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  1. 82
    We’ve been watching Crystal Chronicles DS for over three years now, and the final product was well worth the wait.
  2. A few problems keep it from being a classic, but Ring of Fates is still a capricious caper whether you're on your own or playing with pals.
  3. It’s a poor excuse to round up the gang. Presumably, the reason why your friends are your friends is because you share some common interests. Do some of those together instead.
  4. It’s an impressive and completely absorbing handheld game that does hack-and-slash action right as well as provide a story true to the Final Fantasy brand. It has its share of problems but they pale compared to the overall package.
  5. An excellent title. It features memorable gameplay, stunning graphics, and a great multiplayer mode. It is also a very long title, and will keep you playing for quite a while.
  6. The story is well written and very entertaining, and the cast of characters really grow on you.
  7. A surprisingly valiant effort. It has variety and charm, and even though the RPG elements feel a bit wasted on the action-heavy gameplay, it still flows well.
  8. 80
    Probably the best single-player dungeon crawler we'll see on the DS for some time. Game balance is great, the game looks beautiful, and there's even some really fun writing hidden beneath the youth/casual storyline.
  9. It's in the multiplayer that Ring of Fates excels, and we have no problem with recommending it thoroughly to anyone who fancies some co-op action RPG fun with their friends.
  10. If Square Enix had only managed a better spell-stacking mechanic or upgraded the game’s multiplayer capabilities, this could have been a great game.
  11. 75
    A solid title that boasts some amazing production values. It's single-player campaign tends towards mindless hack-and-slash gameplay and there are some noticeable slowdown flaws, but it's still offers up a good dose of fun, especially if you're looking for a dungeon crawler with a bit Final Fantasy flavor.
  12. Games Master UK
    A satisfying multiplayer adventure with more than an hint of "Phantasy Star Online" about it. [Apr 2008, p.70]
  13. 100
    It's balanced and has just the right loot curve, unlike games such as Champions of Norrath, which offer too many loot drops but nothing worth keeping. Come for the single-player appetizer, but stay for the multiplayer grandeur. Ring of Fates is a keeper.
  14. Since Square has been so crazy about spin-offs these days, I was expecting this title to feel a little hollow, but it actually comes through. Had the oddly unnatural use of the touch screen not been an issue, I think I would have gone from liking to loving it, but in the long run it's a flaw worth looking past.
  15. Edge Magazine
    In quests played with up to three friends the experience improves, but the game does nothing clever, original or compelling enough to recommend local questing over MMOs. [May 2008, p.95]
  16. 80
    Just as Diablo recreated the sheer joy of finding fifty bucks on the sidewalk, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates rinds and nails a perfect loot-rinse-repeat rhythm.
  17. But the harsh reality is that the excellent story is rather let down by the constricting control scheme.
  18. Final Fantasy – Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is a great game if you plan on purchasing it with the intent on playing it primarily with other people.
  19. AceGamez
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates surpasses the Gamecube original in terms of scope, ambition and gameplay, offering some truly inventive multiplayer moments.
  20. Play Magazine
    If you're a J-RPG/action RPG fan, you can't really go wrong with $39 spent on Ring of Fates. [Apr 2008, p.69]
  21. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Thanks to the awesomely balanced difficulty curve, I haven't had this much fun dungeon-crawling since "Diablo II." [Apr 2008, p.82]
  22. If you're patient enough, and can regularly resist the urge to throw your DS against a wall, you're likely to find a really good handheld RPG in Ring of Fates. For those with less patience, you might want to give this one a pass, if only to preserve your DS from violent impacts.
  23. Sadly, Square-Enix still hasn't nailed the multiplayer component, and the obvious faults in its single-player gameplay will turn off most everyone else.
  24. Nintendo Power
    For most game series, what we find in Ring of Fates would be acceptable; for Final Fantasy, it is a major concern. [Mar 2008, p.84]
  25. 90
    Easily the best Square title on the DS available now, and possibly the best value for money title on the system too.
  26. 80
    While the shonky AI and cumbersome controls take away from the game, there is no denying that Ring of Fates is another solid gaming experience from Square Enix.
  27. Its no-nonsense, pick-up-and-play sensibility is perfectly portable, and for many Final Fantasy fans it’s an excellent stopgap while waiting for the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV.
  28. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    A mixed bag mangled by repetitive combat and a magic system that could have used a little more thought. But behind its failings is a story that is worth sitting through. [Apr 2008, p.66]
  29. Loses a tiny little something if you're not ever going to see the four-player stuff, but it's undoubtedly a very cool and enjoyable hack-'em-up no matter how you play.
  30. The game's technical shortcomings are too noticeable. The slowdown is horrendous, especially in multiplayer, there's zero Wi-Fi multiplayer action, some of the non-functional camera angles suck and in-game artificial intelligence becomes sporadically idiotic. It's a fun little portable RPG, but these Rings could've used resizing.
  31. Ring of Fates does what Crystal Chronicles couldn't do (make the game worth playing alone).
  32. The multiplayer really does save this latest Final Fantasy game from suffering the indignity of a bad score due to incompetent AI.
  33. 80
    It isn't remarkably better than the first game, but it is a slight improvement.
  34. 80
    Despite the dodgy AI, Ring of Fates is easily a big step up from its predecessor. The action is more satisfying, the multiplayer is easier to get into, and the story mode is a huge leap forward.
  35. netjak
    With Ring of Fates, I feel like the seed of a great game is in the card. It just was never allowed to come to fruition, and the end result is a game that feels half-completed.
  36. 75
    At the end of the day, Ring of Fates is an entertaining multiplayer game that also houses a somewhat entertaining single player mode. The multiplayer mode though, seriously, that's where the fun is.
  37. The story is engaging, but the game’s primary focus is on bashing an unending supply of monsters. For the most part, this involves approaching monsters and pressing the attack button.
  38. 80
    Like its predecessor, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is strong on action, and it's a kinder, gentler Final Fantasy that's relatively easy to pick up and play.
  39. Still too deep and complex for a casual audience, but not deep enough to satisfy the other end of the spectrum, which is atypical of a Square-Enix title or any game with the name Final Fantasy in it.
  40. 80
    Things like AI and cluttered controls will test your patience, but never enough to sour the experience or remove the sheen of quality.
  41. 70
    I wouldn't unhesitatingly recommend Ring of Fates to anyone who's not already a genre fan, but if you're like me, you need to play this one.

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#13 Most Shared DS Game of 2008
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  1. May 14, 2014
    For the first FFCC on Ds, not bad. The story was compelling and definitely worth. Graphically, looks great for a DS game. Music is what youFor the first FFCC on Ds, not bad. The story was compelling and definitely worth. Graphically, looks great for a DS game. Music is what you would expect out of a Final Fantasy and/or Square Enix game, so great there too. The only complaint i have would be the Gameplay. Its rather annoying to have to find orbs to cast magick, i'd prefer an MP system personally, though what really gets me is the level design, which can be confusing (such as in the last dungeon). Overall, a good game and well worth playing for the story. (oh, and launch the MP aspect when you finish the games story, then travel to the singleplayer starting village for a special treat!)

    Graphics: 8
    Music: 8
    Story: 9
    Gameplay: 6
    Overall: 7.75/10.00
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  2. Sep 29, 2013
    This game was pretty fun, if difficult to control at times. The story was actually pretty good, with compelling characters, but it did growThis game was pretty fun, if difficult to control at times. The story was actually pretty good, with compelling characters, but it did grow especially confusing at times. While the ending for the villain was satisfying, the ending for the twins felt almost bittersweet. Story mode is infinitely better than the allegedly single player option. You have to progress through the main story to be able to do anything in it, and it's overwhelmingly brutal. Not to mention the strange lack of a female Yuke model? However, that mode is meant to be played multiplayer, but chances are you will not find anyone to play with, rendering it single player, and very disappointing. And having to alchemize magic that runs out very easily is a total pain.
    Art: 8
    Story: 8
    Music: 8
    Gameplay: 6
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  3. Nov 27, 2011
    This game has multiple modes such as Story Mode, Wireless Group Multiplayer and Offline Solo Multiplayer along with the ability to tradeThis game has multiple modes such as Story Mode, Wireless Group Multiplayer and Offline Solo Multiplayer along with the ability to trade decorated moogles over Wifi. Story mode is the general main story which is rather well written for a translation and has some decent voice acting as in certain portions of the story. The multiplayer mode (solo and group) consist of doing minigames, missions, challenges and traveling through maps with either a group over wireless or solo offline with no restrictions of story mode. The music is for the most part repetitive and forgettable while sound effects and voice acting is pretty good. The level design is pretty bland and repetitive as they are constantly recycling the same map for most of the missions. The enemy AI traits like to be cheap by disabling you with ice or thunder magics and then surround you and beat you down while you can't react. You have four classes which boil down to a knight, a mage, an archer and an alchemist and can buy equipment and stat upgrades to make your character stronger or make you own equipment with materials you find. Although the game is extremely bland and rather difficult, there is more than enough content in the game to keep you playing for quite awhile if you are willing to go for 100% completion or are willing to play wireless multiplayer with friends. Full Review »