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Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 11
  2. Negative: 1 out of 11
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  1. 55
    There's just so little in the game department that playing Boogie is completely unfulfilling.
  2. The concept is solid, the music is admittedly catchy (for the most part), and the style is there; we'd just like to see more of it coupled with better gameplay implementation.
  3. Comfortably defying expectations, Boogie proves to be wonderfully infectious dance floor fun.
  4. Boogie isn't a bad concept - there's just nothing to it, and that's not a very positive sentiment.
  5. Nintendo Power
    The DS game replaces Wii shakin' with rhythmic touch-screen gestures, but otherwise it's the same characters, songs, and simplicity. [Jan 2008, p.88]
  6. Boogie on the DS is a vast improvement on the Wii version. The game has more of a purpose, and actually requires some skill to play.
  7. Nintendo Gamer
    For those with no taste in music whatsoever. [Feb 2008, p.68]
  8. 50
    Sadly this DS version of Boogie fails to spark as much interest as the Wii version, partly due to the lack of singing elements and lower quality music, but mainly due to awkward control system that more often than not fails to register your movement properly, as well as the annoyingly random mini-games thrown in.
  9. Boogie is a game you will enjoy for a very limited amount of time before you get bored and forget you ever played it.
  10. The DS version of Boogie tries to blend the rhythmic and cartoonish format of the original with some micro-games. However, the scarce diversity only is lessened by our quest to get better results and unlock all songs.
  11. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    Delightful stuff. [Issue#18, p.84]

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