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  • Summary: Avatar: The Burning Earth continues the epic adventure of Aang and his courageous battle to restore balance to his war-torn world. Join him and his friends Katara, Toph, and Sokka as they master their skills and fight their way to defend the greatest Earth Kingdom city against a Fire Nation invasion! [THQ] Expand
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  1. While many Nicktoons games have been successful in their genre of choice, The Burning Earth is stuck between action and RPG purgatory.
  2. 65
    Avatar: The Burning Earth will prove irresistible to fans of the series who want to devour more information about their favourite characters, but for the uninitiated the choppy storyline and short lifespan should make you think twice before making a purchase.
  3. 65
    The short play time is really a bummer because The Burning Earth is a fun game. It's simple and has its clunky moments, but we had a pretty good time. The battles are fast paced and minigames are actually fun. Unfortunately the game is so short that by the time we realized we liked it, the game was over.
  4. 60
    While it doesn't embarrass itself or insult gamers, it's not going to be near the top of the list of must-have titles for youngsters this holiday season.
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