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  1. Nov 16, 2011
    Bloons TD presents a simple, smooth, charming take on tower defence. 15 levels and three difficulty settings mean that it's accessible and substantial enough to make your purchase worthwhile. On the other hand, it does next to nothing that we haven't seen in just about every entry in the subgenre ever, nor is it the prettiest of them.
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  1. May 20, 2012
    This is Bloons Tower Defense 3,with 9 exclusive tracks and its own soundtrack.It has 5 packs each with 3 tracks in it.You start out with 2 packs and you have to beat 3 tracks to unlock another pack.There is Classic,Lava Stream,Quad Biking,Undersea,and Classic 2 Full Review »
  2. Apr 15, 2012
    This game I liked the first classic track but the others we too hard and I kept losing so plus on Nintendo's eshop only the most I analyzed was about 20 percent of people liked it and I was in the range of 40 but not I kinda am in the range of 20 plus this game was glitchey alot in the game they should make it better so this game gets fixed . Full Review »