• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Dec 4, 2007

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  1. Nov 25, 2012
    Draglade is a DS game that happen to be a hybrid of rythem, rpg, platformer and fighting game mechanics. The game features nine playable characters, four of which are default, four are unlock for completing each of the four story modes, and the last one is unlocked for perfect completion of gaining all attack cards and beating every story mode sub-quest with all four story characters. The core of the game is based around music, both its soundtrack and the rythem system used to pull of special maneuvers. The music in the game is hit and miss, some tracks are amazing and memorable while others are bland and forgettable. The battle system resembles Smash Bros. somewhat, you can move and jump around and you use a combination of a direction and a button to do different types of attacks. You do special moves by activating your rythem meter and pressing attack button in a rythem similar to Guitar Hero to attempt to do a special combo which can be modified to your liking. In the story mode, your character can level up and get stronger and you can buy attack cards to use in battle. The difficulty tends to be all over the place in story mode which is kind of off putting to some people. A notable game breaking glitch in the game regarding the computer AI is to stand facing away from the opponent and use attack that strikes both in front and behind you at the same time, due to poor coding of the AI, they will NEVER block any attacks if you don't look directly at them, this works for every normal opponent, with makes the game so ridiculously easy that there is no point. There is a wifi battle mode is decent for some fun. Overall, the game is bland, short, inconsistent in difficulty, pretty boring and glitchy, but the music is pretty decent, and wifi battling can be fun if you are bored. I'd say its average overall. Full Review »