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  • Summary: The game is inspired by Greek mythology and written by Kazushige Nojima of Final Fantasy fame. The traditional role-playing game features an engrossing story and a robust battle system. Players can roam the countryside as they encounter new characters and gain experience, or they can visit familiar ancient settings like Athens and Sparta. Although the plot is fictional, many of the people and places in the game are based on familiar Greek mythology. An extensive glossary provides more details about the places and characters that heroic Heracles encounters. Players are be treated to animated cut scenes on the screens of their Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi systems. Players can opt to use the stylus or control pad and buttons to control movement in the game, while the touch screen is required to complete optional challenges used to power up spells or skills during battle. [Nintendo] Expand
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  1. 85
    I worry that many RPG fans will pass over this game when, in actuality, they would really enjoy it if they gave it a chance.
  2. I’m reasonably sure it may not be the most in-depth RPG out there today, but as someone that traditionally doesn’t play the genre I found Glory of Heracles for the Nintendo DS both accessible and a lot of fun to play.
  3. Glory of Heracles is a game that requires managed expectations. If you dive into it expecting lots of mythology fan service, an unforgettable story and hardcore challenge, you'll be disappointed. Instead, this is a game with a detailed yet very usable and well-designed interface that you'll grow to love, and it's particularly accessible to both new and seasoned RPG players.
  4. 70
    Glory of Heracles kicks off with a lot of promise. The intro video gets you pumped, the tutorial gets you ready to explore the deep combat system, and the combat visuals impress right from the start. Unfortunately, once the initial excitement wears off, the game becomes a bit repetitive and boring.
  5. It's nice to see Nintendo take a chance on a franchise that's untested overseas, but Glory of Heracles doesn't leave a good first impression. It's simply too linear and devoid of the frills we've come to expect from an RPG. With better options on the market, simply being average doesn't come close to the Herculean effort the series needs.
  6. Glory of Heracles is a workhorse RPG that doesn’t do much to stand out against far superior RPGs on the system. The story is uninteresting, the gameplay is bland, and the whole affair is far too easy.
  7. The old school origins are rather too obvious in this competent but predictable Japanese role-player.

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  1. Jan 31, 2011
    It's one of my favourite JRPGs on DS - great story, interesting characters, beautiful (although a bit repetitive) music. Battles are amazing! I'd like to see a sequel. Too bad the game isn't "too" popular. Expand
  2. ChrisS
    Jan 25, 2010
    This game is a JRPG as far as gameplay is concerned. Nothing more or less, really. Turn based random battles staring a silent protagonist, though his hair is surprisingly smooth and non-spiky. In a lot of ways, again based on the gameplay, it reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest 5 on the DS, from the style of battles to the camera controls (which are in the towns only). I personally enjoy this style of gameplay, and so though I've seen it before, I don't mind seeing it again. If you hate turn-based random battle, you will not like the gameplay, but if you do, you will love this game. So why give something with unoriginal gameplayl an 8? The artistic details make this game. The graphics are great, with some of the best looking sprites I've seen in a while. The writing is top notch, something most JRPGs could learn from. In particular, I enjoy the fact that the characters are likable, not surly or crotchety. I actually care about the characters, and enjoy their interactions, even the simplest ones. Overall, the winning story beats out the derivativeness of the gameplay, even if the game play itself is, in my opinion, a blast. Expand
  3. Nov 20, 2011
    Another good JRPG for the Nintendo DS. With a rich history based on Greek mythology and interesting gameplay turn-based random battle, the game is more good than the critics has have said but presents no change expected. Expand