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  1. 80
    Dragon Quest fans may still want to plop down the cash, as it's a great nostalgic package for those that haven't spent time with the Japanese remake on the original PSX, and for those itching to get into the series, it won't get much better than Chapters of the Chosen.
  2. Chapters of the Chosen is a charming, absorbing, and addictively fun role-playing game that offers the best chance Westerners have ever had to experience Dragon Quest IV.
  3. Even gamers that never played a Dragon Quest game should be able to find the charm underneath the old-school gameplay.
  4. Chapters of the Chosen serves as a strong reminder of just how good some of the old times really were. It's a lengthy and deep RPG that offers a solid challenge without crushing the spirits of the non-hardcore RPG enthusiast.
  5. For a gussied-up remake of an NES game, Dragon Quest IV features some nice touches.
  6. 80
    Dragon Quest IV offers a classic RPG experience that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
  7. A heavyweight update of a marvellous game. Indeed, it emerges as the strongest RPG for the system, an extraordinary feat considering its long journey to get here. Blue moustache and all.
  8. 80
    But if you're looking for a good, simple RPG that you can pick up and play without chaining yourself down, you should definitely choose Dragon Quest IV this fall. [Oct 2008, p.91]
  9. All in all, Dragon Quest IV is an excellent addition (or duplicate) to any RPG fan's collection. I recommend checking it out if you missed it the first couple of times as it'll keep you busy until the brand new Dragon Quest IX releases later next year.
  10. Highly recommended, and something that every RPG enthusiast should definitely check out.
  11. A solid traditional RPG married to a refreshingly modern narrative, shot through with a lovely sense of humour.
  12. 83
    A more than worthy remake of a gaming great, and RPG fans should consider it a mandatory play. Remakes aren't a science -- they're an art...and Dragon Quest IV has been re-created with deft strokes.
  13. This adventure isn't perfect, but stick with it and you'll discover another worthy addition to the DS's growing library of RPGs. [Oct 2008, p.72]
  14. If you like your RPGs old school, yet approachable in their difficulty, you can’t do much better than this.
  15. With great pacing, clever character development, and phenomenal presentation, this relatively forgiving RPG is likely to convert fence-sitters into fully-fledged RPG fanatics. Even though it might be considered “by-the-book” by today’s standards, Dragon Quest IV should be considered required playing for any role-playing fan out there.
  16. While the mechanics are well worn by subsequent Quest dabbling, the narrative structure remains an interesting premise to this day. [Oct 2008, p.100]
  17. I feel as though I should be warning you that it's not just retro but positively a step backwards, and as we all know backwards steps are not good ones.
  18. It ingeniously updates all the problems with the original without destroying the core concept. [Dec 2008, p.109]
  19. If you can cope with the archaic gameplay elements you'll find a JRPG that shames many of its more modern cousins with its entrancing plot and bewitching charm.
  20. ArtePiazza brings us an impressive remake of Dragon Quest IV that has a traditional RPG gameplay feeling and a superb symbiosis between past and present. If you're a role playing hardcore gamer then you must play this piece of jewellery.
  21. Although this DS remake offers an attractive polygonal world and plenty of usability improvements, it still feels very much like a product of its time. [Oct 2008, p.86]
  22. My biggest takeaway from Chapters of the Chosen is that despite it's sexy new makeover, it still feels like an old school adventure.
  23. For players who don’t mind the overzealous translation, this game is a gem; for longtime fans of the series, it could be a bitter disappointment. What you get out of this game depends on what your expectations are going in.
  24. A quality remake of the classic, charming adventure. [Feb 2009]
  25. The game was able to fascinate gamers 20 years ago and still, it has the power to do so. Epic role-playing with a brilliant story and a very well done character design!
  26. The game does a lot of things right, just like the early versions on the NES and the PlayStation. The game is easy to pick up without having a short lifespan. Nevertheless even the graphics seem to be copied from his early ancestors and the whole game concept feels a little recycled. Only die-hard RPG fans will find some pleasure in the game.
  27. Ultimately, Dragon Quest IV is so steeped in retro gaming culture that it's bound to be polarizing.
  28. 60
    If you have fond memories of it or you are an RPG fanatic, definitely check out this game.
  29. A decent adventure, but it'll require persistence to get the most from it. [Oct 2008, p.94]
  30. It's as a never-before-played adventure that Dragon Quest most impresses. Forgive it its age and appreciate its forward-thinking. We be tellin' yers so.
  31. Reserve the next 40 hours of your life for this ultimate remake. Back in 90’s DQ IV was a huge hit on NES and you can bet this NDS version will catch you the same. [Nov 2008]
  32. With a great story and some fun classic game play as well as the new wonderful graphic updates to this classic RPG, make it a worthy single player title. The multiplayer side of things has a ton of potential if you have a few friends with the game you will have a blast for a very long time. For RPG fans this is a great title.
  33. Whether it sells or not, this is a great remake of a game that totally deserved one from the ground up—but at that, this isn’t for everyone.
  34. Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen takes a little while to get on the boil, but once it does you’ll find yourself absorbed in a lengthy, enjoyable, balanced and accessible JRPG that is as welcoming to genre veterans as it is to complete newcomers. There’s more than enough modern polish and sheen to justify bringing this former NES classic back for yet another outing.
  35. 75
    Despite feeling as aged as it is, Dragon Quest IV is still one of the most engaging and endearing RPG titles in gaming history.
  36. 80
    A fairly decent JRPG experience in Dragon Quest IV. The engine is ported from the original PSX version of Dragon Quest VII, with 2D sprites animating themselves in a 3D world.
  37. If you have played it and are wondering whether it's as good as you remember, it is. It may even be better than you remember.
  38. 90
    Third time is definitely the charm…
  39. 88
    But I can say with confidence that Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen is a must-own for nearly all JRPG fans.
  40. While Dragon Quest IV doesn’t offer anything overwhelmingly new or unique, it’s a solid RPG experience that any fan of the genre will have fun playing.
  41. The Chapters of the Chosen is a deep, well conceived, measured and expertly delivered title that is as rewarding to play as it is aesthetically pleasing. A title that is both a fascinating glimpse into the past and a wonderful vindication of the importance and durability of solid game design.
  42. The DS adaption is nothing short of extraordinary, so this expedition is more than worth the time.
  43. Dragon Quest IV is a classic RPG in every sense of the word, from its charming medieval atmosphere to its plucky cast of characters. Behind the cheerful exterior lies a tough and challenging game that requires lots of patience and time. The game will easily give the player their money's worth, and is a great starting point in the franchise that will have you waiting in anticipation for the next game.
  44. 70
    It's tough to make the distinction between where Square Enix was deliberately preserving the game's nostalgic appeal, and where it was just cutting costs.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 40 Ratings

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  1. UltioE.
    Oct 16, 2008
    Many reviews of this game convey certain connotative caveats:
  2. AlexanderO.
    Sep 18, 2008
    The graphics ruined everything for me.
  3. KeS.
    Sep 17, 2008
    Great port. The nre translation is awesome, and the game is beautiful!