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  • Summary: [DSiWare] Climb the corporate ladder in the world of BOXLIFE using your wits and... paper? Use the Nintendo DSi stylus to cut and then manipulate the paper into a box shape. Be careful-if you're not efficient with your cuts, you'll waste paper and be penalized. R&D mode teaches you new patterns and challenges you to complete various ranks, while FACTORY mode gives you the chance to earn money by making as many boxes as possible from an endless sheet of paper. Success in each mode brings its own reward: Clear ranks to earn a promotion, change your character's appearance, and use your earnings to acquire new items for your character's miniature garden. With this game's stylish graphics and catchy sounds, thinking inside the box isn't such a bad thing. [Nintendo] Collapse
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  1. Yet another essential Art Style game. [Sept 2009, p.94]
  2. Art Style: BoxLife has an original gameplay, and it adds a nice twist to the genre. Nice graphic and cool soundtrack are distinctive marks of art style series.
  3. Anyone looking for a fun and unique puzzle game can't go wrong with BOXLIFE; however, the game does become overwhelmingly difficult as players reach the game's toughest levels.
  4. It provides plenty of challenge and longevity to make it a worthy investment, barring any paper cuts.
  5. 78
    I wouldn't put Boxlife at the very top of the best Art Style games Skip has produced, but it's definitely one of the stronger designs the Japanese developer has produced.
  6. Who knew that working on a box-making assembly line could be this much fun?
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