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  • Summary: This game of strategic action developed by Abylight is taking us to control Unit 77, ?a command of elite that must face its most important mission. The mysterious disappearance of some celebrities and politicians around the world is only the tip of an iceberg of a terrible terrorist threat. Only Unit 77 seems to be capable to stop the conspiracy. Now, the destiny of millions of people is relies on them. [Gammick Entertainment] Expand
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  1. A solid game that you'll have fun with. It's just a shame that the slightly annoying controls slightly dampen the experience. [Apr 2009, p.89]
  2. A flawed but enjoyable shooter you can play with one hand. Pretty much on a par with Operation Vietnam, funnily enough. [Apr 2009, p.69]
  3. Summing up, we can say Elite Forces: Unit 77 is a pretty modest game without any new revolutionary feature, nor anything we have never seen before, but if you like the strategy genre and military tactics, you should give it an opportunity. Te game is engaging, specially for its elaborate story and the characters' charm.
  4. Uncomfortable controls, painful save points management and a bad A.I. could make the game frustrating. It might sound unbelievable, but sometimes this game is even funny.
  5. A simple squad-based touchscreen shooter with the occasional nice touch, Elite Forces: Unit 77 provides a B movie experience.
  6. Elite Forces is an old school action game with little ambitions, but direct and fun. It has some problems, though: controls are a bit inaccurate, there isn't multiplayer (offline or online) and, above all, it has poor AI.
  7. It’s poorly executed and ends up being a boring, generic title that can’t justify a place for itself in your DS collection.

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