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  • Summary: Make your own Build-A-Bear, dress it up, play with it in lots of funny activities and mini games! The Bear will be like a virtual extension of yourself and a personal companion you can love like a best friend. You must make sure you satisfy its daily needs as physical affection, fun, food, learning, social life and trendyness are all necessary elements for the Bear to be balanced and happy. A highly interactive and trans-generational game in the true Build-A-Bear spirit. Create and customise your very own Bear in the Workshop-part of the game. Here you get to pick out the Bear you want, choose a motto, stuff it, insert its special heart and whisper a secret into its ear. Next you stitch it together, fluff it, name it, dress it and take it home to its special house that you get to colour for it. There are 8 different Bear characters you can customise: Dimples Teddy, Mocha Bunny, Pink Poodle, Playfull Puppy, Velvet Teddy, Friendly Frog, Marvelous Monkey, Sassy Kitty. Build-A-Bear for Nintendo DS is a new, fun kind of relationship simulation game, which takes into account the Bear's evolution as much as the players' fun factor. The Build-A-Bear characters, graphical universe and lifestyles are respectfully adapted and enhanced by this new addition: the Virtual Bear, an extension of every Build-A-Bear fan around the world. [The Game Factory] Expand
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  1. 85
    Another fantastic offering from the Game Factory and one that parents won't want to miss. Be it for a girl or boy, the title has something to offer everyone and doesn't get old as quickly as most games geared for the juvenile set. There is always something to unlock or something to do with your furry friend.
  2. 80
    Build-A-Bear Workshop is a unique and innovative title that executes what it sets out to do marvelously. The interface is simple yet intuitive, the visuals are bright and appealing, and the premise is simply too cute for words. If you have a young one who loves the idea of creating their own fuzzy friend there is no reason to pass this one up.
  3. Although not exactly a gaming masterpiece, Build-A-Bear Workshop does exactly what it sets out to do, make for a simple enjoyable experience for the young people in your life.
  4. The first downfall of Build-a-Bear Workshop is that there's no spoken instructions.
  5. Just right for little girls, but not for anyone else.
  6. Build a Bear Workshop captures the magic of actually building the bear, but after that the game mostly falls flat.
  7. Build-A-Bear is a fantastic idea, but that idea best left in the real world. This virtual version of it is a wasted effort.

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  1. LillianM.
    Feb 15, 2008
    This is the best game for kids to play. The people who don't like this game are idiots. This game has even more better things than the store. You will love this game and if you don't you're a idiot. Got it?! Expand