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  1. Its biggest fault being the extreme difficulty of its more challenging levels, Bloons is otherwise a simple, moderately enjoyable puzzle game. Those ready to face the frustration will find a challenge worth committing themselves to – unless its most obdurate stages cause them to be committed.
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    I do like Bloons better on DSiWare than I did on Wii, but that's still not to say I like it enough to actually recommend you buy it. It's been improved a bit, granted, and no longer feels quite as thrown together -- but it's still not all that great.
  3. Bloons is a demanding puzzle, but with a very bad designed learning curve. It makes dumb and steep leaps, and that's frustrating.
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  1. May 20, 2012
    Contains- -70 levels -level editor -20 levels allowed to be made in level editor -Free level editor -3 great Soundtacks -5 profiles!
    This makes this a worthwhile game
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