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  • Summary: Disney Friends welcomes players into the worlds of favorite Disney personalities with helpful tips and guidance from the feisty, fun-loving fairy, Tinker Bell. Using the Nintendo DS' touch screen and microphone with voice recognition, players influence the actions and unique emotional behaviors of the game's characters and join them on fun adventures in an array of character-specific environments. The game takes advantage of the Nintendo DS' real-time clock enabling players to interact with their Friends throughout the day/night cycle and to experience special events and holidays. Players collect unique tradable "pins" and earn gold to purchase objects for their Friends. [Disney Interactive] Expand
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  1. 75
    If you are a fan of these types of experiences you will be hard pressed to find a better offering than Amaze’s Disney Friends, and having the names and faces of such adored characters certainly doesn’t hurt it’s appeal.
  2. While some mini-games are shallow and repetitive, and it doesn't take very long to see all the game has to offer, the effort that went into the game's production is evident.
  3. 70
    Disney Friends isn't the best pet simulation game on the market, but it's the only pet sim comes with "pets" that kids already have attachments to.
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