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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
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  1. A must-own for Dragon Ball fans.
  2. 80
    DBO2 knows that audience that buys Dragon Ball games and simultaneously gives those players something a little different and all-too familiar. The problems with how characters are modeled during the cut scenes are minor in the grand scheme of things, while the gameplay is the real star of the show.
  3. Dragon Ball Origins 2 its a nice follow-up to the 2008 original game. It has a better storyline and the same gameplay style, but unfortunately, Game Republic doesn't fix the controls and there are some problems related with the framerate.
  4. Dragon Ball: Origins 2 doesn't reinvent the wheel, but as far as by-the-book sequels are concerned, this is one of the best.
  5. Nintendo Power
    Dragon Ball fans with something to prove, though, should find themselves right at home. [July 2010, p.85]
  6. If you are looking for Zelda in a Dragonball style and like challenges, you should look definitely for Dragon Ball: Origins 2.
  7. 78
    The game has changed to make simpler the character control and its progression, but gameplay is still too complicated for casual players in boss encounters, so the game falls midway.
  8. The story is pretty linear, but if you have a buddy with the game, you can play special co-op missions using the game's Tower mode.
  9. 75
    Dragon Ball: Origins 2 is unabashedly for fans of the series. It's not a game for people who like the big, over-the-top battles of Dragon Ball Z, or people who are looking to learn more about the story.
  10. Dragon Ball: Origins 2 is a tough game to recommend. It's clearly made for fans, but that isn't quite enough to make one overlook its flaws.
  11. Overall, even considering the frustrations, this game is above average and if you love the source material you're going to love the game even more.
  12. Richer, more versatile and more playable with the addition of the cross/buttons handling, Dragon Ball : Origins 2 fixes most of the flaws from the previous episode.
  13. Despite some minor flaws, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 remains a good game and easily recommendable to any fan of the anime.
  14. Aside from the actual battle sequences themselves, Dragon Ball Origins 2 reeks with a lack of polish and feels aesthetically bland at times.
  15. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Deeply average action adventuring which is fine for fans but be warned: it's very repetitive. [Sept 2010, p.88]
  16. Nintendo Gamer
    Why can't film tie-ins be as nicely done as this anime spin-off, eh? [Aug 2010, p.73]
  17. The characters are as amusing as ever, the story is easy to follow and broken up enough to keep it interesting, and there's always a fight to be had (complete with Goku getting hit, which I think could be considered child abuse in some areas). It's just a shame that the actual fighting is just as boring as it's ever been.
  18. It still looks the part of a more action-based Zelda, but this sequel has some serious deja vu issues.
  19. Fans of Akira Toriyama's celebrated manga series are sure to be pleased by beautifully stylized graphics, an above-average fighting system and a whimsical storyline pulled out of the manga. Anyone else however, is likely to find Goku's adventure lacking the variation needed to truly stand out among the handheld console's many comparable releases.
  20. The good does outshine the bad in Origins 2, just not enough to make it worth most people's while.
  21. Charming visuals and vivacious storytelling can't save this adventure game from some huge frustrations.
  22. Unless you're a die-hard fan, there's no reason to pick this one up.

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