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  • Summary: By combining a fast paced brick-and-paddle system along with great level design, we are bringing the fun and excitement in the vein of Breakout to a whole another level. This retro title has been enhanced with the better graphics, gameplay and the ability to use both screens. If you're a fan of action pinball, this title is for you. Utilize the features of the DS to add a new element of fun and control to the game as you bounce your magical orb through the labyrinth both horizontally and vertically. Use the shoulder buttons to rotate your paddles to shoot your orb in any direction. Find and utilize various power-ups throughout your journey to aid you in your fight against evil. There is a total of 5 levels (with several sub-levels within each) with new and unique challenges and varying environments. Each level has a unique end boss that must be defeated to continue. The game automatically saves your progress so you can come back and play (replay) a level at anytime. [UFO Interactive] Expand
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  1. It’s a fun game, no doubts about that. But the lack of good use of the DSs features is disappointing, and I’m sure they could have added use of the touch screen, maybe for power-ups or something. [JPN Import]
  2. The only thing devilish about this overblown "Breakout" clone is its crummy collision detection.
  3. A unique and fun game. Unfortunately, the game will only take between one and three hours to play through. Since there is no multiplayer or alternate play modes besides trial (playing levels over again to beat high scores), there is a serious lack of play value. This game was truly different, but ultimately, poorly executed.
  4. 30
    Devilish was a bad and uninspired port of a forgetable Genesis/Game Gear title when it hit the Nintendo DS in Japan a couple months after its launch, and it coming out as new two years later doesn't do that design any favors at all.
  5. One thing you expect from a game of this type is some semblance of physics, but you won’t find anything of that nature here. For no reason whatsoever, the ball will just go bouncing off your paddle in random directions, making any notion of precision a lost cause.
  6. And with only average graphics and no multiplayer modes to look forward to, the action quickly grows as old and moldy as the skeletons you're bashing through.
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  1. fooglymoogly
    Jun 7, 2007
    This game is awesome I play it almost everyday!! I think it could have improvements but it is definatley awesome!
  2. jooglyroogly
    Jan 5, 2010
    I can't put this game down. I am currently typing with one hand. I love this game. Great boss battles and incredible physics.It also has an amazing original story. This is a must own for anyone who has a DS. Ignore all the terrible reviews and pick this up. You wont regret it. Expand