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Summary: The no holds barred, sci-fi fighting franchise is reborn on the Nintendo DS. Guilty Gear Dust Strikers features all 21 Guilty Gear characters from previous versions (including SolBadbuy, Potemkin, May, Dizzy and others) in a battle that takes place on multiple levels across both DS screens. Navigate different types of floors and traps as you battle against the computer or via wireless multi-player connections. 6 modes of play including Arcade, Story, VS Battle and mini games. Customize the Robo-Ky character with various move sets in the Robo-Ky factory mode. Battle your friends in 4-player wireless versus matches where the last person standing moves on. Master 10 mini-games like Billiards, Arm-Wrestling and Sword Practice that unlock more Robo-Ky moves. Beware of poison, fire, thunder and bomb traps set to damage unaware opponents. Special moves like Psych Burst, Dust Attack and Roman Cancel all return in Guilty Gear Dust Strikers. [Majesco]
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Rating: T
Developer: Arc System Works
Genre(s): Action, Fighting, Fighting, 2D, 2D
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Alcohol Reference Suggestive Themes Violence
Offline Modes:Competitive
Cast Credit
Daisuke Ishiwatari Sol V.A.
Kouki Sadamori Producer (Arc System Works)
Minoru Kidooka Executive Producer (Arc System Works)
Yuuko Sumitomo Milla V.A.
Keiichi Nanba Axl V.A.
Manami Komori Jam V.A.
Tooru Igarashi Anji V.A.
Mikio Yaeda Venom V.A.
Kazue Fujita Dizzy V.A.
Yuuji Ueda Zappa V.A.
Russel Mock Producer (Majesco Entertainment)
Frank Lam Art Director (Majesco Entertainment)
Takayuki Ideriha Director (Arc System Works)
Sigetaka Kimura CG Creator (Arc System Works)
Tukasa Yunoue CG Creator (Arc System Works)
Atsushi Kawasaki Illustrator (Arc System Works)
Kazunori Kimura Fighter System Planning/Main Programmer (Xelflex)
Akito Hara System Programmer (Xelflex)
Daisuke Fukui Programmer (Xelflex)
Seiji Ono Script (Xelflex)
Hiroshi Ichikawa Chief CG Creator (Xelflex)
Mona Yamada CG Creator (Xelflex)
Tomonori Takaku CG Creator (Xelflex)
Syujirou Ichikawa CG Creator (Xelflex)
Aiko Murata CG Creator (Xelflex)
Risa Yamada CG Creator (Xelflex)
Natuko Fukuda CG Creator (Xelflex)
Keisuke Oouchi Development Direction/Graphic Planning/CG Creator (Xelflex)
Motoharu Terasaki Development Manager (TNS)
Ryota Nishimura Sub Programmer
Kennosuke Suemura Music Producer (Studio PJ)
Ryo Kasai Music Composition/Sound Design (Studio PJ)
Nao Ogawa Guitar (Studio PJ)
Katsunari Kitajima GIG Stage BGM/Music Composition/Sound Design (Studio PJ)
Gaku Miura Chipp V.A.
Miho Sutou Baiken V.A.
Katuaki Kobayashi Testament V.A.
Yutaka Terada Robo-Ky V.A.
Satomi Koorogi May V.A.
Takeshi Kusao Ky V.A.
Hiroko Konishi Bridget V.A.
Kikuko Inoue I-No V.A.
Takehito Koyasu Eddie V.A.
Takashi Kondo Faust V.A.
Takashi Kondo Potemkin V.A.
Norio Wakamoto Johnny V.A.
Iemasa Kayumi Slayer V.A.
Norio Wakamoto Johnny V.A.
Takehito Koyasu Eddie V.A.
Kikuko Inoue I-No V.A.
Takeshi Kusao Ky V.A.
Takashi Kondo Faust V.A.
Takashi Kondo Potemkin V.A.
Hiroko Konishi Bridget V.A.
Satomi Koorogi May V.A.
Iemasa Kayumi Slayer V.A.
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