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  • Summary: CLUE: Welcome to Tudor Mansion. Your host, Mr. John Boddy, has met an untimely - end-he's the victim of foul play. To win this game, you must determine the answer to these three questions: Who did it, where and with what weapon? MOUSE TRAP: Can you build a better mouse trap? Find out in this fun-filled game of crazy mechanical gadgets and chain reactions! Race to the finish and nab your opponent's mouse before your own gets caught. PERFECTION: Be the quickest to fit all 25 shapes into the matching spaces. Sixty seconds! That's all the time you have to complete this, otherwise...Out they pop!! AGGRAVATION: Be the first player to move all four of your colored marbles around the game board from Base to Home. You don’t have to "Aggravate" the other players to win, but it sure helps! [DSI Games] Collapse
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  1. As a collection, there is something for everyone – up to a certain point. It’s a time-killer, for certain. But don’t expect it to make an entire car trip’s worth of time go by in a flash.
  2. 35
    This game pack has the benefit of being portable, but loses all the charm of the original board games. Add on that it's multicard only and the dollar to fun ratio becomes abominable.
  3. Why stick just one rubbish, bad-looking board game adaptation onto a DS cart when you can do four? [Mar 2008, p.70]
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