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    Bratz Ponyz, for being a game that is based on the idea of horses wearing eye shadow and glitter, is actually not that bad. Its mini-game designs lack depth, but do contain some original ideas and unique uses of the DS microphone, while its colorful island game world is much larger and more impressive in scope than you'd guess going in.
  2. 60
    If you’re a pre-teen who loves either Bratz or ponies (or both), you’ll have a fair amount of fun playing this game. Everyone else should stay away.
  3. Young girls will enjoy the cute ponyz and the mini-games at first, but they will soon tire of doing the same things over again. Best for younger players.
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  1. StephanieF.
    Jan 14, 2008
    I lOve this games! It's really cool! Though It May get boring for some people.The Graphics are really good and the ponies are soo.. Cute. I do reccomend! Full Review »