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  • Summary: With the all new FIFA Street 3 Touch Screen control scheme you can control all aspects of your team’s performance from passing and shooting to more advanced moves like juggling, headers and bicycle kicks .Use the stylus and simple button controls to seamlessly combine moves together between players to execute rewarding combos – providing you with tons of different ways to showcase your street skills. Fill up your Gamebreaker bar and trigger Touch Screen controlled team trick moments to increase your chances of scoring a goal. FIFA Street 3 on the Nintendo DS features an exclusive mini-game called Kick Ups that challenges you to keep the ball in the air and test your ball juggling skills. Build your team around your favourite player in Street Challenge Mode, and then take them from Pretender to Legendary status by completing challenges, developing Team Chemistry, improving your Reputation and unlocking balls, kits and a few surprises. Take your team to the urban playgrounds of South America, the rooftops in Asia, the streets of Europe, or a special location in Africa exclusive to the Nintendo DS. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. With a meaty single player mode and a fluid gameplay model, FIFA Street 3 for the DS is a surprisingly competent package.
  2. The truly unfortunate thing about FIFA Street 3 is the shallow Street Challenge because the play mechanics work fairly well and the game can be fun. It is just aggravating to do pointless challenge after challenge after challenge.
  3. While certainly an improvement over the previous game, FIFA Street 3 is too easy and too repetitive to have lasting appeal.
  4. However, the title comes up short in every department or ignores them completely.
  5. The FIFA Street idea has potential but unfortunately the execution is disappointingly sloppy. If you desire soccer entertainment on your DS, we recommend you stay off the streets and pick the standard-issue FIFA instead.
  6. This offers some very poor football action with frustrating, nonsensical gameplay and awful visuals. [May 2008, p.94]
  7. Innovation isn't a guarantee of quality, and in this case controls are inaccurate and badly designed. Fun rapidly trades places with frustration, there are much better proposals on the DS.

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  1. EdlismangeDantoine
    Feb 21, 2008
    From the little I have played, this game seems like a true gem. The emphasis on tricks and team chemistry is interesting and makes you feel the urge to pass more and 'be nice' to all your players. It is clear the developers have worked hard on the controls; you can choose to use the stylus or not, but I would recommend using it as it works very well. Also the graphics are impressive and the gameplay smooth and well designed. I want to keep playing it but my battery is dead. Thats why I'm writing this review. Expand