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  1. B-17: Fortress in the Sky is a simplistic World War II-themed shoot-'em-up that lacks variety and panache.
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    Sort of a fascinating failure. The game is overly simplistic, lacks variety in its missions and isn't nearly as playable as it should be. At the same time, it's an interesting approach to air combat that hasn't really been done in games, especially on the DS.
  3. The biggest bomb in B-17: Fortress in the Sky is the game itself.
  4. Incredibly shallow, even for a budget title.
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  1. AnonymousMC
    Jul 31, 2007
    This game is awful in most of the ways that a game can be awful, and not worth playing, even if you get it for free and are a huge fan ofThis game is awful in most of the ways that a game can be awful, and not worth playing, even if you get it for free and are a huge fan of B17s. There are 25 missions, each with five phases.
    Phases 1, 3 and 5 have you manning the guns of the B17. Sadly, you're the only person manning the guns, so you have to switch between the different crew positions to shoot down incoming planes. The graphics aren't great, with you seeing a rough 3-d model of the bomber and attacking fighters. The real unforgivable problem with this part of the game is that the background image of sky and clouds is fixed and doesn't change as you move from one position to another, or scroll as you aim the turrets. If you get in the ball turret and look straight down, you see sky. Fortunately, the incoming planes don't do enough damage to shoot you down so these portions of the game don't actually seem to matter. The only benefit of actually shooting down the attacking planes is that it seems to end these phases of the games faster.

    Phase 2 involves steering the plane to avoid anti-aircraft fire with mediocre 2d graphics. AAA can do a lot of damage, but is easily dodged. Just move left to right in pretty much any random fashion and you will avoid enough damage to finish the level.
    Phase 4 is when you actually drop bombs, and you need to hit at least some of the targets, presented in the same mediocre 2-d format as the graphics in phase 2. Fortunately, you are blessed with an unlimited number of bombs so you can drop a whole bunch of them all over the place. Unfortunately, bombs don't hit where the crosshairs indicate, especially if you're maneuvering a lot to hit targets, so drop a lot of bombs and hope for the best.

    This game is boring, generic and does not take advantage of the touch screen or any other unique feature of the DS. The audio is pretty good if repetitive, but is not enough to redeem the general awfulness of the game. Save your money and your time for something worth playing.
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