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  • Summary: With huge air, blistering speed and in-your-face stunts, ATV Quad Frenzy is ready to set your Nintendo DS on fire! With over 25 different tracks, competitors ready to leave you in the dust and vehicle upgrades, you get an ATV experience unlike any other for a hand held system. Choose from 6 different styles of ATVs, each with different stats and capabilities. Chase your opponents and take the lead in over 25 unique environments. Race across 5 different game modes: Practice, Quick Race, Championship Race Circuit, Championship Style Circuit and a Head-to-Head mode. Upgrade your quad between races with the money you earn from winning. Take a friend on head-to-head via the wireless game link. 8 musical tracks to add to the racing excitement. Multiple functionality for the touch screen display, including an overhead map, stunt selector, speedometer and other great features. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. 48
    It's a solid racing challenge with good control, fluid action, and impressive visual technology that offers a whole lot of in-game potential. But unfortunately this potential is never reached because of its unfinished and hastily slapped together presentation.
  2. ATV Quad Fury's lackluster tempo and ugly user interface makes it one to avoid on the Nintendo DS.
  3. Even as a rental, this game isn't worth the mind-numbing frustration it can cause.
  4. The lack of any challenge and enjoyment in single player, gameplay dull enough to send you into a coma, and complete lack of what games should be about, fun, means that ATV Quad Frenzy is about as appealing as a punch in the face. Utter rubbish.
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  1. BillS.
    Dec 17, 2005
    I can of agree with IGN....this game could have been real good but it seems they slapped it together. It's got 25 tracks which is good and the backgrounds look nice. but the steering is touchy(like NFS) the guy is cartoonish and the league is not strucured. While I do enjoy playing the game it is prob the 5th or 6th best racing game on DS. Expand