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  • Summary: Based on the best-selling sci-fi series from renowned author James Patterson, Daniel X: The Ultimate Power is the story of Daniel, a young boy who possesses the incredible power of creation that he inherited from his alien parents. But Daniel also inherited something far more sinister: a frightening Wanted List of outlaw aliens that are bent on destroying Earth. As Daniel, players must use his extraordinary strength, speed, agility, and power to create to identify the aliens on The List and stop them from enslaving humanity. Offering a unique way in which to interact and complete a game, Daniel X: The Ultimate Power allows players to create objects out of thin air and implement them in the game. As Daniel hunts down the outlaw aliens, that skill will be vital in solving puzzles and battling enemies so that he can return home to Earth. Whether turning into an eagle to attack his foes; solving intricate puzzles to unlock other alien worlds; or using the Nintendo DSi camera to determine who is human and who is not, Daniel X: The Ultimate Power puts the popular book series into player’s hands. [THQ] Expand
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  1. While this is still mostly a game for the younger crowd, that’s not to say us grown-up gamers can’t enjoy it. It’s a solid action platformer that you can play without cringing.
  2. It's a really short adventure, and though the various elements are all really well polished and fun, they're also way overused. The entire experience feels very formulaic.