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  • Summary: This 3D adventure combines the classic arcade digging action with new baddies, environments, weapons, mini-games and strategies to deliver the most action-packed Dig Dug game to date. Whether tackling the underground alone or wirelessly with a friend, gamers discover 15 stages with more than 80 areas in Dig Dug Digging Strike. Players explore 3D environments on the top screen of the DS, then plunge underground on the bottom screen to dig and connect fault lines that will trap monsters. Only by sinking enemy bosses do players move to the next level – and they encounter some familiar faces along the way. The dreaded Pooka and Fygar are back to threaten Dig Dug, along with a host of never-before-seen bosses. Dig Dug is armed with a series of thrilling weapons to combat monsters as well as elements from the environment including rolling rocks, quicksand and flowing lava. [Namco] Expand
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  1. Dig Dug Digging Strike took everything that I loved about Dig Dug and made it better. I haven’t been this impressed with a make-over of a classic game since Sega released "OutRun 2" last year.
  2. Perfect for a younger crowd, as the difficulty and ambience seem to be particularly well suited for those in the 5-12 age bracket.
  3. Namco goes back to their roots and comes out with this classic, which retains its old-school playability, but sadly doesn't offer much in terms of variety.
  4. Definitely a throwback to the arcade days, being almost identical to the arcade original. The new gameplay aspects add a little spice to the formula, but don’t add a whole lot of content overall.
  5. There just isn’t all that much substance and certainly no flash with Namco’s latest retro invasion on the DS.
  6. Simply lacks any lasting appeal. While it may be tempting to say that long-time fans of the series may get a kick out of the game, if they’re purists they’ll likely have a problem with the gameplay tweaks added for this installment.
  7. It's a shame the innovative DS touch screen is hardly used here - play only requires use of the directional pad and buttons. The cat-and-mouse action is still as addictive as ever, but the new changes are not that innovative.

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