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  • Summary: sume the role of Timmy, mini action adventure hero, and fight the forces of evil in "Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune." Timmy's Tan Army Men action figures have run amok, capturing his Green Army Men, and attempting to take control of his little slice of suburbia! It's up to you to defeat the enemy, save your toys and family, and restore order to your home! The house is your playground as you control a 3 inch tall Timmy and a slew of toy weaponry to keep his tan Army Men from achieving "Global Home Domination." You'll never look at your toys the same again. [DSI Games] Expand
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  1. Those two words, wasted opportunity, are Soldiers of Misfortune's M.O. Everything about the game felt like a rush job, a an oversight related to developers who maybe just didn't care enough.
  2. 35
    The enemies just stand there, every mission is pretty much the same thing, and it hurts to play.
  3. Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune is something that even a youngster can easily tear through in a few hours, and that might be worth something to someone. For everyone else, though, there is nothing redeemable in the awkward graphics, shoddy hit detection, simplistic missions and frustrating protection details. If you don't have a young child who may enjoy Soldiers of Misfortune despite these flaws, there's simply no reason to shrink down to the low standards of this title.
  4. Nostalgia-seeking gamers may be tempted by Soldiers of Misfortune, if only to relive the good-old days of Army Men gaming. But those days can only be relived by playing the original Army Men; this newfangled (and disappointingly mangled) sequel does not deliver.
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  1. Feb 11, 2012
    I purchased the game just to experiment with it. The game graphics were okay, but the storyline and general gameplay was horrible. The developers rushed out a game that wasn't ready for release and is terrible anyway. Don't buy it, it isn't worth a single nickle. Expand