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  1. 90
    The fast-paced, plentiful content will occupy even the most hardened gamers for hours with its extreme but just-about-feasible level of challenge, and at the price it should be nigh-on impossible to resist.
  2. This is platforming to the minimal expression. It has only ten seconds to show its virtues, and contains fun for hours.
  3. 10 Second Run is very simple in every aspect – it looks simple, it sounds simple, and it plays simple. Also priced accordingly at just 200 Points, this is pretty much the best DSiWare game available for when you're making a short trip somewhere as you can achieve a lot in mere seconds.
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  1. Jan 22, 2012
    For a $2 game you get a decent amount of content and a great concept to go with it. It's a nice game to kill some time away. It isn't spectacular or mind-blowing but that's expected out of a game like this Full Review »