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  • Summary: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades allows gamers to unleash their inner rockstar anytime, anywhere and for the first time ever share their music with friends as they embark on a tour through the decades of rock. Compatible with Guitar Hero: On Tour, the game leverages the technology of its predecessor and expands the experience with a new progression taking players on a musical journey from the classics of the 1970’s through today’s greatest hits. With a new library of music, characters and venues, the game delivers a portable way for gamers to unleash their inner rockstar while playing through the history of rock ’n’ roll. [Activision] Expand
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  1. Decades is an entertaining and challenging game that recreates the Guitar Hero experience as best you can without actually holding a guitar.
  2. Guitar Hero: On Tour – Decades gives more enjoyment out of the portable version of Guitar Hero.
  3. If you can accept the fact that this version is a track pack a few improvements more than a totally new, re-thinked and re-worked game, then shedding 50$ won’t stop you from getting it. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is an interesting addition to your DS collection not only for the new tracks but especially for the extended tracklist via wireless link with the original game.
  4. Ultimately, what I remember most about this game is the wrist and neck pain.
  5. I generally like what Vicarious Visions has done to bring the Guitar Hero experience to the portable market, but I’d prefer to see them focus on amending the functionality of the game rather than expanding the song list of a still flawed product.
  6. We'd recommend the first On Tour as a better starting point and a slightly better game overall, which relegates this to a worthwhile expansion if you can find it cheap enough.
  7. This is just a song pack, really - one that carries an RRP of GBP 29.99 (or GBP 39.99 if you need the guitar grip too). That's too much to ask for a sequel which barely does anything its predecessor didn't do, and doesn't even fix any of the problems with it.

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