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  • Summary: The Fire Nation devises a plot to use the power of Sozin's Comet to rain devastation on the rest of the world. The fate of the world lies in the hands of only a few young, brave heroes - Aang and his friends. They are preparing for the ultimate showdown against Fire Lord Ozai and his terrorizing army that will ultimately decide who will win the great 100 year old war. [THQ] Expand
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  1. Into the Inferno won't speak to every DS owner simply because of the Avatar license. But Avatar fans aren't the only ones who should benefit from this upper-tier Zelda clone. Anyone who enjoyed Phantom Hourglass should at least rent, if not buy, this above-average Avatar sequel.
  2. The best darn licensed game you could possibly hope for.
  3. 70
    Avatar is aimed towards kids but anyone will absolutely love the clever puzzle. While they are never frustratingly hard, you can tell that care and thought was put behind.
  4. Fans of the show will enjoy every bit of it, but without knowledge of the series it'll feel like watching a silent movie without subtitles; the story just won't make any sense.
  5. 58
    A game destined to be forgotten. The basic game mechanics are solid, and it has some good concepts, but they are overused to the point of becoming tedious and boring almost immediately.
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  1. Nov 7, 2013
    While the game has good graphics, and a good story line, a high amount of the time, the puzzles they have are very, very easy, and when they aren't easy, they are way too difficult for a kids game. Still, the game has something addictive and charming to it that kept me playing to the end of the game. Expand