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  1. Jul 6, 2012
    Reading the previous reviews, we seem to be split into two camps, those who love this game and have given it 10's, and those who are rating it compared to today's rpg's and a frustrated with the graphics and fighting engine. I'll put myself a bit more towards center here, and agree with the haters that compared to today's standards Chrono Trigger leaves a bit to be desired. However, it's ridiculous to compare a 17 year old game to Skyrim. I have never played any version of Chrono before this one and am very happy that I checked it out. The story is great, and the graphics and battle system were ground breaking in their day. I would also note that my 4 and 6 year old kids watched me play the entire game, from start to finish, and enjoyed the entire game. I believe that this says a lot about the universal appeal of this time twisting tale. Expand
  2. May 3, 2011
    I just finished this game and it was great. I have never played it before and am not a huge jrpg guy but this one was pretty captivating once it got into the main story line. The story is great but in a "i can appreciate this because its old" story, like a good old movie, instead of a "wow this rivals mass effect" type of great. One thing that can turn off a lot of people is the difficulty, this game was really easy. It actually worked well for me though because I dont play many of these games and the story really is compelling enough to keep you going. One thing that I find written online frequently is that fans of this game have replayed it countless times. I think this is for the story and the sheer amount of stuff you can do and unlock in this game. Without giving anything away there is seriously a lot to do even after you beat it. Overall there is no denying I had a blast and you will too. Expand
  3. Jan 26, 2011
    Chrono Trigger is undoubtedly one of the best RPG's of all time, from it's excellent battle system to tricky boss battles, and interesting story. For those of you who missed it on the SNES like I did, I advise you do not miss it on the DS.
  4. May 14, 2011
    This is one of my favourite games in the world and definitely one of the best RPGs of all time.

    Amazing story, colourful, interesting graphics, awesome music, great battle system...I play it again and again. I love that you can travel through time and the scope of the game is huge, not even just for its time, but by today's standards as well. Great emphasis on exploration , and lots of
    memorable, funny bits. I like that the game's outcomes can change depending on what decisions you make during your journey.

    I live in Australia, moved here in 2006, and besides the DS version you cannot play Chrono Trigger here, as it was not released for other consoles in PAL format. I wanted to play it so much again that I ended up buying a DS just for Chrono Trigger. It's a game that gets in your head.
  5. Sep 5, 2012
    Coming from a RPG fanatic: Chrono Trigger is the best RPG and one of the best, if not THE BEST video game ever created. I cannot stress enough how glad I am and how important it is that I played this game back in 1995. My life is seriously not the same because of it. Chrono Trigger first off did something extremely essential, it made a RPG more "user friendly" and ultimately set the bar for RPGs, even to this day. It is easy to get into and brings on the difficulty progressively. Everything here is so perfect, the graphics, the sounds and music, the characters, the battles, the skills/spells, and any other aspect of this game! You see the enemies you fight, it isn't randomized like in FF, you don't fight while exploring the world map, and battles can either be set on "wait" or "active." This is a nice feature that effects the difficulty. Also, all characters are capable of teamming up with 1 or 2 other characters and pulling off some kick ass double and triple techniques! These make for some of the coolest moves/spells in gaming history. Chrono Trigger for me has the BEST STORY of any game, and I am not just blowing hot air. The story here is absolutely stellar, you will be taken into a mystical world that will touch your emotions. You are literally required to go back and foward in time to save the world, and every step of the way is purely epic. The game has the best flow of any game I've ever played, everything just seems so right and fits together perfectly. I am seriously struggling to find the words and ways of describing the genious behind this game, you really need to check it out for yourself if you never have, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Expand
  6. Feb 19, 2014
    Hands down the best RPG game I have ever played in MY LIFE... It was 1995-1996... I was completely obsessed by this game, it would literally make me Nostalgic beyond words when I played.
    Everything about it, the music is beyond legendary, the storyline is absolutely describable good... I cannot explain how this game transports you to another world... Seriously! Please believe the
    ratings, there is NO comparable game out there....NONE , not even FF7.

    I am an old school gamer, I dislike the current trend of dumb down games and I must tell you I would NEVER give a game a 10/10.......EVER.
    This game is justified 10/10. There is no arguing in my mind about it.

    If they revamped the graphics for PS3-PS4 and charged 100$, I would buy it all over again.
  7. Jan 31, 2014
    one of my favourite games ever. an excellent fantasy storyline that uses time travel and doesn't screw it up. tons of endings, great music and some great sprites, this is a game that i absolutely love.
  8. Nov 6, 2010
    One of, if not the greatest 16-bit era RPG title around, with smooth gameplay, A revised english translation for the english version, a large amount of bonus content, minigames, video cutscenes, bonus quests, and multiple alternate endings, what isn't to love about this nostalgic RPG masterpiece which you can now play on the go?

    The graphics for the most part are completely untouched from
    the origonal version, although some might complain about them looking dated, you have to keep it mind this is a game from the mid 1990s and for that time period, these graphics where considered excellent back then.

    The story is beautifully written and is for the most part, pretty easy to follow, what events you do over the course of the game can change some elements of the story and even which of the multiple endings you get.

    Gameplay is pretty standard for a 1990s RPG with the exception of the action timer and attack combos which where fairly new to RPGs back then but are rather common now.

    The music is beautifully composed and had a lot of effort put into them.
    Some of the music tracks that went unused in the the older versions of this game are now used in the DS version.

    The game has replay value to those willing to replay the game to get all the rare equipment and to see more of the alternate endings.

    If you are a major fan of RPG games or are just curious to see this masterpiece of a game that shows a major step in the evolution of RPG games, I would very much recommend a purchase.
  9. Jan 21, 2012
    Possibly one of the all time greats in terms of RPG goodness. If you think that the character design looks a bit like shows like Dragonball Z or Blue Dragon, you'd be correct in thinking so, as it's the same character designer. What really made this game great was it's ability to travel through time, it's fan-favourite unique characters, and the catchy music from a golden era of RPG gaming. Any fans of the RPG genre will fall in love with this, and those who loved this game in the past will still love this even now, though don't except a whole lot of difference. Expand
  10. Jan 24, 2011
    I guess everything has been said about this game already... I'"ll merely say that I've been playing it again after finishing it back in 2005... and it still hasn't lost its charm. If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead!
  11. Mar 9, 2011
    This game has a wonderful pacing to the story through whole game (excluding recent DS additions, which were tedious and boring). It kept me engaged for the whole, long story.

    Simplified towns reduce 'boring' exploration, and the characters were interesting and had just enough personality in their dialog that you could get a good feel for them in a little amount of time. The short lines
    spoken by your NPCs during cutscenes really help flesh out the characters and engagement, but more character interactions (like Dragon Age or Tales of Symphonia) would be nice. But hey, this is a rather old game -- I can overlook that.

    The time travel element played past experience well & instantly engaged you in new areas, as you wonder what has changed between the different times, and why.

    The combat system is simple yet effective. Item management was simple and unobtrusive. Standard JRPG fare, but well done. The story and world are the main attraction. Multiple endings were a nice touch.
  12. Apr 20, 2011
    I consider this game to be without doubt one of the greatest ever created. It contains absolutely everything anyone could want from an RPG, or simply a game in general - interesting, deep characters, an utterly engaging story throughout, a unique setting, gorgeous sprites and backgrounds, a very entertaining battle system, and probably the best musical score a game has ever had.
    as with everything, there are some minor flaws - on occasion, for example, when an enemy dies in battle the game will auto-target another in a way which makes no sense, and the anime cutscenes (which, I should add, are completely optional) feel somewhat out of place. But really, those are the only negative things one can possibly say about such a glorious experience, and they are so insignificant in the face of everything else in the game that it feels cruel even to mention that they exist.
    To those who are interested, but for whatever reason have not bought the game yet - buy it. I cannot see that there is any room for disappointment.
  13. Aug 3, 2013
    Originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1995 this, slightly enhanced, DS remake yet again demonstrates exactly why Chrono Trigger is considered a classic of the genre.

    It is worth mentioning from the start that if you played the SNES or PSone version you will find very little new here aside from a few touchscreen features and extra options. Despite this Chrono Trigger still stands
    the test of time admirably in large part thanks to the brilliantly told story that puts most modern efforts to shame. Anyone who has played any of the earlier entries in the Final Fantasy series will know what to expect in terms of gameplay. Setting out to save the world you soon run into like minded people happy to join your quest and building a balanced party is, as ever, key to success.

    Player initiated and random turn based battles are present but do not occur too often allowing the game to maintain a good pace throughout. Add to this a large(ish) world map that the player is free to explore as well as thirteen possible endings and it is hard to believe that this game is nearly two decades old.
  14. May 17, 2011
    Definitely overrated. MaloD and edf are right in saying that it's extremely boring and tedious. There is no depth to the gameplay, only repetitions and secrets for those who enjoy them. This is an old RPG, perhaps a masterpiece back then, but we've learned a lot since then. Play only if you have the nostalgia.
  15. Oct 18, 2011
    i felt this ds versions review was more appropriate cause thats the one i played most, with its awesome graphics, unique choice of new or old skool, and just awesome all around, and first time in the uk!!!
  16. Feb 6, 2013
    A remake of perhaps my favorite game ever. I spent more time playing through every ending of this game than I have ever spent on any other game. I enjoyed every minute of it then and now. The characters are classic and beloved.
  17. Dec 19, 2011
    A excelent combat system and carismatic characters make this a Top game. Good music, Cool magic, good story. I reccomend this game for each rpg player.
  18. Feb 12, 2012
    As a port, there's little reason to review the game itself, as it already holds its own as one of the best games of all time on the SNES. Chrono Trigger was ahead of its time, it plays more well on the Nintendo DS than it did nearly 20 years ago on its native system. The touch screen controls are intuitive and effective. Not only does the port bring the game to a newer generation, but it improves the gameplay in every way and contains a few additions and changes. I have nothing less than praise for this masterful rerelease of a classic from Square Enix. Expand
  19. Feb 16, 2012
    Hands-down, favorite game of all-time! Except now, with a better translation and some additional bonus material with an optional end-boss? I'm down with it all and then some! This game is hailed as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, but in my opinion that's wrong. This game is THE greatest RPG of all time! You must play it to experience it!
  20. Sep 14, 2014
    I really tried to like this game, as it is a legend amongst RPGs.
    However, i simply didnt have any fun with it, it even bored me, and i finally stopped trying to get that feeling so many other players have with this title.

    Personally, i cannot recommend this game to anybody, but hardcore nostalgics...
  21. Nov 19, 2012
    This game is totally the best RPG of its time both on SNES,PS, and DS.
    I played most of it on PS, a demo which got me into the DS remake. The game's characters are amazing, the music is wonderful it made me feel many emotions such as happiness, sadness and even fear.
    The song "Strains of Insanity" has laughing in the background, frightening! This is probably a messy review, but I don't
    know how to explain it..I love this game. Time travel is amazing in this game plus it has so many endings depending on what you do. In the DS remake it allows you to have "New game+" which is an awesome feature to any game. I hope you'll give this game a chance, despite my messy review. I know you'll love the music, the characters and the story line! Expand
  22. Mar 2, 2013
    Chrono Trigger for the DS is awesome! I read about it in Nintendo Power (RIP), and it lives up to my expectations! I got it used at Gamestop, and played it immediatly. It has an epic story, and should be enjoyed by all!
  23. Feb 15, 2014
    When this game came out on the SNES I would have given it a 10. When it was released on the Playstation I would have still given it a 10. I even had fun playing this as a rom and as an iso. To me this is the fifth installment of this game. I like this game, but I would have liked some new features to be added. I also heard Chrono Break was cancelled because this game didn't sell well. Really? Does SquareEnix really expect a game that has been rereleased so many times to sell well? SquareEnix seems to rely on Squaresoft's accomplishments while failing to succeed on their own. I wish Squaresoft still existed. Expand
  24. Jan 3, 2014
    One of the best games I ever played and definitely my favorite RPG game. Phenomenal soundtrack, dynamic and innovative gameplay, fantastic storytelling, stunning graphics (for the time of course ^ ^), and an engaging and wonderful story, not to mention the more than 10 possible endings that the game offers. With a legend of graphic animations (Akira Toriyama), two geniuses of the soundtracks (Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda), plus the Director of Dragon Quest series (Yuji Horii) and the producer of Final Fantasy series (Hironobu Sakaguchi). I do not have the RIGHT to give a lower rating than 10/10 for Chrono Trigger. PS: Each has their own opinion, feel free to disagree with me. ^ ^ Expand
  25. Sep 2, 2013
    My favorite game since I was 14(I am 32).The best RPG ever made for a console and easily one of the best games ever.With great characters,13 endings and a moving story this chase throught time will always remain in a high place in my heart.
  26. Sep 25, 2013
    Lately, I've been on a retro kick and playing 16 and 32-bit games that I never had an opportunity to play when they were new, and because the SNES was the only system I didn't own growing up, Chrono Trigger has always been top on my list. I bought it for the PSX ten years ago but those menu load times... At any rate, I was really excited to finally play it due to being universally praised as one of the best if not the best RPG's ever. I was disappointed and in fact, I think this may just be the most overrated game of all time.

    The combat is the best aspect of CT by far. Fun and completely unique at the time, I wish there had been more games modeled after it because I very much enjoyed it even now, and I never felt bored due to the combat. There are techniques to unlock and combine, and the strategy introduced by deciding to wait and use 2 or 3 allies for a skill is a lot of fun. The fact that this was the first game where combat was on the main map is very cool and works great.

    Secondly, the graphics are beautiful, and still perfectly acceptable and playable now in 2013. I remember back then seeing pictures of Chrono on the bridge and thinking about how incredible the game looked. The variety of animations for each attack and technique really go a long way towards making things feel fun and fresh. The colors are bright and the spells are impressive.

    The music was very good for the most part. I know a lot of people say the music is incredible and for a cartridge it probably was, but I'm spoiled by even earlier games on the Sega CD that had truly fantastic music, specifically the LUNAR series. Still, CT's music was pleasant, I enjoyed it, and it got the job done.

    The several side-quests and how they change the future are cool and interestingly done. Personally I don't think there was enough change at certain points in time, and while I won't hold that specifically against the game, this leads me to the bad...

    The premise of the plot was good, however, I find that the ball was dropped here in execution... again because of the lack of depth and HORRIBLE pacing. The story is very simple, and virtually everything in the first ten hours of the game progress through happenstance. The problem with that? The game is only 20 hours long!! This is by far the shortest RPG I've ever played and from one plot point to the next, the story moves along with very little discussion or explanation, major plot points are explained and over with nothing more than a sentence or two. Less time is dedicated to major story quests than most games side quests, and you just kind of stumble into things where nothing in the story has any weight because it's all over and done so quickly.

    While I generally thought the characters were alright, the issue with the story is represented in them as well. I would like to have loved the characters, I really would. In the end I just know so little about them though. Everyone has so little to say and at any opportunity to express anything, discuss story, or get to know them at all, it's over in a couple of sentences, they're just so flat with little meaningful dialog between themselves and anybody else in the game world. This leaves me with no particular love or interest with anybody from the game.

    I honestly don't understand why this game would have been so highly regarded. It had tremendous potential, to be sure, but it never really got off the ground. Given the length alone I would have never spent money on something so short, and yes, I played through to the end of the game on my first playthrough. The extra endings are fun to see and can add some replay value, but the game is so short, and the story so thin that playing again and again would be very repetitive. Besides that, a lot of the endings don't really add a lot or tell only part of the story, and some are accessible after very little time. I won't get into the lack of variety in the area's and how strange a decision it was to not make legitimate towns with everything accessible on the over world but oh well. Anyway, I think my score is generous, I wish there had been more to experience.
  27. Jul 1, 2014
    I really can't understand why someone would give this game below 10, it's a damn masterpiece, especially for RPG/jRPG fans. Sure, the graphics are outdated, but when did graphics became half of a game? Why would somebody give Chrono trigger a 4 just based on its graphics? Since when do people care anyway when browser, android and ever facebook games are some of the most popular out there? The deal is simple, Chrono trigger offers an amazing set of characters (both friendly and rivals), with constant and consistent character development till the end of the game. Hell even Townsfolk have storylines that you can explore VIA time travel. The world is absolutely HUGE and you can visit it in multiple time periods, which expand on it even more and you can instantly see the outcome of your actions. The story line to this game is great and fulfilling, leaving nothing to be desired, really. All the plot twists and the world secrets make you feel as if you're exploring yourself, making up some of the best immersion experiences I've ever felt in a video game.

    I could go on for ever, but games like this and system shock 2 etc compared to today's game industries, make me think what a friend of mine always claims. That video games have gone backwards since then.

    TL;DR : 10/10 would play again.
  28. Oct 23, 2013
    This is the definitive version of a true classic. Squaresoft's "Dream Team" of developers from the golden age of JRPG's crafted an absolute masterpiece which stands the test of time. Now with a much more faithful translation, The DS version of Chrono Trigger is an absolute must-play.
  29. Oct 26, 2013
    this game is epic
    it has a deep story,with great character
    it had good graphics in his time
    the posibilties were infinited
    final fantasy dragon ball= chrono trigger
    one of the best rpg of ever!!!!
  30. Oct 29, 2013
    Chrono Trigger's storyline is very close to perfection, the gameplay mechanics are comfortable and easy to pick up, character development ranks amongst the elite and direction-wise it was decent. This game makes it difficult to find any real flaws, so none immediately come to mind. Overall, this game is a top 10 if not a top 5 among RPGs, only a finger-full of games top it in my opinion, this one is a definite must for true RPG gamers. Expand
  31. Nov 15, 2013
    Easily one of the best role-playing games ever made. Great story, characters, music and game play. The real time combat and tech system keep things entertain, the lack of random battles is awesome and the multiple endings will keep you coming back for more.The definitive version of one of the best games ever.
  32. Feb 11, 2014
    I'm usually not a fan of Japanese RPGs. My experience with them is fairly limited. In fact, I received it as a surprise gift. I knew it was considered to be one of the best, but the genre had always intimidated me, and I was reluctant to play it.

    However, once I finally set down to play it, I became engrossed with the games battle system and story. The battle system is unique in
    that time is continuously flowing. It's not turn-based, but rather actions are made based on speed and how quick you think. Sometimes, you'll need the fast paced movements, and other times, there's an advantage for waiting on your opponent. With character combos and other combat moves, this system is complex, and you'll always find new ways to play with the games great cast.

    The games hilarious and often moving story also grabbed my attention. Early in the game, you participate in a festival, and some of the actions you take in the festival will come back to get you in a trial when you're falsely accused of stealing the nation's princess. Time travel intertwines the whole story in an intelligent way, and provided many excellent locales. The story is like none I had ever experienced, and I was enthralled from start to finish.

    The music is also quite enjoyable and aids in the action, particularly facing the dark mage, hearing the wind blow and the maniac screams of laughter. It's still eerie and effective, despite the age this game has.

    I'm glad I got this surprise. It's now one of my all-time favorite games, and one that I would recommend to anyone who might be curious about fantasy RPGs such as this.
  33. Dec 25, 2013
    Simply one of the best video games ever created. ALL aspects of this game are amazing. Anyone who is capable of playing a video game should play this. So good.
  34. Jan 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I first thought this game was bad I never liked rpg game but when my I played this game it was fantastic it had a amazing story, amazing characters, this is by far the best Turn Base RPG game! In general the best rpg of all time. Expand
  35. Mar 13, 2014
    This and Earthbound are the best RPG's of all time and this game should always be enjoyable to the player
    even if it does not have the same flashy graphics most games have today. This game deserves a 10/10 and I'm sure if you play it you will think so too.
  36. Mar 24, 2014
    Best Square RPG, best "New Game Plus" RPG, best time travel game, best replay value for a RPG, et cetera. Time-tested classic. You can play this masterpiece on SNES, PSX, & DS, the DS version is probably the best choice.
  37. Jun 3, 2014
    -Good story line
    -Story makes sense
    -careful character design
    -RPG combat easy to learn
    -Puzzle in a solvable layout
    -Graphics (but can only do so much during the time)
    -May be confusing at certain areas
  38. Jul 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. MY SCORE: 9.6/10 (I round it on Metacritic)

    Almost 20 years later there's nothing much to say about this game that hasn't been said yet. One of my favourites. The amazing time-travelling themed plot drags you in and the smooth RPG gameplay makes it impossible to leave aside. A must have for anyone who like any kind of RPG gaming or any gamer at all. Epic story, awesome atmosphere and one of the best soundtracks ever made for videogames. Of course, being this game made in 1995 makes it obsolete, there's much more new and better graphics and also all kind of gameplay improvement, but the awesome characters, story, soundtrack and all that time-travelling (which I'm really fond of) cover up it's old age.

    I don't recommend this game for anyone that started playing videogames after 2005/2006, since people like this are hard to catch the feeling and the awesomeness of this game!
  39. Oct 21, 2014
    oh god i love this game its the fourth time and im still enjoying it gr8 story perfect character string with a attracting and glueing adventure once u start it you dont wanna end it

Universal acclaim - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. 100
    Regardless of whether you played it already or are new to the series, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing title. [Dec 2008, p.97]
  2. Despite my criticisms, Chrono Trigger is an amazing adventure and a required purchase for ardent fans and anyone who's never played the game before. [Holiday 2008, p.82]
  3. 88
    The game is virtually unchanged in its core, having a new script re-write, but retaining the visuals, music, character designs, interface styles, and options of the source material. At the same time, Square Enix also ensures that this is the definitive version of Chrono Trigger out there, as the game comes complete with every option you could ever want for touch vs. button control, two or single screen display, or game pacing and difficulty.