Big Bang Mini DS


Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
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  1. With amazing graphics and a control scheme you've never seen before, this $20 DS game is a no brainer!
  2. Big Bang Mini is a game that will come as a pleasant surprise for anybody that gives it a shot.
  3. Beautiful visuals, great music, exciting gameplay, and an innovative control scheme make Big Bang Mini one of the best DS games out there.
  4. Couple the pyro-firing controls with diversified addictive gameplay and some truly engaging art direction, oh, and a $20 price tag, and you’ve got a DS experience that's more fun than lighting illegal fireworks on the Fourth.
  5. Big Bang Mini is a great addition to the DS. With over 90 levels, great visuals and some excellent gameplay, this title will keep you hooked for a long time, and at the end of the day what more can you ask for than that?
  6. 90
    Big Bang Mini takes the shooter formula, shakes it around and serves up a definitely triple-A piece of gaming goodness that will test gamers to the maximum.
  7. "Big Bang Mini" really came out of nowhere and totally surprised me. What appears to be a innovative take on the vertical shooter genre then explodes into a content-rich title that is constantly changing and expanding.
  8. Big Bang Mini is a distinctive game that simply wouldn’t work on any system but the DS—but there it works brilliantly. With so much content, challenge, and visual insanity packed into a $20 title, this game deserves a spot in any DS owner’s library.
  9. 87
    The touch screen shooting and dodging controls feel great, and over 90 levels the game always has a new trick up its sleeve. On top of that, there are fun multiplayer modes and a no-fail "relax" mode where you can just enjoy the fireworks display.
  10. Nintendo Power
    Nevertheless, Big Bang Mini offers plenty of satisfying action at a bargain price. [Jan 2009, p.91]
  11. Shmup veterans will recognize tributes to classic favorites at every turn.
  12. Big Bang Mini is an innovative game thanks to its good control. The experience is simple, crazy and original that brings to us the memories about the classic games in the arcade machines. A beautiful visuals, innovative control scheme, amazing fireworks theme and the touch screen shooting works very well. Definitely Big Bang Mini is one of the best funny shooters.
  13. The great graphics and sound will grab your attention, and the diversity of the worlds and the ability to pick up and play will keep it.
  14. Original, polished and heaps of fun, this is one of the finest shooters available on the DS.
  15. It's great to play a shooter that contains more than just planes, tanks, and machine guns. The fireworks theme gives the game an excuse to take you around the world, celebrating local cultures with glittery explosions, while still granting you the rare opportunity to blast a hole in a flying squid.
  16. Nintendo Gamer
    This little gem was made by three blokes in a Parisian attic. Basically a shoot-'em-up, but one stuffed with loads of great ideas and lots of content. Tres bon. [Mar 2009, p.67]
  17. Big Bang Mini is a $20 title that will rival many of the top releases on the system in 2009.
  18. Big Bang Mini is an extraordinary shooter for the Nintendo DS. Easy to learn and hard to master – a title worth playing!
  19. For the wealth of quality that has been put into this title plus the enjoyment to be had from it this really is something that deserves to be in every shoot 'em up fans DS collection.
  20. 80
    Talk about full-featured-Big Bang Mini is a $19.99 package that is hard to pass up.
  21. Games Master UK
    Pretty as a picture with crazy themed levels and enemies. [Feb 2009, p.87]
  22. 80
    For $20, you get your monies worth from Big Bang Mini. Multiplayer actually serves a purpose here (rather than being a tacked-on gimmick), and the single-player modes will keep you busy for hours. The best part? You won't lose any fingers.
  23. Big Bang Mini retails for $20, and it’s truly a lot of “bang” for your buck. There’s a ton of fun and a ton of style crammed into this card, and ultimately, the game lives up to its name – it’s a big bang of enjoyment on your tiny DS screens.
  24. 80
    Big Bang Mini comes together nicely with a great combination of simple yet addicting gameplay, innovative design, catchy music, great production value and unbelievable price point.
  25. Big Bang Mini is a tremendous success. It isn’t an incredibly deep game, but the mechanics work on a number of levels, and set a bar for what gamers should grow to expect from budget titles.
  26. It is one of the most perfect examples of bite-sized gaming, giving you a pleasant feeling of accomplishment even if you were just looking to kill time for 5 minutes.
  27. This is a title that's definitely worth checking out for DS owners, and while it's a relatively smaller game that hasn't received much media attention, I hope players will still give this a shot.
  28. 80
    Big Bang Mini is among the best shooters on the DS.
  29. A somewhat eclectic game, Big Bang Mini offers all the spectacle of fireworks with plenty of visual attraction paired with an old-school-tough level of challenge and classic arcade-style gameplay.
  30. The simple mechanics work well, providing an ingratiating twist on the top-down shooter. [Feb 2009, p.87]
  31. Big Bang Mini is a funny shooter, and it easily provides more quality than most of its competitors on NDS. A try before buying could be the right choice: to do this, just download the Demo available on the Wii.
  32. 75
    Big Bang Min is a pretty similar game to Nervous Brickdown: a simple game, without much aspiration in the technical part, but extraordinarily addictive, at least during the first hours of gameplay. The problem is that it can become too repetitive, and in a few hours can come to bore the player.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 27 Ratings

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  1. KelleyDavis
    Aug 12, 2009
    A shump with a new control scheme that is solid. Shumps are all suppose to be hard, they are suppose to take practice and this game is noA shump with a new control scheme that is solid. Shumps are all suppose to be hard, they are suppose to take practice and this game is no different. If you have never played a shump this will be a challenge while if you have, the first few levels will offer no challenge let you get used to the controls. As you progress though the worlds the game gets tough even for the most experienced players. A simple game play with a 9 gorgeous worlds that all look completely different. Full Review »
  2. EwanM
    Mar 21, 2009
    The immense style of this game alone makes it one of the best games on the DS.
  3. nikosg
    Mar 17, 2009
    Shame Arkedo stopped developing for DS. I love their graphics designer(s). Great game overall.