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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Art Academy is a portable art course that replaces the lecture-like structure of art school and the trial-and-error of working on canvas. Art Academy: First Semester can guide you through the basics of pencil and paints, using Nintendo DSi controls to draw like the real things. With your own paintbrush set and color palette, you'll learn texturing and blending techniques, plus ways to depict light and shade. There's also Free Paint mode, which allows you to select and draw from photos in your Nintendo DSi Camera Album. In just a few lessons, you'll be discovering your inner artist and creating your own masterpieces with art skills that you can apply with real-life materials. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. The game has virtually limitless replayability thanks to the free paint mode, which is accessible right from the start of the game. All in all, this is an excellent piece of software.
  2. A fantastic paint package, but don't be fooled into buying the same thing twice. [Mar 2010, p.92]
  3. Art Academy: First Semester is a fantastic program for creating art, though it doesn't offer much else.
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  1. MyronA.
    Sep 30, 2009
    This is a fantastic program. As an artist, I can say that this one of the best DSi-Ware releases. When I say it feels like you're really drawing and painting, I mean it. The sounds of the pencils & paint brushes do a great job of making you feel as though you're really drawing on paper or painting on canvas. I really do enjoy the classes and especially drawing on my own; It is very impressive to say the least. One of the most beautiful parts about this software is the way the pencils work. There are 3 pencils; 2H, HB and 2B. For instance, the 2H marks the lightest on screen and works best at doing rough drafts of your work. The pencil marks look just like they should. It Expand
  2. LiamG
    Jan 12, 2010
    The Art Academy series is, in my opinion, the best DSiWare to date. Sure it's not a unique little game, but it is the best art application to ever come to the DS. I would have happily bought this for full price. Excellent lessons, each of which are well explained and demonstrated, and the free paint mode gives you the tools to make a masterpiece. It doesn't have everything, but what it has it well worth the 800 points. Expand
  3. tupwee
    Jan 15, 2010
    this game was great umm.. i'm about a hundred times better than i am when i started and i only did three lessons.
  4. JacobE
    Oct 10, 2009
    A very decent attempt at art and one of the better choices to downlopad at the DSi Shop.