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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
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  1. 85
    The game is like candy. You’ll pop it in, have a blast playing it, and move on, only to break it out again when you get the itch for more lighthearted entertainment. Simply put, the game is fun, and nothing more really needs to be said.
  2. Rocket Slime is a simple adventure packed with personality, puns, and an oddly endearing hero.
  3. Game Informer
    Rocket Slime harnesses these creatures' irresistible charm and pairs it with cclever exploration and puzzle solving to form a fun adventure with a decidedly classic feel. [Oct. 2006, p.112]
  4. The great gameplay, top-notch graphics (for a DS game) and impressive music makes for a great title. The easy difficulty might turn off some players but it really shouldn’t. If you can’t enjoy this game then I should question why are you even playing games?
  5. An easy game to get into and a hard game to put down. It’s one thing after another that will keep you entertained for hours on end.
  6. With its learning curve, Rocket Slime offers charm, weirdness and huge, huge tanks.
  7. Delightfully charming and downright heartwarming, it's hard not to fall in love with Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. The gameplay is simple yet addictive, and the varying strategies of the Monster Tank battles keep things from feeling stale, something that’s highlighted through the title’s multiplayer mode.
  8. An extremely enjoyable, funny, and lengthy outing that is suitable for everyone. It might be a bit easy for seasoned gamers, but if you're a fan of fun, you shouldn't pass this one up.
  9. 90
    Though it may appear that the game is aimed at a young target audience, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime has it all: a great sense of humor, solid gameplay, awesome tank battles and a charming story.
  10. So while it never becomes particularly difficult, it remains constantly interesting, bursting with personality and a desire to be incredibly silly.
  11. It’s a refreshing, original take on a series that values its source material but never takes itself too seriously.
  12. 85
    Tank battles can get quite challenging.
  13. 85
    Between its genuinely clever elements and its preposterously over-the-top ridiculousness, Square Enix and TOSE have crafted a spin-off that captures the appeal of the source material in an amusing and unique way.
  14. The quirky and sometimes innocent sense of humor is omnipresent. Why, even after a heated and bitter battle that ends in his tank being utterly destroyed, Rocket's rival will usually pay him a sincere compliment before scampering off in defeat.
  15. If you are looking for happy slimes, easy, addicting tank battles, and repetitive gameplay that gets old after five hours then look no further than Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime.
  16. Edge Magazine
    There may not be anything eye-catchingly bold about Rocket Slime, but there’s close to nothing to criticise: this is the work of masters of their craft. [Dec 2006, p.92]
  17. 80
    Rocket Slime’s charm and variety of gameplay make it one of the absolute best for the DS, even if you’ve never played a Dragon Quest before.
  18. 100
    Another lesson in how to take a franchise in different direction entirely - and with great effect in this particular case.
  19. AceGamez
    As complicated as games can end up being, it's very nice to be able to pick up and play a simple, enjoyable game like Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime every now and then.
  20. The tank battles are unexpectedly fun and should be a blast with friends in multiplayer.
  21. There really aren’t any rough edges or complaints to be lodged against it, save perhaps for the fact that it’s an extremely friendly game and doesn’t present much of a challenge for people who don’t feel satisfied without sweating and stressing out over difficulty spikes.
  22. Play Magazine
    Spin-offs aren't as common in the video game world as they are in Hollywood, but with Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, maybe more companies should take a cue from Square Enix. [Oct. 2006, p.65]
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Rocket Slime is that rarest of breeds: a kid's game that completely rocks. [Oct. 2006, p.118]
  24. 80
    Rocket Slime has a unique charm and gratifyingly relaxed gameplay, while its clever tank battle scheme gives this meringue-lite RPG some real weight.
  25. Nintendo Power
    Multicard two-player tank battles and single-card download demos round out a well-placed and satisfying adventure. [Oct. 2006, p.86]
  26. The game is incredibly repetitive. You get the standard different worlds of jungle, sand, sky, etc. but other than the colour palette and decor there wasn't anything unique about any of them.
  27. Fluffy, entertaining, and conceptually novel from start to finish, Rocket Slime is one of the best games on the Nintendo DS, and fills an action-adventure void on the system.
  28. 80
    Diehards might scoff at the games simplicity and low difficulty throughout the adventure setting, but in that case, they're missing the point. Slimes are just really happy guys, and their entire world is built around keeping you smiling, just like them. This game comes in just shy of perfect, and if the tank battles would have held their pace, Dragon Quest Heroes could have easily been the single DS game to buy this fall.
  29. You would expect Zelda to have a little more to it when it arrives, but everything Rocket Slime does, it does very well and is one of the most enjoyable titles to arrive for a fair few years.
  30. Nintendo Gamer
    This is pretty good fun, with so-bad-it's-hilarious dialogue and cute bestiary, but the cannon fights are just a little too repetitive to stay interesting long. [Dec 2006, p.68]
  31. Anyone, whether they gravitate towards platformers, adventure games, or role-playing games will find something to enjoy here, as Square Enix's latest release includes all of the hallmarks of a classic, and comes highly recommended.
  32. 80
    While players won't be choosing skill points in trees or devoting time to selecting whether +5 intellect or +3 wisdom is better, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is simply some good, clean fun for all ages.
  33. When a game so deeply rooted in well-trod, classic turf compels and tickles with such ease, the question is this: Are graphics-intensive game creators chasing down the right rabbit holes?
  34. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is a game that will make DS owners smile.
  35. 90
    While the game is pretty easy and filled to the brim with Square Enix in-jokes, Rocket Slime is still some of the most fun you'll have on the Nintendo DS. It may not take advantage of the touch screen, which may turn some off to the game, but it is still a hell of a lot of fun to pick up and play.
  36. This game is so imaginative and fun, it can appeal to anyone, young or old, and regardless of whether or not you’ve ever played a Dragon Quest game or even an RPG.
  37. 60
    Rocket Slime is a game which was largely overlooked on release, a shame given that, despite its younger target audience and the departure from the typical Dragon Quest RPG stylings, it’s shamelessly entertaining.
  38. Normally I hate a game that stops you short with something ridiculously hard at the end, but in the case of Heroes it is more as if you are simply entering a different phase of the game, one entirely centered on item-collection and alchemy. It is an interesting way to force the player to delve deeper into the game.
  39. A great game that might not be pushing the DS visually, yet it's filled with great gameplay featuring deep tank battles and fast-paced action sections. No doubt, it will put a smile on your face for the ten hours or so that it lasts. [JPN Import]
  40. Despite the fact that Rocket Slime is somewhat of a Zelda rip-off, it’s still a solid title.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 48 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. NicklasJ.
    Oct 4, 2006
    This game is easy to pick up and play. It uses the a button to the extreme, but is really easy to learn. The a button does the electro blast, This game is easy to pick up and play. It uses the a button to the extreme, but is really easy to learn. The a button does the electro blast, jumps, floats, and is the main button to this game. You play as rocket a slime that is trying to find his 100 friends that the plob took from your village. After you play for a little bit you can throw slimes or items on a cart and those will go back to town. The items that you throw on a cart is used for the tank battles. The tank battles are the heart of the game and are real easy to do. You throw any thing in you cannon and hopes it hits the other tank before he throws some items in his. All on all this is one dragon quest game that no fan should be without. Full Review »
  2. CH
    Sep 12, 2007
    For a game that requires you to bang around and knocking into enemies or allies alike, this game did it bad. It is not the childish game play For a game that requires you to bang around and knocking into enemies or allies alike, this game did it bad. It is not the childish game play that I am complaining about, even though I don't like a single bit of it, but it is that nonsensical plot that I find gruesome. If its not for the still legible graphics, It wont recieve one single point from me. Full Review »
  3. Pris
    Oct 30, 2006
    So impressionably cute characters and grahpics. Nothing seems as fun as this anymore.