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Mixed or average reviews- based on 7 Ratings

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  1. Oct 31, 2012
    This game improved on the original formula, making it a much deeper RPG in its gameplay. The story is, admittedly, cliché and predictable as **** but you don't see those complaints about Pokémon, do you? Considering all the bad Pokémon ripoffs out there,(*coughDragonQuestMonstersJokercough*) it's good that this one keeps somewhat original with good characters and gameplay. Full Review »
  2. Dec 4, 2011
    personally, I think this is the best DS game of 2011. This perfect game has everything the first one should have had, cell shaded graphics, wi-fi compatability, beautiful dig sites, and animated cutscenes. There is a slew of new vivosaurs to play with, and at least 60 are new, bringing the total to over 160 vivosaurs. There is also a amazing new feature called Super Revivals. Along the way to becoming the Champion of the Caliosteo Islands, you may dig up wondorus fossil rocks. If you clean these sucessfully, then you will be rewarded with a silver fossil rock which can come in 4 forms, a head, a body, a arm, and a leg. each one can raise any vivosaur's stats and change its color into something beautiful or just plain awesome! There are also miraculous fossil rocks, which can change a certain vivosaur's form completely and turn it into a god-like creature with extrodinary powers. The fossils contain a gold head fossil and when used on certain vivosaurs (mostly all the really famous ones like anyklosaurus and stegosaurus and T rex.) The game will give you a hint as to who can super evolve, it will say "A super evolver may emerge!" if the vivosaur is compatable with a gold head fossil. If the vivosaur cannot super evolve, it will say "Something might happen!" If you do choose to use it on the vivosaur anyways, then its form will not change but its HP and another random stat will go up, but not by much. Another feature is the addition of curious and giant fossil rocks. Curious fossil rocks are double sided, which means that the hero will have to flip the fossil rock over to clean the other side in order to get enough points for a sucessfull cleaning. Giant fossil rocks are what their name says, GIANT! It is usually hard to clean one by yourself but there is a building which can let you and up to 3 other people clean a fossil rock cooperatively. You can still clean one alone though but unless you have more new features such as the time plus, which adds 30 second more of cleaning to the 90 second clock, then you can clean the whole thing, but it takes about 4-5 time plus' to pull this off. There are also break points on ceratin fossil rocks, such as normal ones and three segmented fossil rocks.They can break off large chunks of fossil rock and add a good 30 points to a sucessfull cleaning, which could mean the difference between sucess and failure. There are also items called busterprobes that can seek them out for you, but they are pricey and it is funner to find the break points by yourself. The battle system has also been updated, along with all the vivosaur sprites. The battle system now has 6 spaces instead of 4 like the original had. In the first Fossil Fighters there was 1 Attack Zone, 2 Support zones, and 1 Escape Zone. In FFC, there are 3 Attack Zones, and 3 Support Zones and no Escape Zone. The EZ was a hideaway spot for weakened vivosaurs in the past but now there is no sanctuary for them, the thing that keeps them fighting is if you're out of the enemies range and if their elemental type is weak against yours. It will be simulated by two x's if your safe from enemey attacks, but they can easily switch their vivosaurs to get at a perfect range, which is shown by a star or a circle. Overall, the plot is almost as good as the original, but falls short at a few places in the story. The online playability is very fun and you can also download legendary vivosaurs from the original game, but their events are seperated by a few months, igno is out now and frigi is coming in mid- december, so dont forget to download them! Full Review »