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  1. Each cunningly crafted level is packed full of pixelated goodness, and the layouts gradually become trickier as you near the end.
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  1. Feb 20, 2012
    Escapee GO! is a well-crafted, charming AND cheap mouse-in-a-maze game.

    The Good: Remarkable personality all over it; nice levels design;
    cheap and lasting.

    The Bad: Later levels design can be restrictive.

    Given Nintendo's proverbial inability to deal with anything regarding online features/market it can be a tough task to find something good under a fair benefit-cost ratio within their downloadable games services--be it WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Consoles overall. Well, if that's the case Escapee GO! couldn't be a better find.

    Here you play as Claire, a girl who awakens locked in a lab with no memories whatsoever about her past... aside the urge to escape. As you manage to break through one modern dungeon after another (the lab, the city streets, a market...) bits of the history will unveil--alongside her... psychic abilities. -.-

    As a regular girl Claire wouldn't stand a chance against a bunch of mysterious chasers; but when her powers come into play (literally) in the form of items to be found in the mazes things get a lot more interesting.
    So that's the way the gameplay goes: you run and sneak looking for an exit (or an item to allow you doing so) while balancing your stamina (fair enough, anyone would get tired of running sooner or later) and the usage of powers like slowing enemies down, bigger approach "sense" or even teleportation.
    Overall everything is greatly balanced due to some good levels design (aside a couple limited final levels when it comes to possible solutions) and the powers that put a single lady toe-to-toe to her numerous enemies.

    If the gameplay wasn't good enough to gather one's interest still there is a lot of personality in this little piece of software. Everything regarding the game presentation has a cohesive retro feel with a nice coat of brightness--the pixelated characters/environments and the chiptune soundtrack just sum up to strengthen the both interesting gameplay and premise.

    If all above STILL wasn't enough... The game's lasting value is much more than anyone could ask for. The main campaign takes near one hour for completion (not counting different difficulty settings), and the unlockable Survival Mode brings a pretty nice twist to the table. If the multiplayer was "download play" friendly it would be a complete blast.

    AND... it's cheap. Man, at a 200 points ($1.99) price tag it's a steal.

    Escapee GO! puts Gevo developer under the radar for a neat effort on releasing a cheap good quality title for the DSiWare service. We can only expect more in the future--and invest two bucks here in the meantime.
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  2. Nov 16, 2011
    Absolutely worth the $1.99. The game delivers an amazing game that can even get your heart-pounding in some levels! The controls and upgrades were very nice, and it is a shame a lot of DSiware games cannot deliver such an experience like this game! A must have from the DSi Shop! Full Review »
  3. Oct 4, 2010
    This game is quite fun! For only 200 dsi points, this game puts other DSiware titles priced at higher to shame! I love the creative 8-bit style graphics and smooth controls. The only bad thing about this game is it's music. Sure they are catchy, but there's only a few songs and becomes very tedious.

    The power-ups are also lots of fun and add a great strategy to game's levels. This is great DSiware title to pick up and play!
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