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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 25
  2. Negative: 3 out of 25
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  1. Exit DS is an incredibly frustrating title because at its most basic core it's fun and incredibly well designed. It’s an absolute shame that Mr. Escape’s adventures are marred with imprecise controls and one insidious game design choice.
  2. Your characters will not do what you want them to a decent portion of the time.
  3. 65
    Exit isn’t the best franchise in the Taito galaxy of stars, but it has its strengths and the Nintendo DS version, even with its flaws, isn’t all that bad of a puzzle game. It does some things right, but other things wrong – just deal with the quirks and you’ll probably have a good time.
  4. Exit still stands out as the unique puzzle-game it was on the PlayStation Portable, but escaping from all kinds of hazards is a lot less appealing with the sketchy and frustrating control system on the Nintendo DS. The amount of fun you’re gonna have with Mr. Escape depends on the height of your own boiling point.
  5. Poor controls plague Mr. Esc's first action puzzler romp on the Nintendo DS.
  6. The same flaws that have always plagued the game still persist, yet Exit is just too charming to be mad at. Its more fiendish levels are brilliant, and the visuals and general uniqueness produce a game that is simply enormously likable.
  7. 67
    While the controls are frequently irksome, Exit DS is a challenging, rewarding, cleverly designed game for any puzzle fan.
  8. 60
    Yep, I'm gonna say it, "Lackluster port."
  9. AceGamez
    EXIT DS is a flawed classic in the puzzle game genre but there's definitely enough here to be worth checking out if you haven't played any of the other versions in the three years since the game's original release, you don't mind hair-tearing frustration, and you have the patience to get to grips with a control scheme that should be far more intuitive than it is.
  10. 70
    And to be honest, the DS controls should work, but due to their hideous inaccuracy and twitchy nature, they don't. That's a real shame, as what you'll find beneath the frustration is a gem of a title that will really get your noodle working.
  11. We find it a bit strange that it took the developer three years to make a DS version of the game. But, with Exit making finally making it's appearance on Nintendo's handheld, they can add another successful puzzle game to their ranks. Exit is mostly a game for the strategic thinker, so be sure that this type of puzzling is your cup of tea. Exit DS has it share of flaws, but with its charming looks it will, eventually, get your attention.
  12. Worth a look if you don’t mind the frustration when you try to get good at it.
  13. Exit DS is one of those games that really would have benefited from the Nintendo DS’ touch screen but, sadly, the awkward controls make for some rather frustrating gameplay.
  14. 65
    Exit is still an enjoyable puzzler, which challenges the grey matter like few puzzle games on the market do. Just be warned: Exit is a title that deserves, nay demands your time if you want to succeed.
  15. Exit DS has some likeable aspects, but the tedious control scheme keeps it from greatness.
  16. It doesn't have a big gimmick to it, and the touch screen controls are pretty worthless, but it's still well worth playing.
  17. While Exit DS is amusing for a few minutes (and for puzzle fans, it's worth the purchase... from the discount aisle... maybe), it's a puzzle action title that's already been done and it really isn't exciting enough to get worked up about.

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