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  1. Oct 5, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  2. Sep 17, 2011
    Joker 2 is one of those games that's fun in short bursts, but isn't all that memorable. It does borrow some of the great parts of Pokémon while carving out its own identity in the rich Dragon Quest world. But of all the things it had to borrow from Dragon Quest, why, why did it have to be the endless grind?
  3. 50
    Dragon Quest meets Pokémon but the resultant synthesis really only inherits the worst of both parents, despite some impressive visuals.
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  1. Oct 16, 2011
    Fun to any DQ or even JRPG player, I didn't realize where the time goes because you get immersed in the world and building/leveling your team.

    For me the DQ and DQM series haven't been necessarily about story, it has been exploring and growing as well as changing my team. Moving from area to area is just a way to test and grow your team. At this DQMJ2 does an awesome job, you have a variety of monsters and moving them up is a fun process.

    The synthesis process, while fun, still is not 100% there. Changing classes, monsters is a crap shoot unless you go through lengthy online forums or even guides to say monster a is this and b is that. Through trial and error I managed to make a large dragon and some level B creatures, but never advanced beyond there. This also leads into the reason why the game is a solid 8.

    In synthesizing and leveling I guess I lost track of the games end goal as well and the ending, at least to me, seemed very sudden and I personally thought the game had more to it.

    But those gripes are minor at best, I still put in close to 30 hours into the game and again I would put this in the must buy for RPG fans and DS owners.
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  2. Oct 7, 2011
    It's definitely a fun and addicting game. I think the game now has nearly twice the monsters as DQM 1 which was my main gripe in the previous instalement. I'm still not a fan of the synthesis in comparison with the breeding system found in Dragon warrior monsters 1 and 2, as it doesn't feel as natural. Despite how breeding has been omitted (which I think is because of the younger target audience), the synthesis of some monsters is extrodinarily time consuming. To make matters worse, monsters that are scouted once, or have been owned, are much harder to scout. The ranking system is also strange, and makes some monsters more valuable than others (though this doesn't usually reflect how valuable or how rare the monster is). Some cool features about DQM 2 Joker is that size was introduced. Now huge monsters actually are huge, and make up two or three monsters. This means that your team may consist of a single huge and powerful monster!

    I had fun with this game, just don't expect to collect every monster as this would require you to win some online tournaments.
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  3. Apr 28, 2012
    I'm on fence right now whether this game's worth 6 or 7. On one hand, the game has certainly improved since it's first DS instalment. Giant monsters are now a prominent part of a gameplay, and can be both defeated and captured. The locations are also a lot better than the last time, even though they can still feel a little empty. Building and leveling your ultimate team is as fun as it's always been, while the graphics are quite nice to the eye. The monster's designs are a mishmash of both cute and badass, and many of them, in their sheer quirkiness, give Pokemon a run for the money (to give you an example, your starter monster is... two mutated peppers skewered on a BBQ spit). And yet, at the same time, the game manages to have an absolute worst plot I have ever seen, so bad that I had to write a sentence about it even though I normally don't give a crap about plot in those type of games. Many gameplay elements are flawed. Scouting (capturing) large monsters is a typical case of fake difficulty, while synthesising has an annoying rule about leveling monsters to level 10. Seriously, what's the point? To artificially bloat my gameplay time? No thanks, I'd rather do something else. Soundtrack was shamelessly cp'ed from the first game, which wouldn't even be that much of a problem if it was actually good. With all things considered, I'm giving this game a 6.5, rounded up to 7. If you're a plot sensitive type avoid this game at all costs. Those interested in a classic jRPG experience, though, should find something to enjoy in DQM:J2. Full Review »