to seeking the truth. Unfortunately, Wright was only the beginning of his troubles. The flashy prosecutor in the wine red suit is plagued by a series of deaths that seem to follow him wherever he goes. To obtain the truth, Miles Edgeworth will take center stage in an exciting suspense-filled drama that requires him to dive into the mysterious world of crime scene investigation. [Capcom] Expand
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  1. Not only has it established a winning cast of characters, and a formula for fun-packed gameplay, its latest title, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth shows that there are still lots of ways both cast and formula can be effectively improved and expanded upon.
  2. While not, by far, the revolution in the series Capcom promised us, Investigations is probably the best Ace Attorney yet. Those which are introduced as new elements, are actually better versions of the old, loved ones, and all in all this is a good thing. Furthermore, Edgeworth is a very well crafted character and he alone could justify this new episode. Another great game in the series!
  3. Although this fifth entry is not the series' strongest, it's a solid and worthy purchase for fans of the genre or casual gamers who are looking for an entertaining story.
  4. This madcap adventure tests your detective skills in brand new environments with an immersive story, and a twist on old gameplay elements keeps things interesting.
  5. Edgeworth is always good company, but what this spin-off fixes in execution, it loses in melodrama. Still, nice to have the gang back. [Feb 2010, p.58]
  6. I enjoyed my time with Edgeworth, but it's the weakest entry in the series. [Issue#203, p.95]
  7. The most devoted series fans will probably still love it, but newcomers should check out life as a defense attorney first. The rest of us are likely to find it entertaining enough at times, but a little too meandering, a little too mediocre to fully live up to the Ace Attorney legacy.

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Score distribution:
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  1. May 18, 2012
    I was hesitant to give this game such a high score, and hell it probably doesn't even deserve it, but I simply cannot stress this enough - this is THE best game in the entire ace attorney series, hands down. The best set of characters (Edgeworth!), arguably the best music, much more interactive than the others (actual point and click gameplay, Logic, etc.) and on top of that, funny and witty as hell (not going to give examples to keep this spoiler-free). Cons? Well, the last case drags like hell, but that's about it. Must buy for any DS owner. Expand
  2. May 8, 2013
    Very different from other games in the series. But it is still a great game. The soundtrack is amazing, The graphics are great, the games story is very good. And the investigating is actually great fun. Don't treat it like your normal Ace Attorney game. There is a big difference between the two types of gameplay Expand
  3. Dec 23, 2013
    AAI:ME may play a bit differently than a typical AA game but don't worry because it still has a lot of the charm and great writing that the other games had. The game plays in the third person and let's you move around your character instead of jumping from area to area like in the other games and I honestly prefer this approach since you get to see and interact with more of the area around you unlike the other games where your restricted to a single view point in each area. Another new feature is Edgeworth's logic ability which I don't think is a good replacement for the psyche locks from past games since each time you have to use logic to figure something out its usually pretty obvious what the answer is. Besides that the game plays mostly like the other games, which didn't really bother me but I would have liked a couple more new features since this is a spin off game. The writing is still top notch and even though Edgeworth seems a bit out of character he's still a pretty memorable protagonist and having gumshoe around for most of the game is also pretty great too. The music sounds a bit different than the tracks from the other games but there still pretty great to listen to and the graphics are some of the best in the series. Expand
  4. Jul 24, 2014
    Probably the most underrated game in the series. When you think about it from a gameplay perspective, it's not that different from the main games. You switch between investigation and argument a few times in each chapter .The difference is how the investigation is conducted, and you have rebbutals instead of testimonies, which practically function the same. In previous titles, you argued in court to find the truth. In this game, you argue on the crime scene to prove the truth. It seens like it should be the other way around. The absence of finding the truth in arguments makes them less memorable.

    Now to cover the investigations. They are very different, as you stay on the same property the entire time instead of going back in forth between the crime scene and the detention center. Because te areas are united, You walk around the areas. This opens up a lot more places to instigate. In all, the new investigations were a blast for me. I wished they'd've kept this style in future installments. Playing though edgeworth's shoes, a character who you've gotten to know well in previous titles is a pleasant suprise. All the cases were connected, which j found really interesting, as you got one step closer to the yatagarasu and smuggling ring leader's identity. The new characters, specifically Lang and Kay, are really well developed and likeable.

    tl;dr, this is a great twist on the ace attorney formula that all fans should enjoy.
  5. Apr 16, 2014
    A bit annoying to play sometimes because of the 3rd person perspective slowing things down instead of just touching things with the pointer, but apart from that, maybe, probably, the best AA game in terms of gameplay. More complex than the last ones, more interesting than the last ones, more fun to play around than the last ones, it's probably the best in terms of gameplay and I had a ton of fun with all of it.

    Characters aren't quite as good though. The foes are great for most of them, the Final Battle(yes it's still over-the-top) with the Ambassador is just so much fun at every step of the way, Kay Faraday's a great sidekick...but the rest is just kinda less good. Edgeworth isn't really himself and his cold, All-must-be-in-order character has been nerfed to become a bit more sociable a guy...and I think it doesn't suit him too much. He also doesn't seem to be out for Justice as much as he seems to be out to get rid of people who personally annoy or offend him, which is not as fulfilling. Gumshoe and several "rival" characters like that Chinese Wolfman just sound about as uninteresting as it gets. Their comic relief dies quickly and I can say the same about a lot of people in this game.

    Actually, this is the real problem of AAI Miles Edgeworth: the Comic Relief. IT. IS. EVERYWHERE!
    My guess is that they saw Edgeworth as too cold and rough-cutting as a protagonist, so they nerfed him into a nicer, more sociable guy, instead of his hardass tsundere character from earlier games, and they also added waaay too much comic relief to make up for Edgeworth being Edgeworth. The result is an overkill of comedy that doesn't fall as well as it did in the last games and just isn't fun...along with Edgeworth not being the amazing character he used to be.

    To sum my memories of it up, I'd say the gameplay was fun and mostly intuitive and its cases, all tied together(which is usually not too good a thing) , were mostly enjoyable, but it suffers from a pretty misplaced attempt at making Edgeworth a character everyone can like. Edgeworth was always the hardass who didn't like anybody and didn't want to be liked because he was out for justice and punishment as the top prosecutor of his court. And here, well, not so much.

    Still a great AA game that's worth trying.
  6. Dec 21, 2010
    Too linear, predictable, and condescending compared to the previous games in the series but despite these shortcomings, it's still an entertaining Ace Attorney experience. Too bad it tried to fix something that wasn't broken to begin with. Expand
  7. Jul 22, 2013
    Demasiado lineal y predecible. Son mucho mejor los otro juegos de la saga. El argumento es bastante predecible, los personajes no son muy carismáticos, aunque lo de investigar no está mal. Expand

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