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  • Summary: These frisky fowl have a serious knack for trouble, and as Chicken Hunter it’s up to you to restore order. Birds abound! Flying, running, hiding, getting into trouble! Use your allotted bullets to shoot down the frisky fowls before things get out of hand and time runs out. And the harder they are to shoot, the more points they’re worth. So aim carefully and don’t accidentally shoot something else. Lock and load! [MumboJumbo] Collapse
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  1. Chicken Hunter may be a pastime for kids, but without any depth attached, not much time will pass before they're reaching for something else.
  2. Rather than waste $20 on Chicken Hunter, why not spend the money on a bucket of KFC and spend an evening playing free flash games on your PC – I guarantee you will have a lot more fun.
  3. Chicken Hunter's collection of quick mini games is easily forgettable for the most part... not even the lovable chickens will have you coming back often.
  4. 35
    There's just so little content here, which makes the overall lack of quality even more insulting.
  5. A half hearted effort that feels more like a compilation of demos for bad games than anything else.