Blue Dragon Plus DS


Mixed or average reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 46
  2. Negative: 2 out of 46
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  1. 80
    If you’ve played Heroes of Mana or Final Fantasy Revenant Wings, and can imagine a mash-up of the two games based on the Blue Dragon license, you’re looking at exactly that.
  2. The Blue Dragon franchise's penchant for blandness continues in this adequate but uninspired sequel.
  3. Deeply involving, lengthy and delightfully rewarding when it comes to battles, this chapter of the Blue Dragon definitely deserves a place in your collection.
  4. As much as I enjoyed the world of the original Blue Dragon, I'm just going to pretend this dismal follow-up never happened. [Mar 2009, p.95]
  5. Although the new format may turn off those who appreciated the old school feel of the original Blue Dragon, there is still a lot to like here, even if the story feels a little tacked-on.
  6. An interesting take on the tactical role-playing genre, Blue Dragon Plus isn't quite honed enough to fulfill its potential.
  7. Blue Dragon Plus isn't a great title for the DS, but it's certainly passable. For players that enjoyed Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, I imagine you'll end up enjoying Blue Dragon Plus since they feel really similar, but for those of you that are coming over from Blue Dragon on 360, keep in mind that this is a completely different experience.
  8. What it all comes down to is that it's difficult to recommend Blue Dragon Plus to anyone. Blue Dragon fans will be disappointed by the lackluster story, weak characterization, and total lack of voice acting. RTS fans will be further disappointed by what amounts to a monumentally large step backward in their field of choice, and strategy fans will soon discover that the system prevents the intended actions from taking place.
  9. While a polished and ultimately well-thought product, Blue Dragon Plus fails to impress due largely to repetitive and shallow battles. Production values are high, characters are good and there are many elements to deal with, but this game will be a high priority only for the most hardcore Blue Dragon fans.
  10. The whole package is so bland, boring, and unremarkable (and tedious - moving those guys around so you feel like you have a team that can win!) that it's similar to PB&J on white bread. Bad analogy? Well, it's just as imaginative as Blue Dragon Plus, so it fits.
  11. 80
    Even though it's slightly hampered by some clunky presentation, Blue Dragon Plus is still intuitive, interesting, and has enough character and charm to set itself apart as an engaging SRPG.
  12. Games Master UK
    A surprisingly successful strategy RPG. [Apr 2009, p.82]
  13. 33
    I'm taking Blue Dragon Plus for what it essentially is: a flat, RPG-like outing, which is mostly the fault of a design platform that needs revising.
  14. Blue Dragon Plus is a game with good ideas but its poorly realized. A better interface and an improved game system could value many other good features present in the game. A good technical compartment and a fair story, made this game a good choice for younger players.
  15. The combat is fun even for those who are unfamiliar with the series, but there is certainly not enough to entice new players, and many will feel alienated by a story that doesn't much care for them. I personally have no desire the see this game's story reach its conclusion.
  16. Blue Dragon Plus is a great title for the DS. I enjoyed the challenge of controlling 16 different characters and managing all of them.
  17. Blue Dragon Plus doesn’t correct the mistakes of its predecessor, and, in fact, creates some new ones.
  18. 80
    Outside combat, unfortunately, the game drags a bit.
  19. Blue Dragon fans will probably be willing to put up with the game's failings, simply because it's more Blue Dragon. Everyone else, avoid.
  20. Despite the few minor gameplay complaints, it's still difficult to fault the well-thought-out design that the game makes use of.
  21. Superior, but still badly flawed, portable real-time strategy that lacks both depth and variety.
  22. It’s not quite as strong as what you might find in some of the Final Fantasy versions on the DS, but this is still a strong title for the portable system that could and worthy of your consideration.
  23. Nintendo Power
    While Akira Toriyama's characters seemed a little out of place on the Xbox 360 (host to the original Blue Dragon), they're perfect for a handheld game. [Mar 2009, p.89]
  24. A worthy addition to the series, Blue Dragon Plus is held back by its own ambition, as the graphical beauty and audio design are overshadowed by the uncertainty and aggravation of the battlefield.
  25. On the whole only the story and the familiar characters will motivate you to play the game. If you are familiar with the Blue Dragon story, this title is entertaining.
  26. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Blue Dragon is a true genre-mixture of real-time strategy and role playing game. There are issues with the controls when you have too many characters on screen but still the game is entertaining and the 3D cut-scenes will surprise you with their cuteness.
  27. This is an enjoyable strategy game with an emphasis on progress and reward. [Apr 2009, p.74]
  28. Nintendo Gamer
    It didn't make an impact first time around, and it's unlikely to make one now. Everything Plus has to offer has been done better elsewhere. [Apr 2009, p.65]
  29. Much like its 360 predecessor, Blue Dragon Plus is an average game that will tempt gamers with its pedigree but also show a failure to live up to its potential.
  30. Blue Dragon Plus is not a bad game. Despite its failings, it manages to be a perfectly competent RPG, but it does nothing to excite the imagination or stimulate the player. If it were a colour, it would be beige.
  31. I hate to say it but this is not a game that I can recommend to anyone unless they are completely patient and are absolute die-hard action strategy fans and then Blue Dragon Plus is only a game I would recommend to be rented or purchased from a bargain bin.
  32. Unless you're a fan, this average RPG has little to offer.
  33. The stylish presentation of Blue Dragon Plus cannot hide the fact that the game is disappointing. Especially the stupid movement patterns of your characters are terribly frustrating and turn the fighting into a chore. An imprecise control scheme makes tactical fighting almost impossible, causing Blue Dragon Plus to be a mediocre game experience.
  34. 50
    A bit of a mixed bag really. This is a game that tries so hard to be sweeping and epic and whatnot, but just ends up being laughably predictable and generic.
  35. Blue Dragon Plus is a game that actually fell under the radar with its late February release, but it’s actually quite solid.
  36. Blue Dragon Plus for the DS is a fairly solid real-time strategy RPG that should please most fans of the genre.
  37. 78
    It's not flawless, it's not too hard, and the genre change may put off fans of the original game, but it gets a lot of little things right, and the whole ends up being greater than the sum of its parts.
  38. Blue Dragon Plus is a game every fan of the original Blue Dragon should look into.
  39. 85
    This is one of the best RPGs on the DS and it's a treat for Blue Dragon fans to enjoy on the go.
  40. Blue Dragon Plus has a few character movement issues but overall is a fun, easy-to-learn, highly-polished game.
  41. Even though Blue Dragon Plus is a lot of fun, it doesn’t really do anything particularly innovative.
  42. Unspectacular graphics despite the 3D dragons, but an interesting plot till the end!
  43. 60
    If you're really itching to play another strategy game, or you happened to really love the 360 original, Blue Dragon Plus will absolutely do the trick, but otherwise it's another game that you shouldn't feel guilty about skipping.
  44. A great niche title that will please fans of RPG and strategic games. Looks and plays amazingly.
  45. A successful transition to the RTS genre. With FMVs, long lifespan and nice graphics, it's definently worth considering picking up if you're in to RTS games.
  46. 81
    Like Heroes of Mana before it, Blue Dragon Plus is mostly a solid affair, with great production values but a few significant flaws. It's surprising that the pathing and AI is still so poor this long after Brownie Brown's last game – but if it didn't bother you before, you can make the concession in this one.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 15 Ratings

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  1. May 16, 2013
    Awsome, fun, pretty long and game is just what you need. This is my personal favourite DS GAME!!
    I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love
    Awsome, fun, pretty long and game is just what you need. This is my personal favourite DS GAME!!
    I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it, love it!!!!
    Full Review »
  2. JesseS
    Dec 14, 2009
    Really loved the original Blue Dragon and the Mistwalker company, but it pains me to play Blue Dragon Plus. You won't find the same Really loved the original Blue Dragon and the Mistwalker company, but it pains me to play Blue Dragon Plus. You won't find the same fluid storytelling, great character depth, or fun battle specs. Instead, you get a "real-time 'strategy' rpg" that isn't strategic at all- no more complex than auto-battle with occasional whack-a-mole contributions. The very unimpressive AI decides more about your units' behavior than your commands do, whether it's attacking, moving, or even trying to stand still. You'll quickly find there's simply no environment on which to employ strategy. Outside of battle, each character has several stats and equipment, but as complex as it looks, none of it matters more than how the AI dictates your units on the field. The game has some nice graphics, but a disappointing lack of new music- nearly an entire port of the original Blue Dragon soundtrack, which sometimes is placed strangely throughout the game. Sadly, it's best to pretend this title, perhaps even this flavor of the genre, never happened Full Review »
  3. WallidK
    Mar 30, 2009
    UGH. I hate it when a developer takes a really good concept like Blue Dragon, gives it really high production values, and then just kills it UGH. I hate it when a developer takes a really good concept like Blue Dragon, gives it really high production values, and then just kills it (I'm looking at you, Sonic.). Anyway, this is the sequel to a really good Xbox 360 game that's story is good, but if you didn't play the first game, you'll be totally lost. Why didn't Ignition just make another just like it? Anyway, this is an RTS, so i'll grade it like that. The game constantly becomes a muddled mess with no control on each individual character, the story is boring and uninteresting much unlike the original, and aiming certain attacks is a pain in the butt. There may be some CG sequences that are pretty, but when to shine a turd, all you get is a shiny piece of poop, which pretty much is Blue Dragon Plus. Full Review »